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Screw "Idol," Pick Hillary's Theme Song!

5/21/2007 4:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hillary ClintonDemocratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton is really interested in what the people of America think about the important issues: the war in Iraq, health care and ... her campaign theme song! Sing it, girl!

On the former First Lady's official website, Clintonites can choose from nine songs. The winner will be the New York Senator's presidential anthem. Don't stop thinking about tomorrow, Hills!

Tunes in the running include: "Get Ready" by the Temptations, "Right Here Right Now" by the ever-popular Jesus Jones (huh??), two U2 songs: "Beautiful Day" and "City of Blinding Lights," and most interestingly, Bush-bashing and Grammy-winning artists the Dixie Chicks with "Ready to Run." Holla!

Sadly, Mitch Ryder's "Devil With a Blue Dress" is not on the list.


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You go Girl!

2710 days ago


I voted for "Beautiful Day." Hillary would make a great president. Bill was fantastic and the economy was booming with him in office. The world loved us, and gas prices were so low I wondered how much lower they would go! America will have another windfall when the Clinton's are back in town. Go Hillary!!!

2710 days ago

God will help you if you let him. John 3: 16    

# I like ###77 song. I think she wants to pay Bill back for what he did in the White House.

2710 days ago


"She Works Hard for the Money".......old Donna Summer tune.

2710 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Hillary would be the worse thing that ever happened to this country. I'm hoping that America will see through her. Shouldn't she be doing her job in the Senate instead of making all the trashy, running down America speeches? Any woman who would put up with a womanizing dolt like Bill Clinton can't have many brain cells working. She has "Napoleon Disorder" - meaning short little dictators with grandiose ideas about themselves. Remember she is the one who brought on our medical crisis with all her stupid ideas after Bill first took office. She and Bill have lived off of us taxpayers long enough. ANYONE but Hillary. She is dangerous besides being totally unlikeable.

2710 days ago


She has my vote!

2710 days ago


It's "Napoleonic complex", Jackie, and Hillary is not short, nor is she a dictator, so that phrase doesn't apply to her in any way.

And Hillary didn't bring about any healthcare crisis. We already had a healthcare crisis, and she tried to fix it by giving us all universal healthcare, which would have helped EVERY American, including you (and would have hurt greedy insurance companies). But republicans stopped her because they get too many perks and campaign donations from insurance corporations. How do you like having the worst healthcare in the industrialized world? How do you like spending more for healthcare than any other first world country (which, by the way, all have universal healthcare), and getting far less than they do in return? THAT is what republicans have done to us by blocking all attempts at giving the American people a universal healthcare policy. Shame on them.

2710 days ago


I LOVE that she is making the public part of her campaign.

GO HILLARY, you have my vote!!

2710 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

If we think we have enemies around the world now, think what would happen if we have that controlling bitch as President. She is totally fake - fake ideas, fake smile, the biggest ego in the world. There is nothing about her that I like. I've never been too involved in politics but I will do everything possible to make sure she is not nominated. We Democrats better find someone who is electable. Hillary is not!!!!

2710 days ago


GO HILL. The Dems look like a choir of angels compared to the Reps. There's no way the Reps can win in '08. They are the biggest flip floppers ever. We need a fresh start with a Dem in offc...They were trying to get Ron Paul, an Independent, elimated from the debates because he was exposing truths that they can't handle. I've watched all the debates so far, both parties. The Reps are the worse bunch of candidates I've seen. Lawd help us all if one is elected Pres.. IMO

2710 days ago


The Clintons mortgage payment on the NY house was 10,000.00 a month. They have a guest house which the secret service ( that we pay for to protect them) stay in. Guess how much they charge the taxpayers a month for the use of the guest house? You got it, 10,000 bucks. Nothing like living off the taxpayers. Ever notice how her accent changes depending on who she is talking to? And how she voted FOR the war but now votes to cut funding from our troops? I cant stand that fake woman! Elect anyone but her!

2710 days ago

justice for daniel    

If you think the world is bad now, then don't vote this woman into office. Read up on the Illuminaties and the Free Masons. (which the Clinton's are members of)

Do the researce on her terrific socialized health care. Then call your gate keeper and tell him you need to see a Dr....... Good Luck, may get an app't if you can wait 6 months or longer if you can convince that idiot on the other end of the line with no medical training you really do need to see a Dr. And if you are under 50 yrs of age.

Socialized medicine will cost you way more than you pay now.(for those who don't know by now, THERE ARE NO FREE LUNCHES. Don't believe me tho, do the research. Only the politicians will have good dr's and app'ts when they want them. The rest of us will die waiting for that return call.

Did you know Osama Bin Laden was in our hands when Slick Willy was Pres? Guess what, he let him go.

And don't forget the stock market and how it was controlled back then either. And BTW the only reason the economy was so good when Slick Willy was Pres, is because the previous Pres. had it in place for him, all Slick had to do is run with what was already in place and dropped in his lap.

If you are in a hurry for the one world order, the one world currency, the Global peace keepers and ready to give up what little freedoms we have left, then vote for Hillary, her good friend Rosie O will appreciate your votes. .........Theme song......."Precious and Few".... since that would be about the sum of our freedoms left to us. This goes for Gore too.

(Other than all the research I have done, I should say for my own protection,,,,,,(This is only my opinion....... Might as well use the free speech while we are still allowed to have it.)

2710 days ago


That Clinton mortgage thing #95 wrote about is of course a lie, like most other things republicans say about the Clinton's.

2710 days ago


If universal healthcare is so horrible, why is it that all other countries that have socialized medicine have much better healthcare than we do and at a lower price? Hmmm. Something to think about there, twentygrand.

And Clinton didn't let OBL go. Man, republicans are a lie a minute!!! I feel bad that you believe so many lies. If republicans knew the truth, they would be furious with their republican leadership. Absolutely furious. And that's why they keep lying to you all the time. It's sad!

2710 days ago

justice for daniel    

To Elutian # 99. I do know people who live in another country with socialized medicine, one of them died because of time waiting for treatment. But like I said, don't take my word for it, do the research. I thought it might be something to look into also until I researched it with a fine tooth comb. But we can agree to disagree, only in America. I appreciate your opinions as I hope you will appreciate mine. We should all be opened minded enough to listen to other peoples thoughts and have respect for their opinions. Good decisions can be made with open communication, opinions and facts. No one is always right or always wrong.

2710 days ago
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