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Is That a Hot Dog

In Your Mouth?

6/16/2007 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stars gotta eat! Yum!

How about a big fat forkful of celebs gettin' it in? Here's a plateful of piggin' out pics!

Still hungry? Have a bowl of our delicious "Celebs That Need to Eat" and "Famous Flab" galleries.


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First of all some of those "skin & bones" photo's weren't that bad, some just looked fit and trim and did not belong with the likes of Nicole and some of them.

As for the real skin & bones photo's - OMG I can't believe this - if it's true and a camera put on an extra 10 lbs, imagine what they look like up close and personnal!!!

Yuck! Eat something will ya!!

2655 days ago


FARTO - I agree with you - every time I see Harvey Levin on a news show I cringe at the sight of him (WITH CLOTHES ON)!!!

I couldn't and wouldn't want to see him even shirtless!!!!

2655 days ago


Some of the skin and bones celebs did not look all that bad in clothes -but in reality,that type of look is more suitable for high fashion - not for every day street cloths

Remember what happened to Karen Carpenter

2655 days ago


Leave Barbra Striesand and Goldie Hawn alone. They are women in their 60s. They've earned it.

2655 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Oh save us, from this horrendous sites

2655 days ago

pattie in cali    

someone give those ladies some water, lol

2655 days ago


Rosie is a BIG FAT PIG!

2655 days ago


These are the type of photos that make me dislike paparazzi at times. Leave these poor people alone when they eat! I'm sure none of us look especially glamorous while eating, and we know that they are real people and eat. What is the sense in taking pictures of them?

As far as the pictures of "saggy stars", seriously, what do you expect at a certain age? Also, sometimes cellulite is genetic, or the result of having children. I would rather see a real body than some plastic Barbie anyway. However it is really rude to take pictures of these people and then criticize their natural bodies. It is not a dress they chose (which is when I can see criticism), it is who they are. It is no wonder so many stars have eating disorders, and so many of our young people follow their trend.

Please refrain from SOME pictures TMZ. These celebrities do not need EVERY moment of their lives photographed of filmed. They are celebrities yes, but they didn’t sign up to be stalked, some photos are fine, but following them everywhere is just rude and should be against the law in my opinion.

2655 days ago


No, it is not a hot dog in my mouth.

It's a weiner.

neiner, neiner -


2655 days ago


Well, Dottie these celulite fat asses do not need to be wearing bikini's especially when they are senior citizens.

Come on.

2655 days ago


All of you who spend your time making jokes and comments about other people's bodies. Look in the mirror. In time it will happen to YOU. To those who like lots of plastic surgery to think you look nice--check out the Cat woman after her millions on plastic surgery. Focusing on you character may be the best remedy for physical flaws.

2655 days ago


just leave them alone. no one is perfect

2655 days ago


Celebrities are under enormous stress to look good. I can't imagine living a lifestyle with constant dieting and working out, just to keep working.

As for the woman with the saggy bosoms, that has nothing to do with weight problems, of course. When you're more than a cup size A, you just gotta wear a bra, what can I say?

:) SWJ

2654 days ago

Johnny Two Fingers McGoo    

Mmmm, cottage cheese!

2654 days ago

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