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What's Really Going on With Britney's Head?

5/18/2007 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears' hairiffic blonde extensions have made yet another hair-rowing appearance on the pop star's head. Despite two days of hard work, Brit's head is just a mess.
Britney Spears -- hair hell!
Yesterday, TMZ showed you pictorial evidence of Brit's inch-long real hair, and the long extensions that an Orange County stylist had to work for hours to get just right. By the look of things, she's going to need that touch-up, STAT!

Britney Spears: Click to watchMeanwhile, we spotted her leaving the Millennium Dance Studio clad in a black number -- not the canary yellow piece she went in with. Perhaps some time with a mirror examining those extensions put the starlet in a black mood.


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People can be so cruel. Britney can use this opportunity to let her hair grow in naturally. It will be short, but healthy, for a while. She's young and pretty and can make it work for her. Don't get discouraged, Britney. It seems that people say ugly things under the guise of anonimity. Things that they would not or should not say in the first place. You're a sweet looking young lady. Count your blessings and make the most of it.

2713 days ago


ummm wasn't it hair extensions (the discomfort from them and not looking right) that she was upset from that had her shave her head in the first place???

2713 days ago


My guess is that she was advised against the extensions because her hair was too short, but insisted that it be done (just like the shaving incident) and went around until she found someone who would do it. Maybe she went to a beauty school. lol
Britney puts herself in the spotlight. This is the life she chose and she had to know that it would not be easy, and that every aspect of her life would be scrutinized. When you start out as a child star, you have to constantly keep reinveting yourself to make it. Madonna is the perfect example of someone who did it well.
Britney in many ways is still a child, she has alot of growing up to do. She needs to step back and focus on being a good mother to her children first, then her career, and she will be ok. When she grows up, she will realize that it's not ALL ABOUT ME!!
Im pulling for ya Brit, you can do it!!

2713 days ago


The woman just can't leave herself alone! let the hair grow out without messing with it, wear a hat or something! It's getting harder to have any sympathy for her at all!

2713 days ago

get a life brit!!!!!!!!1    

i think 4 someone so rich she could afford a better hair extention!!!!

2713 days ago


Her kids may look fine the few times you see them, but do you really think it is because of her? How much time do you think she spends with them? They need time with her IF she were normal, but as it is, it may be better for them NOT to be around her right now, until she "grows up" which may never happen, geeze how long does it take? Two kids later, you are going to grow up AFTER they do?

2713 days ago



2713 days ago

jodi says STFD and STFU    

HMMMMM its really funny when I read these comments you ppl write about what a loser brit is YET she has more money than all of you put together IM SURE!!!! Judge Judge Judge ...can anyone really look at the full picture here???? EVERYONE has issues ...she may need to work some things out in her life and it would be really great if TMZ and PAPARAZZI would back the hell off of her and LET HER WORK IT OUT....I see why she does all the stuff she does hell no one will leave her alone and she is just giving them something to talk about ...Im NOT a huge brit fan but i DO feel very sorry for her because she just cannot seem to cut a break from all the asswipes obssessing over her ...AND she impresses me for the simple fact she does not let ppl like you idiots that bash her keep her cooped up in her home or keep her down....LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE AND LET HER BREATHE!!!!

2713 days ago

i know! been in the business long enough!!    

first of all weave is out! french lace wont work! and strand by strand is not working out now! try the new extentions that came out called "GLAM HAIR" in Aventura, Florida! its seamless,glueless,no weave! its awesome. it's a very thin micro skin strip, with natural european hair; ventilated on that strip and it can be placed under one inch of hair. very natural looking and you cant even feel it on. so Britney this is your last hope!! or stay natural all the way. love ya girl!!!

2713 days ago

the voice of experience    

I don't think Britney is going to "get it" until everyone starts IGNORING her & the articles written about her. Saying vicious, hurtful things about her is not accomplishing anything...For her sake, & the sake of her babies....IGNORE HER, IGNORE ANYTHING WRITTEN ABOUT HER. She is still very young & immature & she is going through alot of emotional issues right now. She is getting the attention she desperately craves, no matter what she does or how trashy she acts. When everyone stops acknowledging her bad behavior & just simply IGNORES everything said or written about her she will eventually "get it" & grow up...or go away.

2713 days ago


If I were Brit I'd just stay out of the public eye for quite awhile. Stay at home with your kids for Godsake! Is it REALLY necessary to be in the public eye right now? Most everyone thinks you're a kook and you're obviously reverting back to your "white trash roots" - so, give it a break and relax and let your hair grow out!! THEN think about getting extensions or hey - here's a thought - work with WHAT YOU'VE GOT! Hope you've learned NOT to listen to your manager in regards to pulling STUPID PUBLIC STUNTS - like SHAVING YOUR HEAD! Take a breather, girl!

2713 days ago


I NEVER wonder about how much time she spends with them. I mind my own business and wish her well. This stuff is all meant to get you worked up (which it does). I've worked 40 plus hours a week and things are fine. You do what you gotta do. Besides, whataya worried about. The Great KFed is taking care of them most of the time with her money. Isn't he father of the year or something?? KFed + $$ = happy well adjusted children - isn't that what you people have been saying??Dind't you want her children taken away............. No matter what happens you're never satisfied. The kids will bw fine............

2713 days ago

can u bereal    

Find something real to write about. Give the girl a break. Get a life of your own readers.
And for the "i am a licesened cosmetologist" "SO WHAT? you and twenty five other million people in this country, this does not make your personal opionion on someone else's hair any more important than anyone else's in reality. Go pat yourself on the back and give yourself accolades in the mirror for being so unique.

2713 days ago


OH FOR PETE SAKES!! Why don't the media just leave the poor girl alone!!! Who cares what she does. She can't even make one mistake and they are all over her.
I am not saying I agree wtih the things she has done over the last few years.
Just let her live in peace.
Anything for news!!!

2713 days ago


Everything Britney does is a publicity stunt for attention. Feel Sorry for her? You've got to be kidding. She's screaming , "it's all about me". She and Paris get the award for the Planet's most selfish, self absorbed people on the planet. They are an embarrassment to American Society. Britney put that money towards your children's education.

2713 days ago
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