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Trunks or Speedos?

5/28/2007 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Summer's almost here, and Aussie Bum's new line of swimwear makes choosing between a skimpy skivvy and a comfy pair of board shorts a really difficult decision.
Aussie Bum
Aussie Bum's new classic nylon cozzie features the original WONDERJOCK pouch technology. Now those of you who don't feel too spunky about flaunting your junk can enhance your assets with this pouch-puffing marvel! Wonderbra, move over!

See the swimsuits the stars have chosen -- take a dip in TMZ's Beach Bods gallery!


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My God, Barbara (note 12) who says speedos on a beach are an embarassment has serious issues. I've never heard such repressed backward ignorance. How could anybody feel embarassed by seeing a guy in speedos on a beach? I don't get it. Get a life and get out and about away from your computer. I always wear speedos or fitted speedo trunks on the beach or pool, baggy shorts on the beach are for Mr. Bean. I never gave any thought to it. It feels better swimming and you get sun on your skin. Barbara, put on your fur hoodie and go back to your igloo.

2535 days ago


Anyone women who would say the male body is discusting has to be a lesbian, why is it okay for women to flaunt there bodies in public but for a man in good shape does it, its gross to you. If you don't like it than don't look get it.

2561 days ago


Speedos are HOT and only real men wear Speedos. If you feel comfortable in a Speedo, go for it! The guy in the picture is wearing the AussieBum Wonderjock, it does something similiar to what the Wonderbra does for woman. The Wonderjock might be a little too much?

2585 days ago


It really depends on the body type. As most men don't have the body to wear speedos, I think we are all spared such deadly sights. But those men blessed to wear them, should! As a female, I'm tired of seeing women show off their bare skanky asses wearing thongs on the beach, as well as revealing tops to show off their ample breasts. Why can't beautiful and in shape men do the same thing?

2600 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

They might be so full of themselves

2600 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Why uncover so much only to sun block it all,

must be a skin show

2600 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Fat boys do not get intimidated by show-offs

2600 days ago


that guy in the speedos is just nasty

2600 days ago


My husband wears speedos and is over 50...he still has the body of a Greek God and is proud to show it off...he looks fantastic. If men are out of shape and have fat, flabby bodies with beer bellies they would obviously look better in baggy trunks. It's a matter of body type and how well you take care of it. I am not in the shape I once was in my 20's and 30's so wear a one piece. Women who have great bodies look fantastic in bikinis...again it's a matter of how you look and how proud you are of your body.

2600 days ago


The bulge in that guys bikini is repulsive. I wonder if he was embarrassed by the pic. I sure don't want to see a guy walking on the beach like that.

2600 days ago


You know he wasn't embarrased by the picture that's how he wanted it to look! I bet he had to rub his you know what or something make him look like this before they took the picture. or he's fake!

2600 days ago

Paul Kline    

Oh common. You're all jealous. You'd all do him in a hearthbeat!

2600 days ago


I'm not going to hate those men look damn good!!! gawd damn, although I'm not a fan of speedo's they just scream gay to me, but homeboy in the blue in damn sure wearing that speedo and that package in front looks yummy. personally I'm not into white men but I gotta give it to them they look good oh lord they look good. thank you Goddess for making beautiful men. in a world where so much pressure is placed on women to look good, men better know we like our men looking good too.

2600 days ago


Not everyone is Shallow! There should be more to a man then just looks!

2600 days ago


g a y

2600 days ago
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