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Paris Getting $1 Million to Gab on "Today"?

6/21/2007 9:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton's first big interview once she says sayonara to the slammer may be with the "Today" show and Meredith Vieira – and boy is Baba Wawa going to be pissed when she hears this!

The New York Post reports this morning that NBC is going to shell out $1 million for the sit-down, which will be on the "Today" show the day after Paris leaves Lynwood, which is supposed to be Monday. And it'll be Meredith who does the talking, not Matt, because of "disparaging" remarks he's made about her. Of course, it looked like Barbara Walters had the big get all sewn up, and ABC execs are said to be "infuriated."

Meanwhile, could one of Paris' co-stars on "The Simple Life," Hunter Cross, be Paris' first post-pokey boytoy? Cross tells that Hilton was one of the reasons he decided to do the show, and remembers fondly that Paris would run around with Nicole Richie in the woods, trying to get a cell phone signal with "their BlackBerrys up in the air." Hunter's been texting and emailing P as well.

Rosie Won't Go West for "Price"

Rosie O'Donnell has her big meeting with CBS execs about the "Price is Right" hosting gig, but the whole thing might be moot because Rosie doesn't want to schlep to L.A. to do the show. FOX News reports that the cross-country travel could be the deal-breaker, though she might be able to do all her shows in one four-day fell swoop every month.

Meanwhile, Bob Barker is backtracking on his comments endorsing Rosie for the job, saying that he has "not been asked for my opinion, nor have I expressed one. I think there are several candidates who could do the show, and Rosie is certainly one of them."

Birkhead Says Baby Has Anna Nicole's "Chubby Toes"

Larry Birkhead is already seeing Anna Nicole Smith in his daughter Dannielynn – very specific things, in fact. He tells OK! in its latest issue that little Danni is "a mirror image" of her mama, and that she "has long legs and chubby little toes exactly like Anna's." And that's not all; she also knows how to work Larry just like her mom did. "She also gets what she wants exactly like her mom always did as soon as she'd pout," says Birkhead.

Party Favors: How Does Jessica Biel Build That Bootay, Anyway? ... Crowns America's Hottest College Babe ... Kelly Clarkson Going All Carrie Underwood ... Jewel Eats In a Birdcage

Wondering just how Jessica Biel gets her badonkadonk so badonkaluscious? While at Renee's Courtyard in Santa Monica recently, Lady Timberlake was overheard going on and on about the bootyful Cross Fit workout at Petranek Fitness. ... The intrepid crazies over at crowned one Amber S. "America's Hottest College Girl" last night at Manhattan's Midtown Loft, with "The Office's" B.J. Novak looking on. ... Kelly Clarkson's so over her much-maligned new album, she's already talking about her next one, which she tells AOL Music is "country meets blues meets rock," just to be really genre-specific. ... Jewel sat in Mie N Yu restaurant's "Birdcage" and pecked at a pack of the Georgetown eatery's desserts, like Okinawan Sweet Potato Cheesecake.


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Ooooooooo, Babwa is NOT going to be a happy camper. Can't wait to see if she mentions this on "The View" today.

2681 days ago


WOW TMZ you've outdone yourselves - truly boring.

2681 days ago

crazy fingers    

Sore!!! Who said you don't win by breaking the law and going to jail? I'm sure a million dollars isn't that big of a deal to Paris but its not a bad paycheck for sitting around in an air conditioned cell for a few weeks. i wonder if I could hook something like that up for myself....probably not. Anyway lucky you Paris, try not to spend it all in one place!

2681 days ago

Lenn K.    

You knew they'd pay this bitch for going to jail. Rosie, just go away you nasty pig. I believe Kelly Clarkson career is in free fall. She seems like she's got some problems.

2681 days ago

getting tired of crap    

Gee and I used to respect NBC

2681 days ago


well it looks like i won't be watching the today show anymore and if i could get by without watching nbc i would....i don't think anyone should get paid to do a interview after being in the slammer for breaking the law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2681 days ago

Please Ignore Parasite Hilton    

R u kiddin' me? ... She goes to jail for 23 days and already has $1 million waiting for her? ... This is making me very, very sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2681 days ago

no more celeb moms    

Shame on the money grubbing Hiltons. BW was one of the few journalist that Paris had supporting her and her worthless mother. Kathy and Nicky HIlton had the nerve to crash BW star ceremony for the positive press. On the bright side Meredith interviewing puts Paris' celebrity where it belongs because Meredith is AWFUL. Walk away from the Hilton's Barbara and don't give them another moment of free publicity again.

2681 days ago

I love taco bell!!    

OMG I just saw on Regis & Kelly's That Paris Hilton is going to get paid 1 Million dollar for her first interview with a TV channel when she gets out. Regis said I thought Barbara would get the 1st interview since they seem like related,Then he said well i guess i was wrong "Money Talks" 1 Million dollars.

I'm always in shock when they say Paris is dumb,hmmmm..Are you Blind? This girl is a HUGE pro at marketting herself. That's one thing that Paris wont fail at. Her family is a Business Family so she grew up around successful people but I have no doubt that if she was born poor she would had still marketed her self all the way to being a Millionaire. They are millions of girls who are already rich,are beautiful as Paris but can't get Fame no matter how much they try. That's were the Marketting skills come in to place..Yeah sure you can pay someone to promote yourself but when you can do have both you'll have 2 results. Paris promotes herself better then any Person could so she gets double results,by doing it herself & also having some one doing it for her at the same time. If knowing how to get Millions of dollars everytime you feel like proting Your beauty,your clothes,your shows,your music & movies means that your dumb...Ha.. Than I'm sorry to say the only one dumb is the ones who aint doing it.
She is laughing all the way to the bank. Once she gets out on the 25th as markettable as she is she will make many many Millions out of this bad situation. Interviews,Books,shows,movies..whatever the list goes on & on..

If Paris had a camera in Jail i think she be the first one to snap a photo of her self,just to sell it "secretly" for Millions. This girl knows exactly what she is doing. They are paying the first person to get the "Paris in Jail" shot, 5 Millions dollars. It's already that high and for a video of Paris in Jail 10 Million Dollars. They are getting desperate because she's almost out of Jail and they still don't have photos or videos so they triple it that's why know is so high, so they could temp a guard or someone that is in there to do it. WoW How can a Guard not be tempted? If they use there cell phones (It has cam) they could snap a photo quick or even the video and be a Millionaire for life. They will get fired but they'll be a happy unemployed person...ha..LMAO

2681 days ago

getting tired of crap    

The same people who are predicting the death of TPIR are the same people who predicted the View would go under when Rosie joined. FYI ratings went up with Rosie and I think TPIR will do fine with her.

2681 days ago


Why the Today show would waste $1 million dollars for an interview with Paris Hilton is beyond me.

2681 days ago


So, is Paris gonna KEEP the money? Ya, like the beeytoch really needs it. Donate it to a worthy cause......

I won't be watching the Today show either. I TOTALLY agree with Post #6.

2681 days ago

kim suck    

WOW--the baby has fat toes just like the whore anna--

2681 days ago


NBC is crazy to waste all that money on a skank like Paris Hilton. Who cares?
Do other guests on the "Today" show get $1 million to appear???

Why not use the $1 million to help the victim's of Hurricane Katrina????
Surely $1 million is more valuable & respectful ALL the people who suffered the hurricane.
Paris is not valueable and she sure as hell has no respect.

Shame on NBC & the 'Today show.

2681 days ago

kim suck    

wow! the baby has big toes just like mama whore anan!

2681 days ago
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