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Miss USA Eats It in Mexico

5/29/2007 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comMiss USA Rachel Smith took a butt-tacular spill last night in Mexico City at the Miss Universe competition, and if you haven't seen it yet, you won't quite believe the arse-shaking thud!

What's just as amazing as the actual fall is how quickly Miss Smith gets back up and into perma-smile mode, despite the jeers and titters of the crowd.

Miss Japan won the competition, in case you were wondering.


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She handled her fall well; it helps to be young and in obvious good shape; in later years she'll begin having physical issues with her back and legs; she should go get checked out by an orthopedist now. The audience booing both the finalists from the USA and Venezuelan was more an attempt to ridicule each country's political policies. The USA for illegal immigration and Venezuelan closing down its only democratic TV station the other day. It was ironic to hold the pagent in Mexico, which thumbs its proverbial nose at us with its policies of encouraged drug dealing and illegal immigration. Donald Trump holds the purse strings and ownership of the pagent and I hope he never again allows the pagent to be held in Mexico. I'm glad Miss Japan won; she was very lovely; I don't believe anyone has ever won before from Japan, although sometimes winners come from politically embroiled nations. It would've been nice to see Miss Lebanon win, for example.

2705 days ago

Paul Kline    

Anyone can trip, and it was indeed sad to see Miss USA trip at Miss Universe. I must say though, she got up as if nothing had happened and handled herself with grace and poise. Some mexican founds in the audience booed her which is really low class, but they don't like anything or anyone from the USA down there, and that's a fact. The last time the pageant was held in Mexico Miss USA was strongly booed. Trump, keep the pageant out of of Mexico!

2705 days ago


Shes ugly anyway. Im glad that mixed bitch fell

2705 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

That's the end of her, probably or go to rehab of some kind for her to learn to walk straight.

Is there such a thing?

2705 days ago

Paul Kline    

For those of you not knowledgable, here are a few facts.

1. Miss USA, Rachel Smith is one class act. She is a college graduate, worked with Oprah Winfrey in South Africa and is a charming young woman.

2. Those who reacted with glee and either laughed or jeered her in Mexico City are the one's with no class at all. They've done it before to a Miss USA, so I don't understand why Trump would take the pageant there

3. The Miss Universe Pageant was watched by over 600 million people in 170 countries. It is huge, and only the World Cup and Olympics is seen by more people. Miss Universe is big time, wether you like pageants or not.

4. Miss Japan was lovely, although I thought Miss Venezuela should have won.

5. The contestants spent one mount touring the country from Cancun to cities across the country. ON the whole the mexican people were lovely to the contestants.

6. Many in the audience felt the judges should have put Miss Mexico in the top 5 instead of Miss USA. I didn't. She was pretty, but Miss USA fall and all was deserving of her top 5 placement.

7. In a world where war, ignorance, and strife are universal to celebrate beautiful women on one night of the year is a wonderful thing. Anyone who doesn't think so, I feel sorry for you.

To Miss USA, Rachel Smith you did a wonderful job at Miss Universe. Anyone can fall on a stage.

2705 days ago


I thought Miss Japan was the uglist one up there and as far as the booing of Miss USA was ignorant of the people and I though she made a great recovery and it Mexico does not like the USA why are they coming over here by the droves?

2705 days ago


I thought Miss USA handled herself with the utmost class and dignity as she was being booed for something that she had no control over. I really believe the true winner of last nights pageant was Rachel Smith!

2705 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

#22 by yep

Sorry about your Dad but the whole race should not pay for it, just like all whites were not slave keepers.

Mexico has always been very tough on illegals, they deported my boyfriend from Spain a few years ago and his mom and I was told Mexico had an illegal problem with people coming in from central America.

2705 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

# 24 by Paul

Your right about everything except that one month she toured should have been spend in charm school learning to walk and practicing her look,

she looked like a scared cat after it happened.

2705 days ago


It takes real strength to get up like nothing happened amidst all the booing and give that PERFECT look and smile in the end. She is a true class act, and trust me, with that pose, she got the last laugh! She was like, whatever...I'm going to keep doing my thing!

Way to go Rachel!

2705 days ago

judy nyc    

began to watch out of curiosity- that didnt last too long. switched to CNN to get some hard news. have no real problem with pagents per se, but it seems an immense amount of work to put into what you LOOK LIKE! They MAY choose intelligent and driven contestants , as they say, but I,m quite sure these girls could be Einstein and if they were unattractive they wouldn,t have a shot of appearing. Actually, now that i think about it- just being SHORT is enough to make someone ineligable- what a shame we have such unattainable role models for the woman of the world...... Thanks to Sweden for getting it right!!!!!

2705 days ago


They booed her? That makes no sense...I can see's funny to see people fall down. Granted, it's not polite but as long as the person is obviously not hurt you all have to's funny. Charlie Chaplin did it...Lucille Ball did it...Steve Martin did it...heck...I was just watching an episode of Friends last night and it happened 3 times! Something about seeing people fall down is is what it is.

As for Miss USA...I don't know a thing about her....but kudos to her for jumping right back up and keep going. That is a good message to send to people...if you fall get right back up and keep happens.

2705 days ago

Laurie R    

i saw that pageant and was very impressed w/miss usa. she handled that incident w/class and style! i'm very happy that she represents the USA. we might fall down on our butts once in a while, but we get right back up! i'm glad those people booed....just shows they can't handle winners who don't let a lil fall slow them down!
on another note, miss japan had the best answer, and yes she should've won...but DAYUM, miss brazil was a knockout!! where's her victoria's secret modeling contract???

2705 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

29 Yep

Watch out you're becoming the scary minority,

don't end up in a hospital or nursing home because minorities will be taking care of you

and they probably have been cooking your food and fixing your car, and cleaning your schools and offices.

2705 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

All will be forgotten soon.

2705 days ago
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