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Rosie -- Gimme Bob's Job Already!

6/19/2007 10:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It might be far from a sure thing, but Rosie O'Donnell seems like she's all ready to come on down and be the next host of "The Price is Right."

The former "View" flamethrower tells her fan-inquisitors at that she's meeting with CBS this week to talk about "TPIR," and that she's all set to go if CBS asks her to take over the skinny mike from Bob Barker, who ended his 30-year run last Friday. "If they asked me, I sure would ... I LOVE THE PRICE IS RIGHT," she wrote. Barker endorsed Ro as his replacement over the weekend.

Of course, not everyone is thrilled about Rosie potentially plying players with Plinko. One reader wrote that a petition had already started for a "50-state sponsor boycott" should Rosie be chosen, to which O'Donnell spat back, "The only thing I want to gay up is you."

One thing everyone can take comfort in: Rosie says she'd keep Barker's signature sign-off about spaying and neutering.


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As disrespectful she is to the military and knowing how military personnel loved going to TPIR, Rosie should not be considered for this position...SHE'S ANNOYING, TOO!

2498 days ago


I think I need a friggin' way should Rosie the Bloviator be the new host of "The Price is Right." RC in austin, texas

2498 days ago


We are here bashing her so that CBS knows how disgusting the public think Rosie is. Teletubbies have better figures than her!!

2498 days ago


I heard Rosie uses bacon scented deoderant.

2498 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

117. To the serial bashers here, I have to laugh. You claim you won't watch Rosie, yet you're on this site devoting time and energy toward her. Tells me, no matter what form of show she gets, you'll be right *there*. lol
by black comedy

Absolutely! ;-) They'll be watching alright......and cramming down their butter-soaked popcorn and extra-large sized candy bars. ROFL

I predict Rosie will up the TPIR ratings by -----at least---- double the first month she takes over. After that, she'll enjoy better than Barker ratings for about a year when she'll step down for what she's really talented at -- a talk show.

Too funny, these Rosie-haters. They can't ~wait~ to tune in. LOL

2498 days ago


Bob Barker endorsed her! The man who hosted the show for 35 years endorsed no one other than Rosie.... You'd think that says something!!!!

Bob knows what he's talking about!


2498 days ago

My Comment    

Some of the repsonses on here are amazing! Since when did TPIR become political that some think Rosie will use this show for a political agenda? She wants to do it because it is fun and it gives away prizes to people which she is mostly all about. Giving. As far as her being a lesbian and hitting on all the models.....oh puhleassseeee.....get your minds out of the gutter people....being gay or lesbian isnt all about sex and wanting sex. I am a married, straight, 45 year old mother of 2 and a housewife and even I understand that. She isn't going to "gay up the show" as someone has put it. What does that mean anyway?
Rosie may be opinionated, but arent we all? Some are just more than others and become very passionate about it as well. So you don't like her or don't agree with her views or lifestyle or whatever it is that bothers you.....then don't watch if she gets the job. Turn the channel or better yet, turn off the tv and read a book. Maybe do some avid research on all that you don't understand and learn something new.
We are all different and have different points of view and it is ok to disagree and not like someone.....just try to keep some humanity, compassion and a wee bit of intelligence.
You know my hubby and I have a joke....if there is intelligent life past this earth, the reason they havent come here yet and made their presence known is because we would be too easy of a target. We worry more about if Rosie gets TPIR gig and what is happening to Paris in prison and not hasseling the Hoff and OMG, what will Britney do next! Forget about greenhouse gasses and what is happening on the other side of the world in Iraq as well as helping our own here in the US of well do you know the presidential races and what each candidates agendas are? What are their platforms.....oh yeah....I forgot, more important things going on.....Rosie might be the next host of TPIR and "gay it up". WE CAN'T HAVE THAT! LET'S START A 50 STATE PETITION!

2498 days ago


She would not make an acceptable host. Her personality reminds me of some very obnoxious students I've had in my classes through the years. My husband and I would definitely join the boycott.

2498 days ago

J J    

TPIR is for the brain dead/ unemployed / lazy losers in the country. Fat pig Rosie would fit right in. A bunch of fat obese woman layed out on the couch stuffing their faces with anything they can find in the fridge.
Proud to say I've only seen the show once in 30 years. That was enough. I bet the average weight of a TPIR viewer is 300 lbs. Hope that none of you halfwits will be voting in 2008.

2498 days ago


Wouldn't you endorse her if she stuck your head in between her belly fat rolls?!?! I heard she hasn't been able to clean in between the flaps in years!! Thank goodness Bob survived!! I wouldn't retract the endorsement either because she would find you and who knows what other crevices she may stick your head into in order to get you to say what she wants!!

2498 days ago


Isn't the price of right filmed in California? Rosie and her family live in Rockland county New York. Does that mean she is going to uproot her family and move to CA or will she commute. That is going to be a strain on her relationships with her kids and partner.

2498 days ago


Comic Relief - You are 100% right. All over the internet, people are proclaiming "I will never watch again if Rosie gets the job!!!!!" Yeah right - they will be the first ones to set their Tivos. So convinced that it will be some sort of train wreck, they will line up to watch.

To their disappointment - Rosie will do a WONDERFUL job!!! Rating will go through the roof with their help!

You are right though, she'll only want to do it for a year. Because of that, I don't think she will be selected. :(

2498 days ago


I've never watched TPIR, but can pretty much guarantee that Rosie would be great at anything with a "give away" theme. The woman is generous, compassionate, concerned for children who need a good home through adoption. Sure...she's passionate about her politics. Lots of people are, and The View is about exchanging views. It rarely affected my own political views. How ironic that ET passed over why she was wearing a hard hat in the streets of NYC. She had just opened up a school for the arts (and recreation) for kids who never, otherwise, would stand a chance for such an opportunity. Check out her Broadway Kids on her blog. The woman gives thousands away to charity. So she's tough on issues, but that's not all of what she is. To hate is a waste of energy, so I choose love. And, yes, I'm married with kids!

2498 days ago


I actually liked Rosie on the view, but I think having her on TPIR would be a bad idea....

2498 days ago


If Rosie lost about 100 pounds(her chin), then I might watch.

2498 days ago
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