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BET Awards

The White Elephant

in the Room

6/14/2007 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hang on tight -- its about to get racial up in here. TMZ has learned that 2007 could be the first year that a white musician wins a Black Entertainment Television Award ... besides Michael Jackson.

Platinum-selling superstar Robin Thicke has been nominated for two BET Awards: Best Male R&B Artist, and his song "Lost Without You" is up for a Viewer's Choice Award. Only two other white artists have ever even been nominated for a BET Award -- Justin Timberlake and Eminem -- but neither of them took home the prize. Could Robin break down the BET color barrier?!

The competition is thick; Thicke is up against Akon, John Legend, Gerald Levert, and Ne-Yo for Best Male, and competing with Beyonce, Birdman & Lil' Wayne, Bow Wow featuring Chris Brown, Ciara and UNK for the Viewer's Choice.

The BET Awards will be live from The Shrine in Los Angeles, Tuesday, June 26.


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I was very disappointed that Robin didn't win. I also found it a bit awkward when they went into this whole "black pride" moment during the show. I mean, that's okay and everything but if you're a white person--can you really chant, "Say it loud--I'm black and I'm proud!"? Granted for the most part, Robin Thicke has been accepted in some circles as being more black than some black people--he also wears a lot of black--so that's got to count for something right?!?!

2677 days ago


Silly, billy TMZ.
You are forgetting the most important reason that Robin can never win any award in this industry....
This man cannot sing and he embarrassed himself and his family at the BET Awards last night.
And for your ignorant bloggers, how can a network owned and run by white people be "racist" against white people.
Get lives.

2677 days ago

Ayanna R.    

I think that every one deserves an award if they worked hard.

2677 days ago

Culture Club    

I don't speak Spanish. Is Univision and Telemundo also racist? What about the Latin Grammys?

2677 days ago


So...I was reading all the comments posted by everyone and all of a sudden *wham!* It hit me. Seems like a racial debate. BET, WET, blah blah blah. I like all music, I was brought up that way. I like all entertainment, I was brought up that way. I like all races, I was brought up that way. What about us Native Americans? Could we possibly get NAET? To be completely honest....I get a kick out of it all. The blacks get this, the whites get that, the blacks get more of this, the whites get more of that, the blacks get mad, the whites get mad. Wake up! Entertainment is entertainment! As long as an individual has the heart and soul to properly entertain America, then why the slurs? May peace be with you....and also with you.

2677 days ago

shaking his head in dismay    

"Granted for the most part, Robin Thicke has been accepted in some circles as being more black than some black people--he also wears a lot of black--so that's got to count for something right?!?!"
Posted at 1:23PM on Jun 27th 2007 by ThickeChick

Were you honestly trying to be serious with that last comment???? And for the record, the "I'm Black and I'm Proud" moment was not just a moment, it actually had purpose to it, come on, just follow me was a tribute to the late James Brown--"I'm Black and I'm Proud" was one of his most succesfull singles.

Anyway, what I've seen on this board is truly sad to me. I knew there were a lot of racists out there, including people that didn't know they were racist, and I'm talking about all races, because face it, we really all do have hold some sort of racist, ignorant beliefs in our heart--even if we're too ignorant or ashamed to admit to ourselves. But my God the rudeness of it all is just overwhelming. I think it was poster #102 or if not, the poster by the name of 'I am HUMAN' that posted all my sentiments exactly. What we are is a country that has truly been divided since its inception, and to think that we have come far, judging by what I've read is totally naive. Sure, we're not seeing people lynched and crosses burned EVERYday, just not as often as it did happen, but trust me, it still does happen. But when it comes down to a blow by blow conversation over the internet about how racist one channel is for existing when there are far, far, far more issues at stake than BET having an awards show, we really are in bad shape. I've seen more news about Paris Hilton being released from jail than I have about the Hamas occupation of Gaza--or the continuation of genocide in Darfur or blood diamond mining in RD Congo---and for those that think that that has nothing to do with us, please be advised that you are dead wrong.

I just wanted to speak my mind, I actually read through this entire board to see if I could spot any common sense out of the illogicality of these posts, and saddened to find out, there was only one by that aformentioned poster. I guess common sense isn't really that common.

2677 days ago


robin is a bad man.i went to the corner and heard some of the gangstas singing his song, i was stunned 'cause they only sing rap in da hood.he,s ablue eyed soul brother ,no doubt so DON'T BE HATIN, he got a right to step up his game and if he can make a sista's panties wet he a bad man.keep on doin' you robin.

2677 days ago

Keep It Real    

There is WET (White Entertainment Television)...It is called ABC, NBC, and CBS! You can literally count the number of Black people on the new shows. Pu-leeze!

2677 days ago


It doesn't matter. I love the BET awards, but the only ones that matter are the Grammys and (if they are lucky) the Oscars. BET is not racist. We couldn't participate in the "white" awards organizations, so we had to create our own. Whites are the ones who still won't let everyone be equal. I'm sick of you people complaining about the FEW things we have. When whites get away with so much crap. And have so much more. Look at the salaries of the black and white actors. Tell me that's not discrimination in Hollywood! Go suck it, you "bi**hes"!!!!

2677 days ago


the momma is being a little ignorant. If you want to be real all the other award shows might as well be WET awards. American Music Awards most of the performaces and the presenters are all white. Is it so bad that they want to honor the people whose music comes on the channel? It really should be about the music and not about race. Many white people make soulful music like Janis Joplin. To be real about it most of the time when white people wanna be soulful they must go to an outlet like Bet because their own won't even want to listen. It should be about music.

2676 days ago


Themommal(#8). You do have a WET.It's call the grammys.I don't the grammy never tevlesied rapper winning awards. I don't think B.E.T IS RASCIT WE HAVE TO MAKE A NETWORK TO SHOW YOUR YOUNG BLACK YOUTH A FAMLIAR FACE.SOMEBODY WHO LOOKS LIKE THEM.DOING GOOD WITH THEIR LIVES.

2676 days ago

Natasha Boyd    

This is only for the ignorant ones who feel like BET is being racist.......
First of all, it's funny how you hate on black people period. I mean really do you have anything else to talk about? Robin Thicke is talented...period no one cares if he's red,yellow,or purple! That's the problem with this quick to hate on the next person for absolutely no reason at all.! KEEP YOU IGNORANT COMMENTS TO YOURSELF, life is too short to be hating on the next person. Didn't your mothers teach you that if you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all! Try's not hard at all...just close your lips! Obviously the BET award show interests you some type of way because your on here making retarded meaningless comments.! This award show proved to me that Black people can come together and just have fun. I don't see any other award show that can top that one...... EVER, reguardless of what you guys think. You can take that one to the bank! I know your mad but .......bring your bottom lip back up cause the reality of the situation is that we ain't goin nowhere but up, so.......learn it, live it, love it!!!!!!!! xoxoxo to the haters!!!! smooches!!!!!

2676 days ago


Whether or not the BET Awards are racist, the CMT AWards are all-white is really beside the point. Everyone is responding to what the posters said and not what the writers of the blog said. Acknowledging that Robin Thicke is white and that he was nominated for a BET Award is not racist. It's ill-advised and immature but not racist. For the record, there are all white channels with a few people of color sprinkled in: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc. There is no need to place White in front of the names. The lack of people of color make the whiteness of these channels all the more apaprent. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging that white people are different than blacks than Asians than Latinos. We are not all the same and that is okay. Saying that we are different does not make any of us racist. Saying that one of us is better than the other does. NASCAR being an all-white sport does not make it racist. Purposely excluding blacks from the sport does. I've been to many a NASCAR events with my white friends (yes I have counted them LOL) and I have never felt like people didn't want me there. Reading the posts I think some of the white posters believe that blacks are more racist than they are, and blacks think whites are less oblivious than they claim to be. Put it like this, I am a very attractive person. I've worked as a model to pay my way through college. To ignore the fact that I am attractive and act like people don't treat me better because of it is just like white people acting like they don't get better treatment because of their whiteness. It sounds nice, but no one really believes it anymore. And please don't talk about affirmative action or quota systems because most states have eliminated these programs and no longer allow them to be used. But being pissed and clling black people racist because we have one or two major magazine out of the thousands geared to whites, or one or two channels out of the hundreds geared to whites, is simply unfair.
To be honest I am more upset that the Don Imus wanna-be blogger referred to Beyonce as a "roboho". I thought we were trying to be more respectful of women of all colors. If he had said this about Hilary Duff I would be insulted as a woman. These pejorative terms are always used against positive representations of women of all colors and I don't understand why none of the bloggers responded to it. Is it still okay to call a woman a "ho" just because? Maybe we can respond to that question instead of the silly claim of Robin Thicke being too white for BET?

2676 days ago


LMFAO, it is 2007 and "You People" lol, are still so Jealous of our Depth, Strength and Culture, how many years do we have to have the BET Awards before you let it go, it will continue like always and we will Love it every time it happens, I will give you a little tip- if you want Black Folks to go away, maybe you should stop watching the BET Awards, and stop allowing your children to Listen to our music, stop using our inventions, stop stealing our styles, and let Hip Hop be ours because it has nothing to do with you, You should embrace white culture, I believe that leaves you with Baseball and Apple Pie,,LMFAO

2675 days ago



2675 days ago
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