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LiLo Exercises Away the Addiction

6/1/2007 12:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan left her "serious medical treatment program" at Promises rehab facility in Malibu yesterday for a quick session at a local gym. Which of the twelve steps is the elliptical machine?

The rehabbing party girl checked into the posh dry-out digs on Monday, after a wild Memorial Day weekend that included a car accident, DUI bust and allegations of cocaine use. Sweat it out, Linds!


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Silver matter-

That is not true. A normal person would not be locked up. You don't do mandatory jail time till like DUI number three.

She has been drinking underage, but the worst that would get her is a ticket if she was caught. Rehab is a much better solution than jail. Addiction isn't fixed by being locked up.

2647 days ago


This is supposed to be a posh rehab. You mean to tell me they have no fitness classes? Yoga? A step machine?! I would seriously be surprised to find that they offer no fitness opportunities, especially with the clientele that they cater to. Even if they didn't offer anything, try running around the grounds Lindsay! This is REHAB, not a resort! Stay at the rehab and stay focused! Between this, and the fact that she is still planning on partying in Vegas for her 21st birthday, it looks very unlikely that Lindsay is serious about her sobriety. It would seem this is just another publicity move to help her get less jail time and better press. It's so sad. I had really hoped, and still hold out a slight bit of hope, that she will get sober, get serious about living her life like an adult, and stop acting like a spoiled party girl. I wish she had a better support system, but in all reality an addict will not stop, even with the best support system, until they have hit they rock bottom, or are dead. I hope she hits bottom without having to die. She is a very talented young actress with a lot of potential who would be a great loss to Hollywood. It would just be a sad loss period. I hate to think of anyone losing their child, or a young life being snuffed out.

2647 days ago


WTF! Like an exclusive rehab in Malibu with every amenity known to man does not have excercise facilities. We all know it was a coke run. And we all know she is not any more serious about rehab than last time.

2647 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

When I was in Rehab they took us to the gym to play basketball. Rehab is not jail. They encourage you to work out and it helps get the toxins out of your system. This is no big deal and don't let the media fool you into believing it is. They pulled this BS with Paris spreading lies about her getting special treatment to feed the "Hate Paris" fire and bleed it for all they could get. They are trying to do it with Lindsay. Don't fall for it!!!!

2647 days ago


What is with these people? It is REHAB--YOU DON'T LEAVE!!! I have worked in a facility for a number of years now and unless you are on outpatient status, which I believe that she is not, you are not supose to leave for anything unless it is a medical reason or a reason related to treatment. We don't even allow for patients to leave for funerals and such as early into treatment as she is. I have never seen a patient, and we have had many, many famous patients; actors, athletes and musicians alike at my center, and NONE of them have involved leaving for the gym as part of their treatment.

2647 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

By: William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

For the last week, you've read the latest news - and my latest predictions - about one of the biggest evils on the American medical landscape: Mass vaccinations.

As you'll recall, one of my extrapolations of this false panacea of medicine had to do with a new vaccine that's all the rage - one designed to prevent most cases of HPV (genital warts) in young women, along with the subsequent development of cervical cancer this viral infection is linked to...

My argument is that while it's all fine and good to prevent infections of a common STD and its often-cancerous aftermath, there's a "point of diminishing returns" in the equation if the vaccine gives young women a false sense of security about the safety of sex. This may expose them to all kinds of other diseases, some deadly (and getting deadlier).

But there are some "wild card" factors in this equation, too - things that could either mitigate the urge among young, naïve people to copulate with abandon OR temper that very same urge: Things like schooling, parenting, and one other influence I alluded to in the last Daily Dose...

I'm talking about popular culture.

If you've been a reader of mine for any length of time at all, you know I've long lamented the steady decline in the themes and messages in a lot of modern cultural influences - things like movies, TV, magazines, music (if you can call it that) and the over-publicized antics of spoiled celebrities. Now here's how this dovetails into the vaccine equation...

In the absence of strong, morally principled parenting - and schooling that minds the lines between what's proper curriculum and what's the responsibility of those parents to teach their kids - young, sexually curious adults are taking their cues on how to act from all the wrong places: Rap "music" lyrics and videos, movies, mom's Cosmopolitan mags, and whatever they learn from predators that prowl Internet chat-rooms and the MySpace profiles all their hyper-sexed, Ritalin-addicted friends are posting...

What's worse, they also learn how to act from what they're seeing Paris, Britney, Lindsay, and all the other pop-tarts doing on TV! (If you don't know who these people are, or are clueless about MySpace, you need to plug in to understand your kids and grandkids - but be forewarned, the journey's not for the faint of heart).

Think today's kids aren't REALLY so impressionable that they'd take their cues from a bunch of spoiled, talent-less Hollywood party-girls and gangster-rap stars?

According to recent UK Daily Mail article, researchers asked a random survey of 1,500 British kids aged 10 and under (the answers would be similar for American kids, I promise you), "What do you think is the very best thing in the world?"

Ranked from 1 to 10 by greatest number of responses, their answers were:

1) Being a celebrity
2) Good looks
3) Being rich
4) Being healthy
5) Pop music
6) Families
7) Friends
8) Nice food
9) Watching movies

And last on the list...

10) God

Take a look at the top three answers: Celebrity, beauty, and wealth. And also notice how "pop music" ranks above family, friends, and God...

Still think kids' sensibilities about life, love, sex, and what's important aren't being shaped heavily by hyper-sexed popular culture?

Bottom line: With STDs, sexual objectification, and victimization rampant - and with schools promoting sex as though it's civic duty - it's more important than ever for parents to set strong boundaries that instill sexual temperance and age-appropriate behavior in their kids.

Instead, we have parents steering children, either by first-hand example or by tacit approval of their over-eroticized young lifestyles, into having risky sex early and often...

If only we could come up with a vaccine against THIS kind of "cancer."

(Still) lamenting over-sexed parenting,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

2646 days ago


Lindsay Lohan has no sense of embarrassement or shame. She also lacks other necessary human qualities, thanks to a number of Hollywood factors, including her pathetic mother. This girl needs serious psychiatric care, along with legitimate addiction rehabilitation. Too sad that neither of these will happen, isn't it, Dina?

2646 days ago


Ron Bacardi Party anyone? Oh I mean the gym with no cocaine and rum.

2646 days ago


shes freaking 20-21 ok? shes going to make mistakes

2646 days ago


anything you put before sobriety you will lose. sobriety first and recovery then job. she will lose both. danger danger

2646 days ago


Two words: River Phoenix.

2646 days ago

I wanna go to rehab too    

Maybe she should try one of those old fashioned rehabs like the rest of us go to, you know, the ones that lock you up for 90 days and don't even let you see relatives for the first 30 days...and what's with putting rehabs near the beach? Put them all in Skid Row so that wy you have to wake up every morning, bright and early, and smell the nasty stuff the rest of the world has to deal with on a daily basis...then maybe these "stars" will actually wake up before they kill someone somebody really cares about.

2646 days ago


Promises is a serious in-house treatment facility?????? What a joke. I guess the 48 g's per month the clients cough up to be treated(?) there justifies the fact that celebritiy brats can come and go as they please. Aren't there some kind of governing bodies that can oversee these Club Med rehabs that care nothing about sobriety, only money, celebrity "guests" and name recognition? This is sickening to me. This child is about as serious about rehab as Promises is about sobriety.

2646 days ago


Dry out loser! Exercise at home not while you are in REHAB-LOSER!

2646 days ago


Her "mother" was probally ordered by LL not to say a damm thing about her drug habit or he allowance would be cut off since her mother lives off LL she will abide by the rules there can be no other explanation as to why she doesnt say anthing responsible or motherly at all. She would rather take the money than be a mother. Enough said her other kids should be taken away she is not a fit mother and she is training the other one (Ally) to be her new cash cow..............

2646 days ago
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