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Is Lindsay

Dumping Movie and Career

with Hard Partying?

5/29/2007 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Did Lindsay Lohan throw away the chance to work with screen legend Shirley MacLaine after her weekend bust on suspicion of DUI? Is she quickly becoming the female equivalent of the former Robert Downey, Jr., i.e., an instant liability on film sets because of her crazy antics?

TMZ is told that "Poor Things" -- a crime caper about a granny gang starring MacLaine and Olympia Dukakis -- is set to begin shooting with Lohan on Thursday, with three weeks of location filming in Los Angeles. Lohan's court date on the DUI charge isn't until August, so that won't matter, but if she's checking into rehab, as has been reported, she clearly won't be around to work.

So far, the film's production company, Still Rolling Productions, tells the trades that the shoot won't be affected. No studio is yet attached, and calls to Lohan's people and MacLaine's reps haven't been returned.

But the bigger question is whether the drinking and drug problems are killing Lohan's career, making her uninsurable for films that studios and investors pour millions of dollars into -- because she's proven to be so erratic. One source tells TMZ that Lohan should be an absolute angel on the "Poor Things" shoot if she doesn't want to further jeopardize her career, and a film insurance executive tells TMZ that he would have to think "very, very hard" before insuring Lohan because she's become such "a loose cannon."

Lilo better get it in gear for this flick -- no one wants to see Shirley MacLaine angry!!


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Who cares what this skank does anymore? She's a loser.

2707 days ago


Lindsay Lohan = The New Anna Nicole

2707 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Alcoholics and addicts never care about there work responsabilities. They only focus on the next time they will get high. Face it Lohan fans, she is a party girl. Fetch her a drink. The only way she will ever get better is when she hits rock bottom and loses everything. Then she will be faced with giving up her booze and drugs. She still has her looks and celebrity, that's all Hollywood cares about. So in reality, she has a long way to go. Besides, her mom doesn't give a rats ass, why should you. In the meantime, get out of her way, Lindsey's got a party to go to. (Get me my Grey Goose).

2707 days ago

Le Anne    

Her and her mother need help. The mother is living her childhood thru Lindsey and needs to be an adult before her daughter is dead and gone and none of us will cry

2707 days ago


Just let her self insure, that way if something happens, then she'll have to fork over the money not the studios. She is a good actor & I hope she gets her act together. Her mother is who everyone needs to be pointing a finger @. Come on Lins this is your last time to show who u really are, beneath the troubled girl you have become. Lets get it together & I expect you to show up to set on time & acting like a real lady not a spoiled brat. All eyes are on you & this can determine your career in film

2707 days ago

margie merone    

the viewers are sick and tired of ugly lindsey loser.. rosie the angry mid life psycho.. enough people are being turned off.. big time.. no watches the news etc etc.. give us some positive info... no one cares about britney.. or lindsey..or rosie.. no one cares... lindsey is 20 what has she done.. rosie is gay who cares... britney is a drug addict so what else is new.. enough... tell us about positive successful actors and actress who go to school.. study.. and want to have real families.. ok.. enough is enough..

2707 days ago

Tired and Ready for A Nap    

You have to ask the question? Of course she is ruining her career. The drugs. The drinking. The bad driving. Talk about SCREAMING for help. Clearly, her Mom is too busy trying to get camera time to notice that her meal ticket is imploding. Sad, sad story.

2707 days ago


She is a loser. Nuf Said

2707 days ago


Half of Hollywood drinks and or does drugs. It won't effect her. Hollywood does whatever, whenever they choose. Society has no morals or values and doesn't shun the behavior. Instead it is rewarded with more fame with the photogs clicking their pics non stop only making them even more famous.

Look back at what happened to Linda Blair's career when she was suspected of doing drugs. She was a huge star and her career ended over night. Sadly times have changed.

2707 days ago

cathi smith    

I just think its sad that these young woman are role models to so many young girls, sad thing is i DO hope they do" time" just like anyone who breaks the law, its time the the famous get "special" breaks, where the law is concerned. My prayers go out to all the young actors who seemed to be having a hard time finding solid ground.......

2707 days ago


I saw an interview with her after she made "The Parent Trap" (how ironic), where she said she had fun doing the movie but was just going to concentrate on "being a normal'' kid. What happenened between then and now, aside from Hollywood and publicicity- seeking whores for parents? Not condoning her behavior, it's deplorable--- but no surprise!!

2707 days ago


Last I checked... in the state of California you have to be 21 to drink. I think the "Hollywood (velvet rope) Bars" that are serving the under aged spoiled kids of Hollywood should have their liquor licenses taken away. As we all know.. any other bar would have their license taken. Maybe by doing that, the self-distructive kids that are making and/or have inherited their wealth might consider doing better things with their life.

2707 days ago


LL and all the others, Paris, Nicole, Britney-Their fans are 12 yrs. olds

2707 days ago


I think it's about time for a Candy Spelling intervention letter to TMZ.

The pictures of her passed out are disgusting. She is the female version of Robert Downey Jr.

2707 days ago


i really dont understand why they have her working with these big movie stars. whats up with that??!?!

but i realy do wish LL the best of luck.. she needs to get clean before she does any more movies .

2707 days ago
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