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Paris' Jailbreak -- The Official Explanation

6/7/2007 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained an official press release from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept., explaining the terms and reasons for Hilton's "reassignment" from an L.A. jail to her West Hollywood home.
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Lindsay Lohan shut one cares what you have to say.........whoever you are YOU are total and complete JOKE and IDIOT.....

2692 days ago

grandma in distress    

This is no way to teach our young people. It's hard enough in today's world to teach any moral values, but when the justice system begins playing favorites with the rich and famous, especially for an offense which could have caused great harm, it may be too late for this country to ever regain the dignity it once held high.

2692 days ago

Kenny Jay    

She didn't get special treatment... she would have been released from county this afternoon anyway, or just after midnight tonight....SHE'S WEARING AN ANKLE BRACELET FOR THE NEXT MONTH TO GET OUT 10 HOURS EARLIER THAN SHE WOULD HAVE GOTTEN OUT ANYWAY

2692 days ago


it's just Paris. big deal. you people just want someone rich to suffer regardless. that's why you haters are here every single day. crime or no crime, you just wish ill will on anybody with more cash than yourself. period!

c'mon admit it! hehe

2692 days ago


This is absolutely ridiculous.
Everyone is distraught when they are put in jail. Its what happens when you break the law.. ugh.. Seriously.. I can't even say anything worthwhile at this point.

2692 days ago


GIVE ME A BREAK! Paris Hilton is not news worthy, just another Hollywood wannabe there are more serious things going on in this world. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

2692 days ago


Leave her alone. She would die if the world didn't have to hold her hand all the time. She will always be a pathetic, useless woman. She will always have that jacked up nose job. She will always have that ugly jaw and oddly shaped face. You should just feel sorry for her because she's obviously too weak to handle anything that's even slightly difficult in life. Let her and her pathetic fans call it jealously. That's the only way they have to defend their egos.

2692 days ago

chen b    


2692 days ago


Remember that storage locker bill she forgot to pay and thus had all her stuff sold on ebay or displayed online? She had a prescription listed to treat herpes...perhaps she had a flare up?

2692 days ago


what's the district attorney say on this release ? My God, there is no justice here. Rich people can really get away with this and not punished with what they have done. If this thing happened to a poor guy, I am sure he will be punished. But not Paris Hilton because she is rich and her parents are influential. Why there are a lot of sick people inside the jail. Why give her special treatment ? The Hilton family are laughing at the law right now. This is not fair. Home Arrest, well she would have all the luxury around here so she won't even feel the punishment. Send her back to jail PLEASE.

2692 days ago


Medical reasons = cell phone/alocohol/Blackberry/800 count sheet/shopping DTs

2692 days ago

Andre Fortin    

I don't see how they count the 5 days custody thing. She checked herself in on June 3rd sortly before midnight ad was released on June 7 early in the morning. Another attempt at giving her an extra break?

2692 days ago


Paris will be "working" soon enough. Most folks on home custody are allowed out for "work" release. For Paris, that means clubs, appearances and parties.

The LA Sheriff's dept and jail system is corrupt through and through.

The judge who said there was to be on "alternative" sentence may speak up yet. I hope so.

2692 days ago


Who cares?
She got out, good for her.
Why do you people who hate her so much
and want her dead honestly care enough
to write all of this about her in hopes that
she reads it?

It's ridiculous that you all talk and say you want
her out of the light so you don't have to hear
about her anymore.
I'll tell you what, how about you just go on some
other website, or go outside, or go watch TV w/o
the news or Simple Life on and BAM you wont
have to deal with it.

She is famous for being famous, I think that's being
born lucky, good for her. Get on with your lives and
stop reading about her if you hate her so much.

And just so you know wishing death upon someone
is like wishing death upon yourself, so good luck
with that.


P.S. Paris, if ya do read these which now that I
think about it you might cause you have to stay
at home (no offense) I'm glad you got out, now
you can stay at home and reflect and play with
your pets, and just ignore the ankle bracelet; the
more you look at it the worse it will feel.
I don't reccomend reading these though, they
are harsh, they make me upset enough to post
on here, which is something I don't like to do.
But keep your chin up chick!

2692 days ago

Daniel Boyington    

I know we will see all kinds of release requests now in LA, oh sorry I mean "re-assignment" and all they have to do is say "I have a medical condition" and get your Doctor to drop by and confirm it. What a sham....


2692 days ago
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