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Jodie Foster

Bottoms Out

5/31/2007 3:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shield your eyes! Jodie's tweaking her wardrobe!

Jodie Foster was on the balcony of a real mountainside mansion for what was supposed to be a glamorous photo shoot -- but the glamor went down the cliff soon after she hiked up her dress to fix her understuff.

The Oscar winner put it all on display to make her adjustments, leaving this, er, rear view from the balcony.


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Ally - I come to TMZ for the entertainment insider stories...not to see pictures of people at their worst. There are parts of TMZ that I like to read. There are also parts of TMZ that I think are reprehensible...such as featuring photo galleries that's sole purpose is to show celebrities at their worst and justify it by pretending that they are doing a public service by showing that "celebrities are just like us" when all they really want to do is humiliate them. What's sad is that there are people in society like you who condone these photographer's behavior and say nothing about it like it's okay. (If you were in a hotel room and the establishment had a camera in the bathroom taking pictures of you without your knowledge while you were taking a shower, that would be a prosecutable crime. But these celebrities don't seem to have the same rights in the PRIVACY of their non-professional lives. It's not right no matter how you spin it. It's people like YOU who they (papparazzi) use as an excuse for why they should be ALLOWED to disrepect a celebrities basic constitutional right to privacy. It's sad pathetic people like you who don't realize that a line does exist that shouldn't be crossed on the basic principle of human decency.

2680 days ago


kELLY - #41 You are right on!

2680 days ago


I think it is terrible that you would publish the photo. Was that really necessary TMZ? Shame on you. Some things are private and not necessary to show.

2680 days ago


You go, Kelly, and Mrs. Beasley!!!!

2680 days ago


For those of you who keep saying "She's OUTSIDE"'s clear from the photo that she is trying to OBSCURE any view of her both by facing the wall and by standing behind a tree. She probably had no clue that she had hiked her skirt up that far. How many times have I switched out my shirts in the car on a hot summer day? I would never imagine that someone was spying and taking a picture of me.

2680 days ago


Jodie looks hot! Slim, nice butt, great legs. Better than a lot of women half her age.

2680 days ago


Jodie is a great actress. This is invasion of privacy.

2680 days ago

Phil McCrevis    

I love Jodie Foster!

She'd HOTTER than Celine Dion's son.

2680 days ago

Gloria Picchetti    

What a classless group. Those are probably $100 Wolford Boutique pantyhose, hence the tiny black line. The mother of two looks pretty good. No DUIs. No multiple divorices. Nothing to talk about except being a good mother, a good daughter and being a highly educated woman. Doesn't TMZ have junkies and drunks to chase after?

2680 days ago


Can't you give this woman privacy.

2680 days ago


I feel sorry for Celebs, it must really suck to have people lurking about just to get the one shot to make you look bad. Why break people down just for the entertainment?

2680 days ago


Jodi Foster is a tough cookie. I am guessing she will sue the crap out of you. Shame on you- she has never been a woman to flaunt her sexuality or to seek out paparazzi. Go after the morons like Lindsey and Paris who ask for it. Leave the actors who are just doing their jobs alone.

2680 days ago


#48 - Gloria: You go girl!!!

2680 days ago


I'VE SEEN WORSE ASSES! Geez. I feel sorry for celebs. They get ZERO privacy. I know I look at the pics but still it sucks for them. I sure wouldn't want my MUCH LARGER ASS on TMZ.

U GO JODI - U look great!

2680 days ago


I don't care if she's standing behind a tree or trying to shield herself, she is still outside. And if you are a celebrity, I guess you should be knowing that paparazzi are everywhere, like DUH, that's the price of all that fame and glory and all those mountains of money. Can't take the heat that EVERYONE knows comes with the fame and the glory and the money, don't be a celebrity. Get a nine to five job like the rest of us who could never afford to pay several thousand dollars for an ugly oversized purse and have common enough sense not to bare our asses and pubes in public. Celebrity and fortune = lack of privacy. Think any one of them would trade that for a nine to five job? Yeah, right, in their worst nightmare, maybe, and they'd wake up screaming.

2680 days ago
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