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Paris Hilton Arrives to Court

6/8/2007 2:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton has arrived to Los Angeles County Superior Court, just under 30 minutes after officers handcuffed her and tossed her into the back of a Sheriff's cruiser. Hilton avoided the media frenzy at the court when Sheriffs used a private, covered entrance to escort her into the courtroom.

Kathy and Rick Hilton have just entered the building as well.

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To paris hilton who wrote..for us to stop talking about her because she has a serious medical condition. supposedly she wrote it at 156pm today but gee Im reading this at 1104am will the real paris hilton please go to jail?..lolol...Seriously...PARIS you need to do your time and stop bitchin about it. Most of use would have recieved more time than you got so consider yourself lucky. Having herpes is not a reason to be released. People with HIV are in jail, people coming down off of heroin are in jail and that in itself should be medically monitored. Now you get a panic attack and get out after 5 days? Get real...who did you screw...ooops you have herpes...okay who did you blow to get out so quickly?

2695 days ago


Paris needs to go BACK to county jail and get a taste of the REAL "Simple Life". If it was you or me ..we would have been locked up for the whole 45 days.!!!

2695 days ago

ol blue    

Its kinda wild, because, to watch Harvey, and read tmz, it sounds like they are sympathetic to Paris. Is Harvey an attorney, cause I just seen him on Fox news trying to argue with judges and attorneys,lol Harvey and TMZ are obviously on the hilton payroll

2695 days ago


Beer and drinks in the back

2695 days ago

John Bishop    

Harvey, after watching you on the People's Court all these years, I always thought the way you looked at things sometimes was not the way a normal, well-doing human being would look at it. Today, with your embarassing and pathetic appearance on FOX NEWS, I can see my suspicions were right all along. Why don't you try getting your head out of your butt and stop sticking up for people, like you have done before, because they are stars. And then you want to back the people that are behind letting her get out of something any normal person would have to be relegated to. Instead of discussing the issues that were presented, the apparent way out for anyone to suffer any consequences for this farce is to make up stuff and try to stick up for people who made a horrible and stupid decision with NO valid reason. Harvey, you are a pig, the way you think is is disgusting, it is no wonder you are part of the Hollywood problem. Try getting to the truth for a change, instead of protecting your friends.

2695 days ago

Greg Lawson    

SHe was having a party today. NOTICE THE BALLOONS ON THE GATE !!!!!

What a joke. Serve your time and be an adult Paris. This girl has no INTEGRITY .
What a wast e of tax $$$ and time. What positive attribute does this person bring
to theis world???
Her parents should be in jail with her.

2695 days ago


45 DAYS after all this crap. JUst give me enough cream for my jerpes outbreak.

2695 days ago


The Hilton family has clearly raised an absolute brat! And Mommy & Daddy Hilton seem to think she really IS above the law.

45 days is nothing. Has Mommy & Daddy ever thought of how many YEARS she would get if she killed someone while driving drunk with a suspended license? Or maybe they'd prefer that Baby Hilton would get her face smashed up while she finds herself wheelchair bound for all her natural (if she has such a thing) years.

Paris being a stupid, nit-wit, blonde rich kid was bad enough. But for the entire Hilton family to make such an absolute mockery of the judicial system is outrageous!

I'm a Hilton Honors member, but there is absolutely NO WAY I can look at the Hilton Hotel chain the same way ever again. The LAST thing I would want to do is support that damn family by staying at their damn hotels and giving them even a slim dime to help support this BRAT of a FAMILY.

Thank goodness the judge has his head on straight. For once, the Hiltons' money may not buy their way out.

And the sheriff absolutely MUST be investigated for bribery. Something stinks with him. Prison systems have SPECIAL PRISONS for those with physical medical needs, and they ALSO HAVE SPECIAL PRISONS for those with PSYCHIATRIC problems! They will check her out from head to toe, diagnose her problem (I wonder if B.R.A.T. is in the DSM IV?), and dispense any and all meds she needs. They even have special units for those dealing with withdrawals from illegal substances.

There is NO DAMN WAY that Paris "needed" to be released.

Ah, poor baby brat cried herself to sleep. Paris, wake up and join the REAL WORLD!

I've gone from disliking her to despising her, and now she's become the ad campaign for the entire Hilton hotel chain. Bye-bye Hilton Hotels (and all the other hotels owned by Hilton). In case you didn't know it, you are NOT the best hotels out there, and I will go out of my way to avoid staying in your hotels. It's not a boycott. It's a matter of seeing your family in action makes me want to puke, and I would be unable to stomach giving any money to you and your gutless, whiney, stupid, brat of a daughter.

2695 days ago


Where the heck is the next update??? We're dying here!!!!! We all saw the photographers .... WHERE THE HELL ARE ALL THE PICS??????

2695 days ago


OOPS my bad forgot about EST...lolol..see how easy that is Paris to admit when you are wrong? Okay everyone...forgive me...uhhhhhh I got a migraine...yeah thats it...LET ME OUT PLEASE......!!!!!

2695 days ago


Arrived AT! Not 'to' but AT. If you must abuse the spellingof several words of the english language, please refrain from using the wrong connectives. It offends my delicate nature.

2695 days ago


That massive cloud of media surrounding the courthouse and Paris sneaked in past them all and nobody saw her...BRILLIANT move... I guess Paris wasn't the driver huh??

2695 days ago


COMPLEXITY......Come on over to the Starwood drama and certainly no Paris Hilton...LOL

2695 days ago


send Paris to Guantanamo Bay!!! She hates America!!!

2695 days ago



DADDY always seems to just be standing there with his arms by his sides. Even on the Paris terrace this a.m. it was MOMMY showing some emotion while Daddy just stepped off to the side before the big "P" reached out to him for a jailhouse hug.

Little interaction (handholding, etc.) between MOMMY and DADDY. Judging by Kathy Hilton's face, court comments, and attitude it looks like she wears the pants in the family.

2695 days ago
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