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Stevie Wonder Joins the Paparazzi!

5/16/2007 4:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stevie Wonder played with paparazzi outside of Mr. Chow last night ... grabbing a camera and turning the tables on the snapping pack!

The legend toyed with the photogs by covering his face with his jacket as he entered the swank eatery for a 57th birthday-week dinner with pals. As he left the restaurant, Stevie was all smiles and enjoyed the paparazzi love -- then he asked for one of the lensman's cameras! He's no Woody Harrelson!

After a brief lesson, Stevie snapped a few pix -- leaving all the paps in stitches.


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Wow, nice video. Sometimes it's hard to believe Stevie is blind.

2695 days ago


I don't on many days say I envy celebrity press peeps. But on this day indeed I envy the press that were there. In a job most crueling and often boreing this day made it worth it I'm sure.

2695 days ago


To #18 - there was another post in the #1 spot earlier ripping on Stevie and TMZ deleted the comment.

2695 days ago


Re Post #11 ( john)
Dear John :)
I don't see removing a post here is a form of communism. If indeed it were communism we would not be posting at all, there would be no blogging. If anything was removed it was for (I believe) a pretty darn good reason. Most times the things I see removed are child like & overly hostile, crude.
It is the right of this site to remove anything they wish. To me that is not communistic, That is ownership in America.I am glad someone is watching this site, many times people have taken "advantage" of free speech to ruin blogs for others.

2695 days ago


He preformed at the superBowl or NBA or something last year and blew everyone else away. I think he has one of the most amazing voices ever.

2695 days ago


Hard to believe he was Micheal jackson's mentor and lover..

2695 days ago


To # 21. Yes removing a post is a form of communism when it fits in with TMZs rules, but is simply negative and doesnt agree with something, THat is not free speech whatsoever when someone simply disagrees with something. And what I meant is this is what they do in communist countries, stifle peoples speech, So if you dont believe this, think again.

2695 days ago


To#24 ...We will agree to disagree then John. I have seen ( and they are still up) many many posts slamming TMZ in many ways. Through out blogs I see lots of very ugly posts that I personally would remove,TMZ does not. Perhaps that the post in question was in the number #1 slot would have set the tone for the blog on a very negative hostile footing. I would have left and not posted at all in fact. But I am ok with your disliking that it was taken down.

2695 days ago


If TMZ removed post's based on negativity all you would see is blank pages.Some of my own would be gone and not one has been removed. Maybe the person was blocked for abuse and snuck in.We just don't know. Post question My favorie Stevie song is........

2695 days ago

Dennis Rodman    

Part-time lover.

2695 days ago

concerned citizen    

He's the BEST!!!!!

2695 days ago


when i was 16 i had a record album of "innervisions". of course i loaned it out and never saw it again - when cd's came out one of the first ones i replaced was my "innervisions". this is another "timeless" artist.....

2695 days ago

Vanilla Cokehead    

Life imitates art: this reminded me of the 1983 SNL commercial parody Stevie Wonder lampooned a Canon camera ad: "So simple, anyone can use it!" :)

2695 days ago


Well, he's a better vocalist than Michael Jackson, but has been rewarded half as much, financially and in terms of international fame. Sad, but so it goes for real talent.

2693 days ago
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