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What's Really Going on With Britney's Head?

5/18/2007 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears' hairiffic blonde extensions have made yet another hair-rowing appearance on the pop star's head. Despite two days of hard work, Brit's head is just a mess.
Britney Spears -- hair hell!
Yesterday, TMZ showed you pictorial evidence of Brit's inch-long real hair, and the long extensions that an Orange County stylist had to work for hours to get just right. By the look of things, she's going to need that touch-up, STAT!

Britney Spears: Click to watchMeanwhile, we spotted her leaving the Millennium Dance Studio clad in a black number -- not the canary yellow piece she went in with. Perhaps some time with a mirror examining those extensions put the starlet in a black mood.


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Britney , please, why don't you just go home get your self together and then present yourself to your public, I;m sure your boys need you and you also need to work on getting it together, You are only making it worse. It appears you need to go back to get for help it cant be done in a couple of weeks. PLEASE get some help. At the rate you are going you are only setting yourself to fail again.

2677 days ago



2677 days ago


Brit you did a very stupid thing by shaving your head. So now live with it . You got the attention you wanted and until your hair grows back to a decent length for a gal you're going to continue getting the attention. Wearing tacky extentions makes you look even worse. Wear a wig when outside and let your hair breathe when in private. Don't worry Paris is going to jail soon and all the attention will shift on her for at least 3 weeks.

2677 days ago


Her hair and the extensions are the least of her problems. Sad to say but that Federline guy seems to be the most normal of the two.

2677 days ago


#14 Gisele, You think Brit should stayo ut of the limelight becuase you are sick of her already. Do you think she enjoys having every minute of her life and her privacy violated by the over zealous photgraphers who want to report it to us every time she has to freakin go to the bathroom and whether she had to urinate, what color it was, etc. What if that was you being stalked like that? She is young Gisele and she has two children to raise is true but she also is a celebrity who I might add is very talented. She fell into addtiction which is not at all surprising or hard to do considering thr pressure she is under. What if you came to TMZ everyday and read this stuff about yourself everyday//// how would that make you feel? maybe you'd take a hit or a drink too! You leave Britney alone, leave her weave alone, leave her alone to go to a fast food place if she wants and to take a freakin piss in private if she wants.
It's cruel to obsess on her like this and it is enough to drive anyone over the edge.
I enjoy TMZ a lot of the times but it's far less cruel to obsess over a dead person like Anna Nicole because the damage has been done and she isn't 'being driven to her grave like you guys seem to be trying to do to a young star like Britney.
You guys are trying to kill her too! Leave Britney alone and just let her make her living and have her privacy when she isn't on stage.
This is sick.

2677 days ago


she knows they look bad and she probably had it done that way on purpose. it just adds more fuel to her fire. it causes the press and the fans to talk about her, just like we are doing here. she likes the attention, good or bad. she tries to hide from the photogs, yet she is always finding new ways to get into the public eye. it's kind of sad to see someone who was once on top of her game sink to being a huge joke.

2677 days ago


Okay come on Brit! This is not smart your rich and im pretty sure hair stylist can do a WAY better job than what your working with now. And why would you cut off your hair! thats not a smart move ppl would die to have long hair like that so dont be stupid and do this again!~

2677 days ago

The Money Making Goddess    

Quote: "17. Ignoramus!!! Nice.

I'm talking about the picture on this story. This picture one looks a lot worse than the one you conveniently posted a link to.

Posted at 11:29AM on May 18th 2007 by Tommy"

Of course it looks nicer, it's the front of the head. Obviously that is were they can cover up the most....That's how weaves are set up...

2677 days ago

Shelio Korbela    

Who cares???!

2677 days ago


frist u shave your hair then u attuck your car with a umbrillea who knows next u might do some like: get drunk and kill your kids then kil all of your x husdends/boyfrinds

2677 days ago


i aderre with andrew bidkaram

2677 days ago


The best thing you can do Brit is to go away. Take your kids and go somewhere that the no wants to take your picture and no one knows who you are. You are never going to get better if you dont get away from all of these people. Take some time for yourself and your kids. And most of all you don't need a man, you can take care of yourself no problem. Getting away is the only things that is going to save what little you have left. Don't let them take your entire life away Brit, it's not worth it. Take your money and run an enjoy the rest of your life and the people that are really just there for you and not your money.
COME ON LADIES BUCK UP GET IT TOGETHER! Stop letting them turn you into another Marylin or Anna Nicole situation. Take control of your future.

2677 days ago


Britney, coming or going, you're just plain nasty and gross..why don't you disappear, no one wants to see you anymore, you've got nothing left to offer.

2677 days ago


hey britney, you know what the cool thing about hair is? IT GROWS BACK!, so dont worry you are still drop dead gorgeous!

2677 days ago


It's time -and past time- for the press and the public to just leave Britney alone and let her try to piece her life together. She needs to go to a small town, avoid crowds and pretty much go into seclusion for a few months to get her life straight. She needs to wear a nice wig or simple turban or scarves when she goes out until her hair is long enough to style. Most of all, she needs to learn from her mistakes and this experience so she doesn't keep making the same -and new- bad judgements.

I wish her well.

2677 days ago
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