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Posh Pulls Out of TV Show

6/3/2007 3:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Victoria BeckhamPosh Spice won't be spicing up the reality TV universe anytime soon. Victoria Beckham has backed out of deal to star in a reality TV show for NBC about her move stateside with hubby David and kids.

The doll-like diva told Brit rag "The Mirror" that family comes before fame. According to a "Mirror" source, "the TV series was a great launchpad for her career ... but she felt she was being pushed into a corner and David was obviously always going to take priority."

What ever happened to girl power?


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She obviously is quite insecure w/ her realtionship/marriage to back out of her own NBC reality show, she'll be sorry she pulled out of this one when David eventually leaves her for a hot chick.

2663 days ago

the wise old owl    

WHO CARES ???? ( and yeah.......sure she pulled out ) She was probably NIXED because she's boring, pompus, arrogant , phoney, has NO TALENT and she is pretenuous. Who the hell wants to watch something like that ? NOT ME.

She can have her adulterous husband and her diamond rings. I wouldn't trade places with her and I don't care how much $$$ she's has. Just looking at her lifestyle makes me appreciate mine so much more. That's one jacked-up woman. Her moral's and values are all screwed up. Hardly something the general public could relate to.

2663 days ago


The reason she is pulling out of the show is because it was a laughing stock and everyone online is making fun of her. Did you not see the DMV fiasco and then being stopped by what appeared to be the police but in fact was a retired policeman. All of this was filming for that silly show. Everyone was making such fun of all the goofy stuff that she has now left it on the table.

She is a laughing stock and we are going to be subjected to this while they live in the US.

Just wait until David starts enjoying all of the beautiful girls in California, even though most are superficial and plastic. He will have his pick of what he wants and she will rue the day she wanted to move to the US.

Go ahead Posh - see what all this fame seeking gets you and this show fiasco is just the start. She dresses like a clown and thinks it is so stylish and does she not realize that people love that she makes a fool of herself for their laughs.

The most sad thing is her children - they have to endure all of this from their parents and see their Mother looking like a hooker on a good day...

2663 days ago


a has been on her second time round.....ain't we lucky!!!

2663 days ago


NBC viewed some footage that was hot over the last month and it was boring. Posh doesn't smile inany of the shots and she demanded that her kids not be filmed. She should just get some vocal lessons and try and put together a Spice Girls Returns Tour.

2663 days ago


I agree with Post #4...I live in CA (sad to say) & the LAST thing the state needs is ONE MORE snot up in Hollywood in the first place let alone another reality show. What do these people KNOW about reality anyway?!

2663 days ago


I don't care. It would be a show that was going to be about the life of an anorixic

2663 days ago


Who cares, I wouldn't have watched it anyway. The last thing Vicky is, is real!!!!!

2663 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


2663 days ago


oh poo.. that makes me quite sad.

pweeeeeease reconsider poshy.... pweeeease!!!!

2663 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Pose, pose, pose.

2663 days ago


It's not a surprise. she has probably a lot of insecurities in her life, no matter how much $$$ she has. I bet ,she had one last long thought about the celebreality curse (Nick & Jess/ The Barkers/Carmen&Dave), and wasn't ready for such fate if she still wanted to run the BVB business. I was wondering what a boring show it would have been , minus the kids and hubby David. I was waiting for when the filming crew would eventually figure out that the reality show was not getting anywhere only filming Posh, and her house. They ran out of plots apart from the shopping plots which was probably getting monotous!

2663 days ago


Clone of Heather Mills...the world is not waiting for these two broads to appear on the American scene. Gosh, gee, I am so disappointed not to see Posh's sad looking face. What is wrong with that dame. Is she in love with herself or what. Give me a break silly assed lasses from Brit. We have better here. Annie

2663 days ago


What ever the reason to end the reality show, America Thanks you.

2663 days ago


Posh lol. Posh how. Hubby makes $250K so you live Posh but you're face and body aint all that great. Have tea with Heather Mills. You two deserve each other.

2663 days ago
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