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Nick vs. Photog: Stop Talking Sh*t!

6/12/2007 2:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Note to photogs: Don't mess with Nick Lachey's girl!

Nick and GF Vanessa Minnillo arrived at La Guardia Airport in NYC on Friday to the usual group of paparazzi. According to Nick's rep, one aggressive paparazzo made a "nasty" remark that was directed at Vanessa. The remark, the rep says, was made specifically to cause a confrontation that would generate a good photo op and profit for the agency. The photo agency says hold the phone- it was Nick who was the aggressor! They say the video shows the singer approaching the pap, grabbing him by the neck and pushing him back in the terminal, while saying in his ear, "I'm going to f**king kill you if I ever see you again!"

Not true, says Lachey's rep. He says the video clearly shows Nick walking Vanessa to their waiting car, approaching the pap, shaking his hand, and placing his hands not on the guy's neck, but his shoulder. Nick merely wanted to "make sure the photog knew that his comments directed at Vanessa were not appropriate." The rep says there was no threat made and he was simply defending his fair lady's honor.

What really happened? Watch the video and decide for yourself!


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He defended her because he loves her and she's HOT.

2675 days ago


I hope PINKNC is right and he does find a new lady #3. I just read on this website

….that Vanessa says that ‘she wants to be Jessica’ (IS the title of the story Because she honestly said those words to people on the set) and now she is actually trying to do all the same things as Jessica. To make this post short, I think this is ashame that Nick can’t seem to find the right woman. He seems like a nice guy. But I think he’s being so nice that all the user are like a magnets to him. And he doesn’t want to be alone so there they leaches are, right by his side.

Hey Nick, I hope you don’t get stuck with this girl. Once you’re stuck with kids and her it’s hell from there on. She’ll never allow this man to have any peace. Just look at her now. Vanessa is already turning him into the worse; forget the ‘he was defending her’ mess. This would have never happened if he was stress over her.

2674 days ago


I’m glad some of my co-workers had me log onto this. I like this site in some ways. But I didn’t like Nick’s behavior in this video.

Hey I had to click on Nick’s name on that site, in order to get to that article on ---www.celebrity source--- website. It’s actually titled “Vanessa wants everything Jess had”.

Yeah, now that’s new, news. I think she actually wants a little more. This video is messed up. Nick should not be fighting over someone that’s just a girlfriend--in the manner that she is. I cannot believe that this relationship is real. I’d pose with Vanessa and move on when a better woman comes along. Hell almost everybody else does it in life so they won’t be alone. I say stay with Vanessa—IF-- she sits down and **shuts up** and doesn’t spoil your reputation/career over her own dumbass moves.


2673 days ago


I agree with you Kelly and Yajaira 96….we here think that Nick should be happy also. And he does deserve it in the utmost way. Nick has tolerated so much up till this point. I mean what else does he have too endure in order to find a real woman that won’t put him through drama. And also put his reputation at stake, like with this video.

And I agree with you Yajaira, when you said that Vanessa goes to the media too much about them. It seems as if she speaks of wanting things SOON that Nick doesn’t with her…or at least he doesn’t express that to the media anyway. And I have yet to hear the word LOVE out of Nick’s mouth for her, to the public anyhow.

I saw him on an interview, I think Ryan Secrest, who asked Nick about that one day. And Nick said he wasn’t ready or stop putting the “L” word out there for him right now. (I can’t exactly quote) But I do know that Nick said that he was not ready for that at this point. Now that was a while ago, and I surely hope for his sake Kelly, that he never gets to that point with her.

I mean when you love someone, are you not afraid, nervous, or shy to tell people about it. I mean you are just expressing true feelings. HEY! I think I just answered my own question you two. I think he doesn’t express it through his words to the public, because he just maybe loves her but he’s not IN love with her. I mean we all love our dogs but would we marry them, I guess she’s friendly to him like that. And hopefully he will see her as the pet too until it’s time to let her go. I CAN’T WAIT just like you all.

2673 days ago


Good evening number 67, I’d like to answer your question.

“Why does Nick and Vanessa get so much attention from the paps?” And you had a few other ?’s too for everyone. And you said that you really would appreciate a reply…so here mine goes.

I think Nick gets attention because a lot of people wanted to know how he would recover from his painful divorce. The public (some) also wanted to see who Nick would date, and then eventually end up with.

Now I think we would have all liked it to have been someone classier than Vanessa. Anyway, unfortunately Nick did not date as a lot of women like some people wanted him too do. But he instead chose this one woman that was really a nobody (Which is ok) but now she wants her own spotlight even if she has to take Nick’s. I guess I’m trying to say that A LOT of people just want to know if Nick will fall for all that *Again* or will he just date this woman until *Mrs. Right for him*, finally comes along.

I personally think that Nick Lachey needs to end all of this by doing one simple thing the next time around……..

***Nick needs to find someone that doesn’t want to take his spotlight, put their personal business out there, embarrass him like with this video, not so pleasant photos, and terrible headlines above their own heads.. that eventually fall back on him, making Nick the center of bad attention too and etc… so therefore Nick needs someone that has absolutely NO INTEREST in becoming anything but what she already is when he meets her for the first time around**.

Maybe Nick should start back in his hometown of Ohio, and forget the women in California. They’re not working for him so far. Nick seems to be too down to earth and simple for these women.... when it comes to separating his career from his home life, when he comes home during each evening. I mean who can have peace when a woman is making you become violent in public over her.

Anyway again, my answer to your question was, that People just want to know who Nick Lachey will eventually end up with, since he seems like such a nice guy that was done son wrong publicly, and he still seems to hold his head up, while acting like a respectful person towards all his haters. And everyone is hoping that it is NOT Vanessa. I vote that too just like a lot of people on this website and *many* others.

2673 days ago

chillout music girl    

vanessa is a whore...and we hate the skanky slut...
she needs to return the garbage dump...she was born in...
FEDEX is calling vanessa.. someone ship her back to asia.. they need more $5.00 whores.

2669 days ago

chillout music girl    

That girl is a tramp and ugly 2... Nick would do better to SLOW down and rethink his options... she is soooooooooooo ugly.. we are telling the truth.. we are no jealous or being hateful... she is a skank...

How many men has she used to further her career:
Derek Jeter for one...
Nick.. watch out... But, maybe you need to get burned.. playing with fire...
She is low class..
Nick hasn't been dating anyone with morals since jessica.. At least she was a virgin when they met... She will always be a pretty girl 2 us.
On the other hand vanessa ------------->>>>>>>>>>> TRAMP
I bet her butt smells as bad as her face looks...
She is going to ruin your career NICK...
All we need next is to see them have a baby... half asian ugly.........with big lips...
That is horrifying to think about.......

2669 days ago

chillout music girl    

This woman is harsh to look at.......
She looks like poop walking on two legs.......
She seems to think that she is something special...
People were mad at paris for being rich... and acting above everyone... but she is pretty actually..
Vanessa, ....................... is BONE UGLY

nick needs to read these post... since celebrities read them....
You can do so much better....
don't mix your handsome family genes with ugly asian.. and that is not a secret...
Even, when you see her on the red carpet.. she is wearing something see through..
She is obviously a respect for herself...
Please nick .............stop dating this ugly thing

2669 days ago

celeb watcher    

Cammie, you're an idiot. I feel sorry for your family and friends because you are one ignorant piece of work.

Look people, after spending a considerable amount of time with a self absorbed twit like Jessica Simpson, Nick deserves to be happy. He has found love with Vanessa so let it go. She's a beautiful woman and they seem to have much in common. He seemed totally disconnect from Jessica.

2663 days ago


Don't mess with HER-she likes knives!

2690 days ago


Uh, like we care?

2690 days ago


What did the photog say so bad? Vanessa is a ho so she's used to name calling. Funny how Nick think's he's so tough when his bodygard is right there!

Nick has his hands full with this fat face druggie. He should make a run for it. Vanessa is nothing but trouble.

2690 days ago


Vanessa is usually tough and ghetto so why doesn;t she defend herself?

2690 days ago


Here's the deal: the photog spoke the truth about little 'Nessa being a knife-welding nip, and Nick couldn't handle the truth.

2690 days ago


if you dont care then why commets for

2690 days ago
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