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Britney -- Victim of Pap Smear?

6/13/2007 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The vagina effect. Simple. Shocking. Effective. But is it intentional?

As you may undoubtedly recall, Britney Spears has had a few "oopsies" over the last year -- oopsies that left her no-no special parts "accidentally" exposed. But who's to blame? Oversmellous paps? Or an attention-craving exhibitionist?

Take a look at the evidence -- and decide for yourself!


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you are entitled to my opinion    

she needs to think about a new hair-do for her sanjaya

2691 days ago


She is the perfect example of the old saying.... "Money can not buy Class"

2691 days ago

Mary T.    

Someone needs to contact the Dept of Children's Services...Enough is Enough.....

TMZ nobody want to see this TRASHY THING called..BRITNEY

2691 days ago

West Coastian    

Anyone with half a brain knows she's doing it on purpose. Everyone has scene her tired body bits and as usual, you're doing your usual mysogynistic posts.

I'm done with this site. I'm no longer going to help you get money for this crap.

2691 days ago

Yo Mama    

Thank you TMZ, yes of course she's craving attention!! But you missed the most important photo of all, the photo of her shaving her head!!! Now come on, why not do that in the privacy of your own home!! Not Brit-Twit, she decides to go to a public hair dresser and does the job herself in front of the papps!!! I can't stand her and I absolutely love to read about this trainwreck. So TMZ, keep up the good work on this dumb twit, no talent piece o crap!!!

2691 days ago


At this point, I think it has to be intentional on her part. It is hard to get out of a car in a short skirt, but you don't see all female celebs doing this. Only the trashy attention seeking ones like Parisite Hilton, Lohan and Brit the Twit. Maybe she wants to show us that she finally bought some panties! I used to feel sorry for Britney because I thought she was getting picked on but now, I think she just brings it on herself with stuff like this. Personally, I am fed up with all of these no talent losers.
Let's stop looking at them and maybe they will go away!
Hollywood, time to look for some new "talent" please! My dog is more interesting than some of these people.

2691 days ago

I love taco bell!!    


The reason I discovered this website was because i heard that you guys had inside source to the story and had daily updates on how Paris was doing each day in jail, I notice at first you did but haven't heard no more. Why haven't you guys posted information on how Paris is doing in Jail??? Paris is the HOT toppic of the momment,we young people like to hear news that are hot at the momment. Thanks

2691 days ago


Bitch will do anything for publicity! Nasty, slutty, dirty skank. 'm shocked she has any panties on. Smelly slut.

2691 days ago

getting tired of crap    

TMZ, please put "Who gives a rat's ass" on your poll

2691 days ago


She should just make it easy and install a crotch cam.

2691 days ago


She wants the attention!! She can't even show the world her real hair, by the way short hair is beautiful. Grow up and get a clue. If the paps would quit taking pictures maybe she would understand that it's not cute and that everyone is just laughing at a train wreck.

2691 days ago


Excuse me "Back Up":
I am a lady and I DO know how to get in and out of a vehicle in a very short's called keeping your knees together!
Britney Spears' actions are totally intentional. She is getting oodles of attention out of it...sadly that seems to be what she needs in life instead of self-worth or pride. It's rather funny that her privates start popping out all over the place as soon as Paris started getting all of her ill-gotten press.

2691 days ago

Naughty but nice :)    

Heatrock-I agree :)

2691 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

The papparrazzi isn't stalking Brit to take flattering photos of her. They prey upon and hide in the bushes all day to specifically get a bad photo of her.

The frenzied no morals/ethics tabloid machines should just leave Brit alone. Let the woman have some privacy in her life. Instead of throwing your cameras only at her crotch each and every time she tries to exit a vehicle.

2691 days ago


Britney is so infantile it is pitiful. Just when you think she is
coming around, she becomes a bigger diappointment. Like I have read
in these notes, she absolutely lacks social grace. She clearly
continues to make a stupid fool of herself trying to get back at
someone.. mamma? Kfed? She needs to grow up and cover up her
used-up jewels instead of acting like a rejected, scorned old lady in
denial of having had babies

2691 days ago
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