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Ahnold -- Muscled Out of His Palace of Pump?

6/21/2007 5:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold SchwarzeneggerThere are strange happenings at "The House That Arnold Built," the world famous Gold's Gym of Venice Beach Calif., where photos of the Governator that were snapped during the peak of his gigantor phase were suddenly yanked from the walls! Hasta la vista, baby!

TMZ has learned that employees at the fitness center were recently instructed to remove all photographs of Schwarzenegger from their Walls Of Champions -- without explanation.

But despite rumors of a feud, a scandal and a financial war -- Arnold's pics were just the casualties of, "one of the biggest miscommunications in Gold's history," according to Gold's bigwig Dave Reisman. "The photos were removed so that they could be cleaned and placed together in a photo tribute that we have planned for the 30th anniversary of the film 'Pumping Iron.'"

So, in other words ... he'll be back.

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Mary T.    

I like Arnold........................

2627 days ago


Arnold Rocks!!!!

2627 days ago

Mary T.    

Why is this filed under *Wacky and Weird*????????

2627 days ago

Mary T.    

That's where most of your stories should be...because their *Stupid and Dumb*

2627 days ago

Mary T.    

First, Second, Third......

2627 days ago

Hottie n OC    

Yeah, I heard about that weeks ago. My boyfriend works out there and said they took down his pictures for no reason a while ago and it didnt look the same around there since.

2627 days ago


who really cares, it's obvious that in the pictures he is stuffed full of steroids so anything the man has to say about staying off drugs is totally hypocritical. Never liked him, never will. Wish he would just disappear and never come back

2627 days ago

Coco Chanel    

Arnold has always been proud of his bodybuilding past!!

He still sponsors (and appears!) at the Arnold Bodybuilding Championships, and until recently, had a monthly column in Muslce & Fitness.

2627 days ago

baby girl    

I'd like him to PUMP me!!!!

2626 days ago


All pictures were taken down in the gym, not just Arnold's. Wow, so funny how gossip works.

2626 days ago


He better be back. I have the greatest respect for Arnold Schwarzeneggar. He started with nothing and through sheer will, effort, intellect and determination built his body and his destiny. The hard work it took to build his body is reflective of his efforts to become a star, politician, and American icon. He is the epitome of what mankind can be.

And he looks hot, too!! Long live Arnie. :-)

2626 days ago


I go to gold's, and i think the pics were taken down because they are painting the place. It looks kind of nice without all of the crap all over the walls. I haven't been in much this week, but I'll take a good look around and let you know if some, all, or none of the pictures are back up.

2626 days ago

Piglet Baldwin    

I work out. I do not work out to excess. Nearly every trainer, muscle-head, or Arnold wannabe I have encountered holds Mr. Schwartzenegger in god-like reverence. Last week one went so far as to say, "I'll tell ya what: if He were President they wouldn't've flown those planes into those buildings." Ludicrous. I happen to like Arnold. He has accomplished every goal he's set before himself. On the old Johnny Carson show twenty years ago the late, venerable, Mr. Carson remarked that it was clear to see why Mr. Schwartzenegger has succeeded; because he is a genuine nice guy. Charming, and all of that. Yes, that's true. But he is NOT Presidential material, you dopes, so lay off the creatine and 'roids and come back to planet earth and pay attention to the business at hand of electing someone who can at least attempt to make a difference:

2626 days ago



2626 days ago


Arnold is a historical phenomena. He never lost anything...ever...
Weird huh...

2626 days ago
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