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Paris Still Freezing in the Cooler?

6/18/2007 9:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton basked in the warm glow of her mom and pop's love on Father's Day -- not to mention sister Nicky's as well -- but her biggest problem, according to her mom, is warding off the chill of her cold, cold cell.

We've told you before that Paris is "freezing" in her cell, and it doesn't look like things have heated up at all. Mom Kathy complained to assembled photogs that she thought Paris' arm might be broken, as Paris apparently kept rubbing her arm, shivering in the cold, reports the New York Daily News. That's cold!

The Hiltons turned up yesterday evening around 7:15 PM, and stayed for an hour. When collected photogs yelled out "Happy Father's Day" to Rick Hilton, he deadpanned, "It's not ideally my best." Meanwhile, Nicky's ex, Kevin Connolly, says jailbird Paris is like a "cat," says People, because "she always lands on her feet."

Rosie Right for "Price," Says Bob B.

Bob Barker's choice to replace him as host of "The Price is Right?" Rosie O'Donnell.

The outgoing Barker, who's last show aired Friday, told reporters that CBS is going to "have a meeting with Rosie," but that the network might not want, as he so decorously put it, "a lady host. As far as I know, they've only auditioned men."

Apparently, Rosie told Barker (when he was on her show back when) that she "loved" "Price" and wanted to host it some day. Todd Newton of E!, Mark Steines of "Entertainment Tonight," and tan man George Hamilton are among the other purported possibilities.

Cruise -- High Priest to Perform Wedding?

We all know that Tom Cruise is at the highest level of "clear" in the ranks of the Church of Scientology, but is that enough to allow him to perform a wedding? Women's Wear Daily (via Page Six) reports that Cruise might be the officiant (or whatever they call it in Scientology-speak) when James Packer, Aussie heir to a $6.5-billion fortune says his "I Dos" on France's Cote d'Azur this weekend.

Party Favors: Olsen Twins Get 300K for Bday Snaps? ... Vanessa Slashes Reality Plans with Knifing ... "Fantastic" Opening for "Silver Surfer"

The Olsen Twins celebrated their actual birthday last week with a low-key champagne toast, but the real party -- which they threw over the weekend -- may net them $300,000, which is how much they asked for photos, reports Gatecrasher. ... Also in Gatecrasher, Vanessa Minnillo wants a reality show all to herself but those knife shenanigans she got into with Lindsay Lohan may have slashed any plans for that. ... The "Fantastic Four" sequel made a ton of money over weekend, $57.1 million to be exact. Which means that they'll probably do yet another one. Oh, wait, they already are -- a spin-off of "The Silver Surfer."


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#1--Munch--it SAYS Kevin. What article are you reading?

2623 days ago

ooh that hurts good    

if Parisite was in a regular cell she would have ar room mate to curl up with. She chose the special treatment. Go find a "regular" inmate ask them if it's too cold. If it is turn up the thermostat, if it's not give Parisite that cell.

2623 days ago


I don't watch Price Is Right anyway, so would love it if Rosie took that job!! She won't do it though--she won't be able to babble on about herself and her opinions...she couldn't stand that!!!

2623 days ago

Two Buck Chuck    

Jake- it said Eric whent they first posted the story. I'm not nuts, I swear.

2623 days ago

ooh that hurts good    

The story first said eric, they changed it

2623 days ago


Remember, folks. Paris is in nice, warm California where they try to conserve electricity. The county isn't wasting air conditioning on her, she's just going through detox, as other readers have pointed out. If she felt spiders all over her body it wouldn't mean the cells were infested. The "broken arm" is another drama queen line of BS.

2623 days ago


What a perfect opportunity for Paris to market a line of Sweatshirts
and donate hundreds of them to people in the corrections system.

She could improve her image and make lots of money at the same time
if she can just master the art of pretending that she actually cares
or even thinks about anyone besides herself, for even a moment.

2623 days ago

ooh that hurts good    

Oh thank you mother of a parisite. Just when you thought this story couldn't dig any deeper into the gutter. What exactly does this idiot mother think broke her parisite's arm? Shaking?
II agree with other comment. Ask the other inmates or visitors and don't take this crazy families account for anything. Turn off the air conditioner. There are families in LA that don't have that luxury and this is a prison. They shouldn't have it better than non law breaking citizens.

2623 days ago


It's COLD in the jail to keep the bacteria down.....I wish she would get out and go some where really FAR FAR we never have to hear about her again....EVER

2623 days ago


"Americans are a buch of cry babies"

I tried to read your comments, but the spelling and grammer were just so bad! I couldn't even finish it. Wow. You even spelled your fake name wrong. When trying to get a point across it is best to spell check so that you look some what smart.

2623 days ago


Paris is not going through anything more than what a normal inmate has to endure. In fact, she's being treated better because the guards are gonna make sure nothing happens to her. She doesn't have to worry about "Big Bertha" turning her into her bitch!!! So stop whining and do your time. And when you get out act like you have some brain cells so you won't get sent back!!!

2623 days ago


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...... NO ROSIE!!!!! Can't you see it now, Only trips and prizes that are for gay people. I don't have a problem with gays. Just don't shove it in my face everyday, like on The View. Rosie wants straight people to feel less than human. I think Rosie has put a bad light on gay people. I used to love Rosie on her show. What the hell happened to her? She is an angry Bitch now. Or should I say Butch. Even The View said they could talk about hetrosexual sex now that Rosie is gone. Why is everyone afraid of her. Trump got it right! She is a LOSER!!!!! GO TO HELL, ROSIE!!!! I feel sorry for your KIDS!!!

2623 days ago

too early    

They do keep jails a little on the cool side. It helps keep the inmates calm (as in, "chill out.") They're not usually all that cold, though. Hmm, when I was in jail, seems to me I was perpetually chilled from opiate withdrawal. I'll bet Paris is being denied her Oxycontin and that's part of why she threw that fit in court! Welcome to the club, Paris. You had over a month to taper down and get off that stuff.

2623 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

Ms. O'Donnell would utterly contaminate The Price Is Right. I am sure Bob Barker was only being polite to a reporter's query when he said that.

2623 days ago


everyone who doesnt like paris can go to hell.Try going to jail,be let out ,and be told u have to go back because of a basturd judge that doesnt like paris.We should not have ever given any special favors to hollywood,but we always have. oh and about Rosie going to the price is right,wouldnt that fat ugly slob be a better tellatuby? her foul mouth should be banned just like IMUSnappy headed hoes.

2623 days ago
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