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Jessica and John -- Breakup Before Makeup?

5/21/2007 9:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Mayer and Jessica Simpson may be telling the world that they're split up -- but hardly anyone's buying it.

Mayer and Simpson announced their "official" breakup late last week, but multiple sources suggest that the pair are destined to get right back together. "They've broken up about a dozen times this year, and they've always come back together. They're adorable together," a music-biz source tells Rush & Molloy. And People says that the couple have already been e-mailing and texting each other.

As for why this split happened, another source says that it was Jess' wardrobe choices that John didn't like, and that being in separate places was "difficult." Still, no one's believing that J & J are really going different ways.

Britney's Lip-synch Lapse

Britney Spears took her now-not-so-secret mini-tour to Orlando, Fla., but on Saturday night, the star's lip-synching, not so convincing to begin with, was even more exposed when a backing track faltered, leaving Spears in the vocal lurch. According to People, Brit had to turn her head away from the audience when the music for a medley of older hits started skipping -- which made it even more obvious that she wasn't singing. MTV UK says that the mishap repeated itself four more times during the concert. Still, the audience ate up the 14-minute "set" at the House of Blues Orlando, and reviews from concert goers were positive.

McCartney and Mills Call a Truce

For $200 million, she can play nice. Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills have, according to one British tab, buried what had been a very sharp hatchet, and even had a ten-minute "summit" last Friday at a London eatery. The couple have, it seems, come to their senses and decided that their three-year-old, Beatrice, should come first, and will be celebrating Sir Paul's 65th birthday in June together.

Meanwhile, sources say that McCartney has forked over around $2 million to Mills to help her pay debts, and that she'll end up getting $200 million out of his billion-dollar-plus fortune in the final settlement. Photogs spotted the ex-couple actually smiling in each other's presence with little Beatrice around, a far cry from the rancor and bitter name-calling that had been the norm in months past.

Party Favors: Duff and Lavigne Still Hate Each Other ... Kid Rock Runs from Pam Anderson ... George Michael Might Leave UK?

Hilary Duff and Avril Lavigne were at the same party in New York last week, but they had to be kept far, far apart because of a long-running b**chfight, says Metro New York. The two pop starlets were supposed to come at different times, but arrived at the same time, and Avril was "driving everyone crazy" with her anger. ... In other this-is-uncomfortable-get-me-out-of-here news, Kid Rock had to bail from a restaurant in Cannes when his ex, Pam Anderson, came in. Rush & Molloy report that the second Pam walked in the door, Rock grabbed his girlfriend, May Anderson, and bolted -- leaving pal James Blunt in the bathroom. ... George Michael says he's done with UK because he can't stand the glare of the media. Besides his place in London, he's got another house in Dallas where his partner is from. Yippee yay yo kay ya!


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2671 days ago

Reality check    

Why do you people care about these turdwipes? Are your lives that empty?

2709 days ago

jProud American Author    

I truly hope that Paul and Heather can work things out. The media breaks up more couples and the child does need to come first. I wish them the best.

2709 days ago


Obviuosly Jessica needs to move on. Every photo , she is miserable. John is like riding a rollercoaster with a rubberband for a seatbelt...MOVE ON GIRLS....Find a man that is into you totally!!!

2709 days ago

Lenn K.    

Britney has to lipsync because she really can't sing. There way too many new artist out there to worry about a Britney Spears comeback. Jessica and John, he alway looks like need to go to the bathroom, and she dresses just like Pam Anderson. Why would Paul want to get back together with that golddigger and a one-legged one at that!!!

2709 days ago


I honestly can not see what people see in each other... Why Jess? Why?

2709 days ago


Who wouldn't play nice for $200 million. That peg-leg B!TCH.

2709 days ago


Note to Avril: Grow up! You really need to come down to earth and deal with your anger problem. You are so talented but your anger and nasty opinions of others make you an ugly person...and a poor role model for young girls. Let us all live in peace with one another.

2709 days ago

in the know    

Couples who break up all the time have no long term future. It shows a clear problem with the relationship. They will eventually break up for good. And for the musical source who keeps referrig to them as adorable... babies and pets are adorable, not grown adults. As for Jessica's wardrobe choices, what man would want his girlfriend wearing revealing clothes every time she leaves the house. She is starting to dress like she is hoping for a spread in Playboy. At John is showing backbone by not hanging in Cannes with Jessica and Papa Joe pervert. John would never let John push him around.

2709 days ago

Got the Tshirt    

Not only is Dallas a GREAT place to live, play and work.....

There is a HUGE gay community there! Not to mention the park nearby turns into a gay hotspot.

No need to lurk in bathrooms.

2709 days ago

who cares?    

hey heather! wear en eye patch! get a parrot!!

2709 days ago


Poor Pammy Whammy isn't the only blonde bimbo out there. Apparently Kid Rock has found himself another one. Boo Hoo,maybe Pam can run back to her x for the hundreth time.

2709 days ago

Sean Daddy    

George Michael's longtime boyfried Kenny Goss lives in Big D. Hence, Georgie runs around Dallas a lot. By the way, I am straight. Not that there's anything wrong with that....LOL

2709 days ago


Why in the world do young people pay good money to watch a performer move his lips to the song without singing? Any teenager who looks remotely attractive and can dance a bit can go on stage and do what Britney does...why the fuss over her? The youth of today have no taste for talent and the parents are to blame for not exposing them to real music!

2709 days ago


Britney = train wreck.
Jessica = duh.
Paul = either stay single or get a prenup next time.
Avril = whacked out.
George = here's a hint, stay out of public places.
Pam = Cover the xxxx up, PLEASE. Your little boys are growing up. Get some class.

2709 days ago
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