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Jaslene: Lindsay is Pathetic!

6/16/2007 3:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not very top model of her: "America's Next Top Model" winner Jaslene Gonzalez isn't keeping her trap shut about Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton. The Janice Dickinson-look-a-like is taking a page from Janice's book and running her mouth all over town about LiLo and Hilton. In an interview with Chris Yandek of, Jaslene rails on about the troubled twosome, saying, "I personally don't agree with a lot of the things they are doing. As far as Lindsay Lohan, her actions I think right now are kind of pathetic."


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who is jaslene? someone who is nothing, worthless, and dirt compared to them!!who are you to be involved in some REAL celeberties drama exactly, so stay out of it cuz she wont be remebered once another model wins in the next season.

2630 days ago


Brian's a girl.

2630 days ago


So many jealous ladies here.

2630 days ago

just me    

#108 i am no racist , and ur comment just shows the ignorance that comes out of people's mouth.
When people say sh!t like that taco, that's a racist remark, (FYI) that's what i was refering to.
And to the people who called her a taco she's not mexican, do ur research. THEN TALK.
As for you well u don't know me so step the hell back , i will speak good about who i wish, YOU UNDERSTAND.( COMPRENDE PENDEJ@)

2630 days ago


I hate that this ugly bitch won she is too skinny not funny as tara thought she was she only won because she was a latina natasha sho foreal should have won jaslene was a mess when she was on 106& park and one liked her i hate antm it has been 2 seasons since a black girl won and tyra singles out the black girls on tha show

2630 days ago

just me    

That's why she's the one who's got the contract and everyone else is sitting here talking crap about her, keep talking ur making her more popular, don't u know that's the way the game goes. Fine most don't like her, shut up, or you will just make her more famous. You people can't expect for a white or a black person to win all the time. GEESH

2630 days ago


Jaslene is such a bitch,... Natasha should have won. Natasha is class and Jaslene is trash and an embarresment to hispanic women

2630 days ago


Jaslene needs to learn how to talk.... u cant understand a word she is saying

2630 days ago

Paris Fan    

What Jaslene said was “As far as Lindsay Lohan, her actions I think right now are kind of pathetic, but I am no one to judge.”

I took that to mean that Jaslene sympathizes with how much Lindsay has been suffering, and hurting lately. Jaslene is not judging Lindsay. Jaslene is just acknowledging Lindsay’s pain

That little baby. Lindsay Lohan, has really been suffering. Even passed out, you could see the stress on her face. That’s just not right.

I am sure her mother is doing every thing she can to guide Lindsay, and mother her. But Lindsay is so famous. And has so much access to things that can hurt her. She really needs some knowledgeable, caring, solid guidance, and direction.

Hopefully rehab can help her. Because she is suffering. And she is in real danger.

Someone needs to explain a few things to her about how to manage all those social events that are such a part of her professional, and personal life. In ways that are healthy, practical, and fun.

They need to explain to Lindsay the real limits of alcohol, drugs, and partying. So she wont be the victim of a tragic accident. That ends her life, her partying, and her fun too soon. Overdosing on alcohol, and drugs is one of the leading causes of accidental deaths. And has been for many decades, unfortunately.

Someone needs to explain to her that she is Lindsay Lohan. A young, beautiful, talented, successful actress. She doesn’t have to abuse her body, and mind with alcohol , and drugs to fit in. She’s Lindsay Lohan. Everyone wants to be with her. And will accept her.

Whether she parties every night, or not. Whether she drinks, and does drugs, or not.

Oh sure. Some people who only want to exploit her. Will act like they wont be her friend. Unless she abuses her-self with alcohol, and drugs. But they are not the type of friends she needs anyway. And if they truly are her friend. They wont want her doing things that hurt her. Or weaken her. They will wont her to be strong. And stay strong.

From a practical stand point. What does this mean. It means that if you drink every day. You should not have more than 1 drink a day if you are a woman. Or 2 to 3 drinks a day if you are a man. Or no more than 2 or 3 drinks at the occasional dinner party, or night out once a week. As long as you do not drive afterwards. And you should never mix drugs, and alcohol. EVER!!

I don’t think it’s a good Idea. But I realize that people like to go out, and get plastered on occasion. But not every night. And not every weekend. And not if you are driving. And not if you aren’t someplace safe. And with safe people.

I realize that attending numerous social events is part of Lindsay’s profession. And I hope they are a lot of fun. But she cant drink alcohol at every event she goes to. Because if she does. She will consume to much alcohol too often. And that will lead to problems.

She can still party down. And have fun. Just leave off the drinking for the occasional weekend of drinking, and partying with her friends. And when she can do it safely with her friends.

Like I said. No one will reject her that matters. Just because she wont drink with them. She is Lindsay Lohan. And they will all want to be with her. However they can be.

Lindsay must learn to be a good, good friend to her-self. And treat her-self the way she would want her best, and dearest friend to treat her. Be kind to her-self. Take good care of her-self. Be the best friend to her-self that she can be.

Life can be so beautiful, and sweet if your not so impaired on alcohol, and drugs that you miss it. Sometimes there will be great ugliness, and pain too. It’s just part of having your eye’s open. But if you don’t have your eye’s open. You wont be able to see, and take in the beauty either.

This is the nature of life, and the universe. You can not have up without down. Light without darkness. Nor good with out evil. Focus on the positive, the healthy, the good, and the light of life. Not the negative, destructive, and unhealthy.

I think this is what Jaslene was saying. Jaslene knows what it was like to not love her-self enough. Once upon a time.

So, This is what I would tell Lindsay. If she were my baby girl. Plus, to have a happy, good, sweet, long life.

2630 days ago


Lindsay has nothing on Jaslene. There are much more beautiful women out there and Lindsay is just average, just like her singing and acting career. That girl will die of an overdose..just wait and see. Her career in acting is over, she doesnt have the discipline for it. A new breed of young, talented, hardworking girls will fill her spot and she will be forgotten. Lindsay Lohan....I dont think so!!

Thats what I would have said. Congrats Jaslene, for using tact.

2630 days ago


For #76 "Oh my"...
If those are her words, I had no problem understanding them. Not in the least...Maybe you need some lessons in reading comprehension, its called verbal reasoning and skills you poor retard....
Are you dyslexic???

2630 days ago

She's a ho    

PUTA, Puta, Puta, Puta, Puta, Puta, Puta, Puta..... She's a dirty, filthy PUTA whore!!!!!

2630 days ago


TMZ ought to be ashamed for twisting her words around. She didn't say that LINDSAY was pathetic she said her ACTIONS have been lately, which is the truth. So before you all start posting negative comments about people, please check into it for yourself, the first thing out of Jaslenes's mouth was " It’s nobody’s place to judge anybody’s life" , which she didn't do. She only stated her opinion of Lindsay's actions, and whoever tries to back her actions up and say that they haven' t been pathetic is lying to themselves.

2629 days ago


I'm sorry but who is jaslene???? Just another America's next top model winner who the public will never see on any billboard. She thinks everything should be all about her but maybe she should become successful then talk about someone else!!!!!!!!!!!!

2629 days ago


how come everyone on this site rips on lindsay and paris all the time, and now someone else is doing the same, and everyone is getting upset by it?

2629 days ago
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