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Miss USA Eats It in Mexico

5/29/2007 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comMiss USA Rachel Smith took a butt-tacular spill last night in Mexico City at the Miss Universe competition, and if you haven't seen it yet, you won't quite believe the arse-shaking thud!

What's just as amazing as the actual fall is how quickly Miss Smith gets back up and into perma-smile mode, despite the jeers and titters of the crowd.

Miss Japan won the competition, in case you were wondering.


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Get the story straight! They didn't boo her when she fell, they booed her when she was answsering her question!!!!!!!

They're nothing more than parasites (which live off others) and all they do is breed!

2667 days ago

ms. canada    

I feel for that poor girl. She handled it very well---with class & dignity. I think the Mexican`s booing her was deplorable----if there wasn`t any Mexicans there wouldn`t be any Cops on Fox TV Saturday nites.

2667 days ago

Angelica Avila    

I am Mexican, living in Mexico city and I don't know the real reason why Miss USA was booed. Could it be migration, war in Irak, fanaticism or whatever, It was very wrong. I think she was very beautiful as all the contestants and I applaud her strength she showed yesterday. Mexican opinion is not what unfortunately happened yesterday at the Pageant. It was really horrible.

2667 days ago

Paul Kline    

I heard from a reliable source that it was Miss Mexico's fault. She squatted and peed on the the stage right before Miss USA went out in evneing gown. The toilets backstage were not operable and she had little choice. POBLECITO!

2667 days ago


It was much funnier on TV than in this video. She really busted. It was soooo bad. As far as the booing. I totally understood it. USA and Mexico were both in the top 10. USA busted her ass and then made it to the top 5. Mexico did not. That's why they booed her. The symbolism here is really unbelivable.

2667 days ago


Say what you will but regardless of the reason, the booing was ill-mannered and wrong! Did she fall...YES; was it embarrassing, unfortunate, funny, etc...YES; should she have made the top 5...MAYBE NOT but for them to boo her (VERY, VERY loudly I might add) as well as heckle and taunt her to the point where she could barely answer her question during the Q&A was disgusting!!!

This was NOT a soccer game or a political rally, this was an upscale, glamourous, internationally marketed and televised event and the so-called poise and grace is SUPPOSED to extend to the audience as well. There have been many times when this pageant was held in the U.S. and Miss USA didn't even make the Top 5 (sometimes not even the Top 10) but you didn't hear the audience booing the other contestants. I guess this is par for the course when you have very little else going on in your lives! Get over it!!!

2667 days ago


I totally agree with you #12. They want to come to our country so bad but are so quick to boo the USA rep. They shouldn't be allowed to host the pagent again until they learn some manners!

2667 days ago

baby girl    

Ha ha ha Gotcha Mr.X

2667 days ago


I got all the top 5 right, except for Miss USA, I had Angola instead of her, i think that's why she got boo, she didn't deserved to be on the final 5.....I think the title should have been decide between Miss Brazil and Venezuela

2667 days ago


She was being booed and jeered at, and probably felt threatened.
Why would Miss Universe hold the the pageant in Mexico?
Mexicans were mad because their contestant had to take images of a bloody battle off her dress and replace them with landscapes.

2667 days ago


Whoever wrote comment # 14 is a racist punk!!!

2667 days ago

baby girl    

Dan- right on buddy!

2667 days ago


My heart broke for her! That kind of humiliation in front of the 80 million people watching worldwide had to suck...still, I think she handled it with grace.

I think however, that if she had laughed at herself...less people would be laughing at her right now. I would have hopped up, did my pose then pumped my fist when I got to the end of the Then when they asked what time I would go back to I definitely would have said "I would have gone back to last week and gotten my dress hemmed" ;)

Still, I thought the actions of the Mexican Audience were disgusting and classless. But this wasnt new, she had been getting booed all week, including at the 'costume' fashion show they do before the competition, so it wasn't just that she fell.

2667 days ago


I think the Mexican fans were just upset that Miss USA fell on her butt and still beat their contestant. They probably had the sense that the contest was rigged to at least keep the American audience watching until the end. In general, Americans don't like to watch competitions that don't include Americans, whether it's golf, tennis or beauty pageants.

2667 days ago


why act against Mexico? Mexico is a nice country. Unfortunately, this happened to miss USA. it could had happen to someone else. No one has the right to put down a whole country.

2667 days ago
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