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Candy to Joe Francis: Cry Me a River

5/19/2007 4:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Candy Spelling, Joe FrancisDear Joe,

As the headlines about you changed -- to scream "imprisoned" and "U.S. marshals" instead of "filmmaker" and "entrepreneur," you respond by crying, wailing and seeing yourself as a victim. Bad move. Today's headlines call you a "crybaby."

You blew it, Joe. Instead of jumping from party to party, you're being shuffled from one prison to another. And no one feels sorry for you. The flatterers and entourages have moved on. They have short attention spans. They're hanging on to someone else and will take advantage of the new "temp celebrity" as long as it lasts.

The only redeeming factor is reading that you have been calling home every day from prison. When things are looking bleak, it sounds like you've found that you can get some perspective from the reliable people at home. Maybe you're realizing these are the only people who really care about you.

Your world has changed, and you're the poster boy for what can happen when boys go wild. Your every move and every emotion are still being reported, but not the way you want. It's time for some dignity. At least it might prevent you from being forever defined as a crybaby.


Candy Spelling


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Ansley Taylor    

I am quite sure Candy Spelling has MUCH better things to do than write to TMZ about anyone or anything. I am crying FOUL. Don't believe she wrote to joe OR to Paris. Puleeze.

2696 days ago

pissed neighbor    

dear candy, not for nothing but, sex sells and you should know that. back in the 70-80's the shows your husbund put out were bikini clad women and steamy sex-operas. remember that's what bought that 100k sq. ft. monster of a house for you. so before ranting off to joe francis think about where you'd be if sex didn't sell.

p.s. don't forget to change the litter box, something stinks!

2691 days ago

Susan Lukas    

Joe Francis you are a pig. You exploit young girls in a pornographic way. You have the nerve to put down Candy Spelling (I find her letters very entertaining). Have some respect for older women, shame on you for making fun of her, everyone on this earth ages dummy, including you. Someday you will be older, you won't be young forever. Say what you will about Candy, she is not in jail, you are! You're in denial, you are a criminal and a looser.

2702 days ago

This comes from Candy Spelling, runner up for mother of the year? What bitch posts open letters on the Internet? So much drama.

2700 days ago

a normal 26 year old    

Is it just me or does Candy all of a sudden think she's Hollywood's Voice of Reason?

I loved her letter to Paris, but this next one is too much.

2712 days ago


Ok, so Candy Spelling obviously likes to write pointless letters. Whatever. But why is she sending copies to TMZ?

I'm sure she isn't just pretending to care just to see her name in print...

2712 days ago

how sad    

I think Candy Spelling now works for TMZ.

2712 days ago


#4: You got it.

Spelling It Out, indeed.

2712 days ago

Auntie Em    

Yeah...what's the deal with Candy and her letters of admonishment? LOL
She's telling these idiots like it is, though....perhaps she should become a Hollywood advice columnist....She'd certainly have her work cut out for her....

2712 days ago


Candys letter to Paris Hilton was sensible, but also had a tone to it that seemed she desparately wanted to kick Paris in the ass, maybe for personal reasons, Didnt Paris and Tori Spelling get into a big fight over a boyfriend not long ago? If so, that would surely explain some of this backbiting. As for Joe, dont ask me how in the hell he got into this with Candy. Maybe she is sick of the excess and sense of entitlement that some spoiled ass Hollywood people posess. She has sense while others dont. And that is something coming from the wife of a man who was as big a name in hollywood as Aaron Spelling. Give her credit for that.

2712 days ago


Well this is interesting and I'm thinking in a good way. Nothing like a little neighborly intervention with a small dose of humiliation to get these young adults to wake up and hopefully listen.Should come from their own but might as well be you Candy Spelling.
You don't enable ( Boo Hoo Candy was mean to her child!) and your straight up with how it is in your world. I got that by reading your last letter to um, well you know. May I suggest a weekly column, perhaps a special edition when one is bailed out or arrested?. lol loving this.

2712 days ago

how sad    

Did Candy ever write a letter to Britney?
Or how about Lindsay or Nicole Richie?
Candy with all that's wrong with the entertainment business, you'll be a very
busy lady...happy letter writing.

Look for Candy's book (coming soon to a bookstore near you)
entitled "My Letters to Troubled Hollywood"

2712 days ago

how sad    

I wonder what Tori Spelling thinks of her mother's letters?
Instead of the Hollywood Madam, Candy is the Hollywood Motherhen.

2712 days ago


She has become a the naw Dear Abby but only she is doing the writing . I think it is very amusing, keep them coming Candy ,there are alot of celebs in need of help these days.

2712 days ago

how sad    

Thank you Candy for helping me straighten out these young kids.

2712 days ago
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