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Paris Will Spend Weekend in Med Jail

6/8/2007 5:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton will probably spend the weekend in a medical ward at the jail facility where she surrendered Sunday night, referred to as Twin Towers.

We're told the plans will firm up within an hour. Hilton will stay there over the weekend, when her lawyer will file an appeal, called a writ of habeas corpus, which means, essentially, the body is being held illegally.


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Forgot to add in response to the other person that said we are jealous of her. Jealous of what HOW SHE SCREWED UP HER LIFE!!!!! Get real. I feel sorry that she probably won't learn anything from this and someone is going to be hurt by her stupidity. Maybe if she donated her money to a GOOD Cause maybe people would feel sorry for her. People get real she is not even with everyone else she is in like solitary nothing dangerous. Too bad, she might learn something. Hey get that guy from Maury to come whip her into SHAPE!

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2663 days ago


Her parents are as much to blame cause they tell her to make excuses and blame others. If they had taught her any sense of responsibility she might not be in this mess. She deserves to serve her time just like those of us that are not rich. Who cares that she was shaking in court? It's all just one big game to Paris, anything to get out of any punishment!

2663 days ago

Pam The REAL Pam    

TMZ is sugarcoating this. Fox news announced that Paris is in the Psych Ward at the twin towers, that a bit different than a "med" jail or infirmary.

That's what you get for throwing a temper tantrum at the age of 26.

2663 days ago


If she files a writ of habeas corpus it will be thrown out, possibly with sanctions, and every lawyer in the country will be rofl. It would be nothing more than another stalling tactic-she might as well serve the time now before the judge gets REALLY pissed.

2663 days ago


I'm glad others recognize that Ms. Hilton is very likely detoxing!

She looks SO old! I thought she was in her mid 30's before this and her picture in the back of the police car when she's going back to jail she looks in her early to mid 40's.

Those who think those of us who were outraged are jealous of Ms. Hilton? PLEASE! Who'd be jealous of someone who seems to have had little parenting in life, who's learned basically nothing about being a responsible adult, who claims to have her publicist read everything she signs (without looking at it) and directs everything she does (perhaps even her drinking, although I think that's a sign that mommy and daddy have always bailed her out of everything... Who would want to have basically no life skills? OK, granted, she's got a LOT of money, but if both her parents died today, she'd have NO clue how to keep what she has! She'd be another Anna Nicole (although I believe she was much more intelligent.)

The sheriff that let her out needs to resign, not only for letting Ms. Hilton out, but also for disclosing that she in fact has seen a psychologist, psychiatrist, her attorneys & had multiple meetings re: Ms. Hilton with her shrinks (disclosing ANY personal medical info under the HIPAA act is against the law - including just that she's a patient in ANY way shape or form.) The sheriff also nearly opened the doors for every attorney with a similar case to be let off as easy as she was - that would literally put THOUSANDS of drunk drivers back at home w/ an ankle bracelet, and those who only had 1 DUI with 1 violation of probation would likely be back on the roads in 3 months, as soon as they finished their alcohol school... YIKES That makes for one DANGEROUS LA! The sheriff, unless he has a written statement from Ms. Hilton about giving the press ANY medical info, just opened the city/county of LA up to a major lawsuit (unless inmate medicals are of public record.) He essentially just opened up LA to pay for her legal team AND did har to Ms. Hilton.

For those who think 45 days is "too harsh", for DUI in CA, she could have been given 6 months in jail & had her car impounded or seized for that offense alone, THEN she violated her probation (they let her off the 1st time - that doesn't happen to other people) and then violated it again (on the road, driving without lights on I believe it was 75mph in a 45 zone & erratically? FYI a driver who doesn't have their lights on at night is a dead ringer, most of the time, for a drunk driver, so she was prolly drunk as well, and was let off for that as well by a nice officer!) ANYONE else in my area of southern CA (one county over from LA) would have been looking at a MINIMUM of 6 months for violating the probation terms... twice? That would have been a minimum of 2 years!

Some people who live so-called "privileged" lives simple are babied to the point they cannot function in normal society. This IHMO, is what's happened here. Ms. Hilton IHMO fits the real definition of "spoiled" - not in a derogatory sense, but in the sense that she has been so taken care of that she lacks education, lacks moral values, lacks life skills, lacks emotional maturity, and doesn't understand why things in her life have gone so wrong. In social services, she could be construed as a victim of child neglect.

Envy her? Jealous of her? Nope! Why would ANYONE want to be an alleged alcoholic (possibly addict as well?) with not a clue about life, about responsibility, without a sense of self, one who think life's all about material things (OK to a point they are important, but after our needs are met & you have some for fun, then it's just excessive), who doesn't seem to know herself at the age of 26, who looks very old for her age, who's parents sent her to a really nice school and she didn't take advantage of getting a good education and instead took a GED (according to some news outlets) AND has all these legal problems? I think I'll pass!

I feel sorry for Ms. Hilton. This young woman has been so babied, that she's never really grew up and learned what life is all about. Sad that her life is so public (although she's created a lot of that on her own) attempting (I think?) to come off with a 'bad girl' image, but failing miserably & landing herself in jail as a result.

I think putting in her into the main jail population (Although she does tend to rub people the wrong way & puts herself in danger as a direct result - like a bully that's taken Karate and shows off... Hmm... maybe a karate class with a good instructor that teaches the philosophy might just help her???) with 'real people' with real problems that have had to face them often with little to no help from anyone would help her in growing into who she is under all the $$$ and plasticity of her life. I pray she at least goes to a rehab with a group of normal, average people. She would learn SO much from them!

2663 days ago


#650, I dunno where you live, but here in CA we take DUIs (and especially failure to follow probation terms) seriously!

Ms. Hilton would have gotten 3 YEARS (possibly 3 years 6 months) & they'd have seized her cars if she were anyone else!

I know Mr. Gerlado said he (paraphrased) couldn't find any cases where anyone had been punished as harshly" REALLY!?! I guess he didn't look at all then! You could go into a criminal courthouse any day of the week here and watch a LOT of people with the same terms being sentenced for 3-5 YEARS for the same situation (although they didn't document that Ms. Hilton was drunk &/or high on the second violation, so OK then - assuming she wasn't, then 3 years!)

She STILL got off easy (AND had HER PRIVATE DOCTORS IN THE JAIL!?! WTF??? NO ONE else would have had that kind of treatment!) & because she did, we may have a problem with every public defender, every lawyer trying to get private doctors into the jail, trying to get the same sentencing Ms. Hilton got... YIKES!

If I'm driving in LA and get hit by a drunk driver, can I sue Ms. Hilton', her attorneys and the city of LA (or county - I'm not sure what jurisdiction this was held in) for allowing this crap to go on?

Our tax dollars at work, now hearing all the other cases that will be brought up because of this one (not to mention all the drunks on the road! YIKES!)

The sheriff needs to resign and the judge needs to have another hearing and give her the full 3 years of her suspended sentence, just like anyone else who's violated probation twice (& OH! let's not forget throwing in the contempt of court for her showing up late to court, which BTW is also a probation violation!)

I also wonder if she will be cavity searched at drug tested (at her expense) like everyone else while she's in there??? When people have a DUI here, they have to pay for their jail time, as well as their drug & alcohol testing while they are in there.

I've only seen a part of one of her "simple Life" shows and it was simply ridiculous & seemed to be making fun of people who work hard on their own farms - pretty pathetic... I wonder if she understands where her food really comes from (other than one of her assistants or a cocktail waitress bringing it to her!?!)

A really creative judge would have sentenced her to *really* work on a REAL farm and get her own food/liquid from an old-school farm for the three years... Maybe then she'd learn what her parents neglected to teach her when she was younger & maybe she'd learn something about life & who she is (it's VERY apparent she's clueless - how sad!)

If she EVER hits me, any friends of mine or family, I'd take her a** (& her parents for not teaching her anything) to the cleaners!

I used to stay at the Hilton in LA, but will no longer do so! I REFUSE to support her parents creating this monster & refuse to support her drinking (and possibly drug?) habit & her legal defense.

BOYCOTT the Hiltons!!! Don't fund drinking and driving & the legal defense of it!

2663 days ago


She is being held illegally? Paris you are a nitwit. You disobeyed two court orders and you are the victim? I have no respect for the Hiltons

2662 days ago

Johny No Cash    

I believe the parents and the lawyers believed the sheriff was going to let Paris get out early, and that's what happened. This being the reason for not appealing the case earlier. BUT, they didn't count on the judge making her serve the whole sentence, didn't they? Do you remember when she was sentenced, the lawyers decided to drop the appeal process? I think the parents "talked" to the sheriff before Paris went to jail, and the sheriff "promised" to let Paris out early, just like he did with Michelle Rodriguez and probably some other celebrities, hence, dropping the appeal process. That's why the sheriff is trying every way to possible to credit himself. Again, they didn't count on the latest turn of events from the judge. That's why the parents and lawyers are scrambling to find a way to let Paris out - NOW!

2662 days ago


She and other celebrities get "good" special treatment every day with millions in free goods, money for doing absolutely nothing, and the general knowledge that the entire world is interested in what you do (hate you or love you, they are interested). Do they not realize that this fame they so desperately want comes at the high price of being held as an example above others? You cannot think that such infamy won't also bring the negative consequence of being more harshly punished than others and being made an example of. Cliche, but it's true that fame comes with a high price.

2662 days ago

No More    

Enough with the Paris Hilton persecution already.

2662 days ago

Allred Tree    

#696 Altmed - I agree that ANS was smarter in many ways and more mature than Paris. At least she had the guidance of Vergie (who tried her best, and don't forget - worked as a sheriff) and the street smarts she gained by working as a waitress and then as a stripper. She did raise POOR DANIEL to be a good human being and he would have had a good future were it not for his horrible demise at the hands of the murderer.

I also agree with you that Paris is really getting off easy! She REFUSED TO DO COMMUNITY SERVICE when it was offered as she felt it was BENEATH HER. Then, she failed to attend the DUI program and proceeded to violate her probation TWICE THAT WE KNOW OF a/c she was CAUGHT. If anyone thinks she only drove twice on a suspended license when she very well could have paid for a driver or a taxi or gotten a ride with one of her numerous friends, then they must have fallen off the proverbial turnip truck!

I hope she cultivates some new friendships as the hangers on and yes people she has been drinking and drugging with will probably not be around if she truly has learned a lesson from her experience in jail (which she could have avoided) and complies with the law as she should have been doing all along!

2662 days ago

Jeff Witfield    

She has paid her crime the most sensible way: she looks awful !

2661 days ago
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