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Anne Heche: My Husband is a Whack Job

6/1/2007 7:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Men in Trees" actress Anne Heche claims that she deserves sole legal custody of her 5-year-old son Homer because her soon-to-be-ex husband, Coley Laffoon, masturbates too much. Seriously.

In court papers filed earlier this week and obtained by TMZ, Heche claims that she can "no longer ignore an escalating pattern in Coley's behavior, including a particular preoccupation with sexually graphic material and masturbation."

In her previously filed documents, Heche claims Laffoon, rather than being Mr. Mom, dumps Homer at day care or with a nanny and watches porn and plays ping-pong all day.

Laffoon says Heche is "delusional" and is more concerned with her career than caring for their son.


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Rosie O'donnel is way too gross for words    

Yeah, cuz she's not a "whack job" at all...think back people, she has totally been up out her mind in the past.

2679 days ago

HaXoRs~, you remind me of an interesting thing ("the family that masturbates together...")-- Color Climax Corporation (CCC) is a long-running porn production company ( But what's totally bizarre is that they're still in business despite horrible past productions (!!). They're a Danish company, and in the '60s and the '70s made movies that were child pornography and bestiality productions. You see, up until 1974, child porn and animal sex was legal in Denmark. Once made illegal, CCC totally stopped. But they won't admit that they once did these kind of now-illegal productions.

2679 days ago


Wow! Some relationship breakups just will not go quietly. I feel bad for their son.

Well both should go to therapy. Both obviously have issues. Both need it. I suspect both have had the same if not similar issues with other previous partners. Their relationship breakdown is like excrement hitting the fan.

2679 days ago

Lord Andrew J. Andrews II    

I don't understand why this is news. Over at my blog, drewspeak, at , I like to cover real, legitimate information and reflection, not the masturbation habits of celebrities. The fact of the matter is, modern celebrity culture is nothing more than a giant circle jerk. Why are these people so wealthy? Any blogger or youtube kid down the street can produce more meaningful, relevant, and interesting material than these guys, and what's more, without the interferance of mass media, paparazzi, and the like.

2679 days ago


Maybe he wouldn't feel the need to choke his chicken so much if she wasn't off having an affair with some other guy...or alien...or woman.
The child wasn't there when his father was doing the deed,so all of you"Poor kid." people should give it a rest.Masturbation is totally normal.Statistics show that 95% of men masturbate.The other 5% lie.

2678 days ago


Hey dude, if you're reading this, there are lots of great websites on the topic of sexual/porn addiction. Check them out and improve the overall quality of your life. It's no fun being a slave to ANY form of addicion.

Posted at 9:30PM on Jun 1st 2007 by Watcher
What you're doing is taking her word over his.
Just because you masturbate doesn't mean you're a sex addict.f anyone is a sex addict in this case it is her.She has sex with married men,she has sex with women..and I bet she even masturbates.
She has chosen a career were she is required to travel a lot.Her husband stays home,remains faithful .......other than his hand.She fell n love(again) while he took care of their child.
When the child is at school,I think it's perfectly fine for a man to take care of his sexual needs wile his wife is away.specially when she's the one that is cheating on him.
Dude..she s the sex addict,not him.

2678 days ago


Is it news to her that men beat off? Married men, professors, heads of studios and nations---all beat off. The judge who decides her case.....yes, you've got it, could easily be a chronic mastubator as well....what the hell does that have to do with anything? Leave it to crazy Anne Heche to come up with some wild, masturbatory reason to insult her soon to be ex. Honey, you don't look under the bed unless you've hidden there yourself. This wanton sex obsessed ex lesbian will stop at nothing to fullfill her twisted degradation fantasies. I think she's getting some kind of wanton secret sexual titillation with these allegations.

2678 days ago


Maybe he wouldna have to beat off so much if she was a real woman .... not a space cadet...

2678 days ago


Anne Heche is a JOKE...a huge JOKE. When she was a lesbian with Ellen I always wondered what Ellen saw in this joke. Her body certainly isn't anything to rave about. Her husband probably had to do something. Who knows who Anne prefers as bed partners minute to minute. I can't stand the woman she gives women a bad name. Colette

2678 days ago

What military are you in, #15?    

Maybe if she'd put out a little more, these things wouldn't happen!!!

2678 days ago


She didn't seem to have a problem with him, until she started cheating...shes a basket case.

2678 days ago



2678 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Duh..What guy doesn't! She needs to find herself a nice eunuch in a tree somewhere..

2678 days ago


Anne, babe, maybe if ya got yer face outta yer girl/boy/mammelsfriends lap for a minute and serviced your husband...........

2678 days ago


doesn't a game of ping pong always follow porn?

2678 days ago
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