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Paula - I'm Not a "Whining B**ch"!

5/31/2007 9:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Abdul has had enough of being a punching bag -- and she lets it all out in a sob-filled rant caught on tape and obtained by Page Six.

The loony-tune "American Idol" judge goes off on those around her, saying, "I"ve never been treated this way ... this is just too much to stomach," on the tape. She slams a former rep for being told she's too old to make the cover of OK! Magazine, and sobs, "I've never in my life been called a whining bitch and a loser." Her ex-rep Howard Bragman tells the Post, "I'll stand by my reputation if she'll stand by hers."

Meanwhile, she opens up to -- who else? -- OK! about just exactly why she looks so loopy onstage and the drugs she's taking for the pain from various injuries she's suffered over the years. She blames her general head-in-a-spin demeanor on "sleepless nights" caused by pain from a 1993 plane crash, and adds that she takes a slew of painkillers, including lidocaine and Enbrel -- just to make it through the day.

Will Lohan Lose More Than Vodka for 21st in Vegas?

Lindsay Lohan's stint in rehab will be pricey, but losing all the sponsors for her planned 21st birthday bash in Las Vegas could be even pricier, costing her hundreds of thousands of dollars in endorsements. Gatecrasher reports that the starlet -- already down one sponsor as Svedka vodka backed out earlier this week -- may well lose all the others, including the venue (Caesars Palace), and Social House restaurant, because rules about underage drinking and such are much more strict in Sin City. Ashlee Simpson, for instance, had to wait on the red carpet until exactly 12:01 AM on her birthday, before she could go into her big bash.

"View" Blowup Even More Awkward Backstage

If you cringed during Rosie and Elisabeth's big slugfest last Wednesday on "The View," imagine what was going on backstage. Well, "Dancing with the Stars" star Maksim Chmerkovskiy tells People that it was much, much worse there, with producers running out of the room with stone faces trying to deal with the situation, and Alicia Silverstone, a guest on that day's show, "hyperventilating" because she had to go on directly afterwards. Maybe that explains why she snubbed Elisabeth on the way out.

Party Favors: Jessica Alba Doesn't Give "Two Sh**s" About Paparazzi ... A-Rod Plays Field All Over US ... Carrie and the QB: Underdone? ... Fred Thompson Done on "L&O"

Jessica Alba just doesn't like the paparazzi very much. She tells Parade magazine that she doesn't even believe that being a paparazzo is "a job" and that cameramen "pay taxes." ... Alex Rodriguez, whom the New York Post spotted out with a mystery blonde in Toronto and was also caught by TMZ in Las Vegas, was spied with the gal pal in Dallas, and possibly Tampa and Seattle too. Meanwhile, photogs caught his wife Cynthia leaving the couple's home with bags. ... Carrie Underwood and Dallas Cowboy Tony Romo may be taking a timeout during the football season, says the National Enquirer. ... Former Sen. Fred Thompson is officially leaving "Law & Order," paving the way for his rumored presidential bid.


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Lenn K.    

Paula no matter what you say you are either drunk or high or both, period! Rosie was the one who did all the attacking and didn't like when Elizabeth stoodup for herself. Lindsay losing sponsors is the least of your problems. Getting your life in order is alot more important!!

2671 days ago


Alicia Silverstone! Now there's a blast from the past!

2671 days ago


Alicia Silverstone is a liberal loser.

2671 days ago

Mike B    

I really think that LiLo's 21st should be the last thing on people's minds. She needs to get well. If she still throws this party people should give up on her. You can only do so much before you have to say thats it.

I really hope she gets better. She is just way to young for all of this. She needs some self control.

2671 days ago


Addiction is no joke. Lindsey appears to be a very ill young woman. Let's hope she gets the help she needs.

2671 days ago


It's purely polical regarding rosie and silverstone and the phoney loyalties. If the devil were a democrat the holly woodheads would still follow regardless of the issues. There's a split on all the political ideologies; it's not just democrat or republican or independent anymore. Each party has its conservative and radical or left. Elisabeth is true to her soul. She knows her own truth and lives by it and doesn't care what anyone says. She is truly living the life she is meant to live. She is brave in the face of constant republican bashing, or bush bashing or war bashing. She is remarkable and spiritual. Rosie, I feel is an angry person who needs to learn humility and to stop personalizing everything. People are allowed to disagree with her. Silverstone was rude and someday, she will do it to the wrong person and eventually it will cost her a job or two. She won't be young and cute forever either. Live comes at you fast.

2671 days ago


Lindsay - you've been celebrating your 21st birthday since you were big loss. Be grateful you are alive.

2671 days ago


Who cares, Rosie is gone and I really hope that TMZ quits posting about her. All it does is stir up the Haters, aka Rosie lovers. Seek help Rosie, you are very unstable and it shows on your face and in your actions.

2671 days ago


To 6. Lindsay has to learn like all of us. She has to take her lumps, too. Her mother and father are a disgrace, but Lindsay can't be blaming them for her problems. She has a choice of how she wants to live her life. I say cut them off financially, (parents) let them work for a living like everyone else. Her father is still pretty green and not so far from his last use of stuff. I like the minister thing, its a way of not having to pay taxes for your nice car, home, a lot of crap. These inmates a full of bull***t calling themselves ministers with their phoney get off taxes degree. Pooooooooh I pay taxes and I will have my freedom of speech

2671 days ago

jProud American Author    

Wow. Paul has a show coming up on Bravo. She looks loopier than ever. Why is she doing these kinds of indorsements of herself --if she is in pain then she needs to find a way to deal with it without all the meds. A loser in my book is one who doesn't do anything about a problem. Take responsibility for your lives people!

Lindsey doesn't need some huge, drunken birthday bash. SHE NEEDS TO LIVE.

The day of the "View Fued" it was really obvious that all of the guests were nervous. It didn't take a rocket scienctist to figure that out by watching the show. I don't blame Eliszbeth for being pissed. Rosie EXPECTS people to stand by her no matter what she says or does. She has lost so many friends in this business by her vulgar mouth. She isn't funny. She is rude. Passion for our country is one thing--her temper and anger destroys her words--the beer and antidepressants don't help much either. She had it all--and now it will fall! Same, same, same--Sad Rosie.

2671 days ago

Davie C    

I have a strange feeling LiLo's 21st birthday party may be her last! We've all seen the train wreck she is when shes underage, but now imagine her legally being able to drink

2671 days ago


Silverstone who? Oh yeah, now there's a real talent. Puhlease.
She acted as herself in one movie. Go away with Rosie on her boat. LOSERS.

2671 days ago


rosie...take handful of paula's pills and chase it with a fifth of lindsay's vodka.

2671 days ago


Last Fall when everyone was talking about Paula's behavior in an interview, she flatly denied that she ever drinks or ever takes any meds. Now she says she takes lots of pain pills to "get through the day". What a crock. You are a liar, Paula, and you are an addict!

2671 days ago


Does anyone care what Alicia Silverstone thinks? She showed her true colors---like Rosie, she doesn't like anyone who has a different "view".

2671 days ago
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