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Lynwood Hearts Paris

6/15/2007 12:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like someone is glad Paris Hilton is back at Lynwood.
Paris Hilton
TMZ cameras spotted this sign posted outside the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood yesterday.

Wonder if they passed around a card for her to sign, too?


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Paris belongs to jail...

2653 days ago


#17 Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? If so, that is why this particular Hilton, er, repeat offender, er, uneducated waste of necessary space would ALLOW YOU, I mean IT to kiss her.
Not jealous of money, I happen to have plenty of my own. It's the way she chooses to use it. Philanthropy would be an itelligent way to use it. Oh, I forgot, she has never received a college degree. Reading is another ingenious new fangled notion to learn and act like a decent human being. These places have a kooky name, LIBRARIES!
You should learn to voice your opinions in a awy that allows people to actually read and take seriously what you have to say.
The "Welcome Back" sign, they may have her for as long as they should. Where I live she would have received 3 months to a year and no private cell.

2653 days ago

just asking    

I think they found out by having Paris there they get better treatment. ( blankets, medical care and descent food)

Look at what they say now about the treatment since Paris came over to the Twin Towers.
They say even the guards treat and talk to them better. See video on Access Hollywood 6/14

2653 days ago

I call bullshit    

13. I think all of the Paris haters here are old enough and wise enough to know that what goes around, comes around. Be careful of what you wish for against others, it just might come right back at you.

Posted at 12:05PM on Jun 15th 2007 by yvonne in baton rouge

so what...? we hate paris and she will hate us back?
what you discribe is karma which is what put Paris in this situation in the first place- HER OWN BAD KARMA

2653 days ago


Sick of Paris now? Wait until the bitch gets out of jail!

2653 days ago


#17-hey you are one cool guy. I bet you have tons of friends, and many, many girlfriends.

2653 days ago


WonkeyEye-he's gonna be deleted, anyway. What a braindead waste of space.

2653 days ago

paris sucks judges    

I'm starting to think Paris isn't as bad as we all think. I had an extra 20 bucks in my check this week so I went to and signed up, and some of the videos on there have me thinking twice about her. Not that she's a fabulous person or anything, but she might not be THAT bad after all. I no longer believe she had anything to do with the sex tape being released after seeing a video of her and Nicky talking on the phone to some guy about it the day after it was released. It's obvious that Rick Salomon was behind it to make money, judging by how upset she really was about it. And there's family footage of Paris and Nicky with Rick and Kathy backstage at a promotional event in Japan and Paris and Nicky were both very polite and patient with non-english speaking Japanese, and grateful when they gave them gifts. Plus, there are some letters from an old boyfriend of Paris' explaining that she doesn't have the greatest relationship with her mom and that Kathy Hilton basically is a monster stage mom who only loves her daughters with conditions. Lots of other stuff too, like Paris preparing for an audition and being really frustrated. That one really showed her human side - I just think she is, was and always will be a lost little girl. Like the Hilton biographer said, she doesn't seem to have ever been given the opportunity to become anything more than what she is - her parents didn't encourage her to go to college, and her mother wanted her to be famous more than she cared to encourage her to develop an actual talent.

II think Paris is where she is because of her own arrogance - no doubt - but also because of her parents' spoiling the hell out of her, and her father being absolutely p-whipped by Kathy Hilton. I think she's learning a lesson in prison. Whether she's really going to change her ways remains to be seen, but I don't hate her so much anymore. In fact, I started feeling really bad for her and guilty that I was watching her private stuff, so I asked for a refund. Oh well, her fault for putting it all on tape, I guess.......

2653 days ago


Thanks Tam! Maybe we can cut the line at Lynwood to go visit!

2653 days ago

Gloria Picchetti    

Ah ha! Paris is almost out and Scooter Libby is almost in. She got days. He gets years. There is some justice.

2653 days ago

I call bullshit    

To 'dfsfdfsfs': you sound like some 14 year old fat kid from Nebraska....

2653 days ago



2653 days ago


@ 'dfsfdfsfs'

You gotz fanz. Enjoy.

@ Tam and CALI GIRL - lolz!

2653 days ago


Yeah I bet they want her back because it gives theme something to get the boredom out for a while... somehow... bet they talk about her or stare at her like she was a freaking martian...(she looks like one)
Heck that's what I'd do...

2653 days ago


if Paris is receiving more time because of her celebrity-- well, it's about time she & it became good for something!

all she ever did was pose & self- publicise herself --now, it is being put to good use.

if she didn't make such a spectacle of herself-- she won't be in the pickle she's in-- so?????

2653 days ago
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