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Scarborough Pole Dances Around Racy Comment

6/5/2007 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough is under fire for making a salacious on-air comment, insinuating that the wife of former Senator and "Law & Order" star Fred Thompson is a stripper. *Dun dun!*

During a discussion about strip tease and pole dancing as a form of exercise, Scarborough brought up Thompson's wife, Jeri Kehn, who is 25 years younger than Thompson, and asked "You think she works the pole?" Somewhere Don Imus is smiling!

MSNBC is sticking to their claim that the remark was not sexual in nature and merely a reference to a popular exercise routine. She looks like she works the pole to us!


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chico gonzalus    

Gold digger or not you know that chiks a freak in the sac. Fred probably comes home from a long day of not doin spit to a naked butter coved wife with an apple in her mouth waiting for him ON the dinner table. What guy says no to chiks like that when they are that old. I say go Fred give the nasty chik a dose of the aged wine lol. Just don't run for president, stay home and hit that.

2637 days ago


For those of you that are so sure Jeri is a trophy wife- have any of you even bothered to do any research about who she is? Or is it just more fun to sit and take cheap shots- thank God none of you are out there being judged! To set the record straight- Jeri Kehn was a political media consultant at the Verner, Liipfert, Bernhard, and McPherson law firm in Washington, D.C. She has been a proven assest to the Republican party in DC for years. She is smart and focused- she could end up being one of the best First Ladies we have ever had.She also worked for the Senate Republican Conference and the Republican National Committee.

Whether you are going to vote for Fred or not- unless you are ready to put yourself out there for this kind of trashing- at least exercise your brain long enough to perhaps know what you are talking about.

2672 days ago

Old Balls are Nasty!    

Ewwww, he looks gross. I wouldn't give this creep the time of day. I don't care how much money he has. It's not like he's all that famous. The gold-digger is a total loser. I wonder if she has any friends her age or does she hang out with old geezers like Mama Bush. Doubt it.


2672 days ago


shes a firefighter, strippers will be taxed

2694 days ago


Another gold-digging skank, yawn. Like if he didn't have money this gold-digger would give him a second look? Why don't these old farts realize they just look pathetic when they look too stupid to know that twenty-somethings only bother with them cuz they are loaded.

2694 days ago


Has anyone of you taken a look at the candidates' wives???? Man, I think most of them got them from strip clubs. Take a look at Dennis Kucinich's and Giuliani's wives. These are straight up HO HOs, and act the same too! Too, have you noticed that they don't seem too bright, but come off like trophy wives. Too strange to be a first lady in my book!!!

2694 days ago

Tmz is lame    

I guess he has to resort to this. His show has insanely low ratings.

2694 days ago

Peter Tinkham    

The format looks a lot like the I-Man ... in fact .... bring the I-Man back ... this guy (Joe) should be fired .... same as the I-Man got from this low viewing cable service.

2694 days ago

Frankie Hoge    


2694 days ago


Hey, Barbie, I had noticed that myself, all these whorey looking candidate wives. Fred here was looking pretty good to me but now he is just another stupid old guy who thinks that pop-tart hanging on his arm wants him for something other than his money. Bet Fred has to hit the Viagra pretty hard, but in a year the pop-tart will tire of having to look like she actually likes having sex with the old dude and it will be seperate bedrooms and then she'll be doing the pool guy or the gardener and then a divorce. I wouldn't vote for any guy that has one of these pop-tarts hanging on him. What a nightmare having a pop-tart as First Lady!

2694 days ago


I'll tell you right now. If my daughter married someone guy 25 yrs older then her I would be very ashamed. Women who do this either have some serious emotional backage(they have some daddy issues) or they are gold diggers waiting for his old ass to die.

I personally would be embrassed to have a wife that is old enough to be my daughter. Hopefully he doesnt run for pres. America needs to have some creditability. The last thing we need is stripper first ladies that EVERYONE knows is a gold digger.

He is a Republican right? He divorced his wife of 25 yrs. then married a gold digger. Damn gotta love those Family Values the Neocons are always talking about. I wonder how is his grown childen(with kids of their own) feel about having a 3 yr old sibling. That is just perverse.

2694 days ago


Who's business is it anyway? Once Fred decided to throw his hat into the Presidential ring, his pop-tart became ALL of our business, as this gold-digging pop-tart just might be our First Lady, longshot that it is, it is still a possibility. Would I vote for a guy that is too stupid to know that his "wife" wouldn't look at him at all if he wasn't rich and famous? Nope, I don't vote for any guy that stupid. And Fred's stupid choices became everyone's business when he threw his hat into the political arena.

2694 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

It amazes me how these ultra-conservative commentators alway talk others down as though they are allowed to pass judgement because they themselves are paragons of virtue, yet they hypocritically engage in behavior they condescendingly condemn. Rush Limbaugh (court documented oxycontin drug addict & prescription fraud; he rails against everything that's not ultra conservative), Bill O'Reilly (documented sexual harrassement of a woman on his own staff; he attacks all non-ultra conservative causes, including those that don't make any sense (like 911 widows & tsunami charities)), Ann Coulter (documented racist comments in the press; attacks anyone & anything that's not ultra conservative; called all 911 widows "Leeches & Gold Diggers") and now ex-congressman & current commentator Joe Scarborough, who's making nasty comments about the wife of a potential future Republican Presidential Candidate?

Question - how do you define the word HYPOCRITE? Answer - please see the paragraph above...

2694 days ago

just asking    

image is everything. a president's wife yould need to bne presidential

2694 days ago


Who cares if the first lady is a stripper? What the Hell so they do anyway? Entertain that's all. The fact that she married a Republican makes her a loser.

2694 days ago
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