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I'm Not A Plastic Bag -- Just a Fool for Waiting for One!

6/23/2007 4:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On Wednesday, the lines on Robertson Blvd. were longer than the ones in Pete Doherty's bathroom!

Trendy shoppers with nothing but time queued up as early as 4:00 AM to get their manicured little hands on British designer Anya Hindmarch's limited edition, eco-friendly $15 canvas handbag emblazoned with the words, "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" across it. That bag will go perfectly with your SUV!

By 2:00 PM the bags were sold out, but fashionistas can still hit up eBay -- where they are going for more than $100.
Nothing like getting screwed for a cause!


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For a stupid bag!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable

2646 days ago


Danny Salomon ,, has been on the forefront of the booming eco friendly organic cotton business for years. He is known as the pioneer of organic cotton designing and developing for Under the Canopy, an eco chic clothing company based out of Boca Raton, FL. Salomon teamed up with Marci Zaroff to create the mega hit line of organic onesies and tees for babies available at Nordstrom, Macy's, Whole Foods, and other fine department stores around the world.

2645 days ago


I waited 3 hours in line on June 20th, at Holt Renfrew in Montreal and managed to get a couple. I later resold one for 100$ !!! I'm so happy, I love it. It's cute, catchy and a promotes a great msg.

To those who complain the bag isn't ethical-

It doesn't really matter where it's made, or what it's made out of... The point is, people who like this bag will want to use it and that in itself can reduce the consumption of plastic bags.
The goal wasn't to diminish child labor or cheap labor in China.

If people like this bag and decide to use it as an alternative to plastic shopping bags, then the message and goal is effective.

People who want this bag know its intended purpose and ultimately it's a personal choice to stop using plastic or not. The bag itself doesn't make a difference, it's the attitude people adopt.

The message is boldly imprinted on the bag so it's promoting awareness and a 2nd look at things.
Like if you bring it to a supermarket where everyone is packing their stuff in plastic, they might think twice next time.

2644 days ago


Paris is getting one to put the dog in.

2604 days ago


People were apparently putting the canvas bags into plastic bags after they paid (because it was raining outside.) They obviously didn't buy the bags to be eco-friendly. They wanted to keep them nice and fresh to be sold on Ebay later that day. What a waste!

2591 days ago


The flip side reads..... I'm saving for my plastic surgery

2650 days ago


Paid for with plastic.

2650 days ago

C Ya    

4am for a bag? That mother better be laced in GOLD! hello......

2649 days ago


In England someone's made an anti-'I'm not a plastic bag'-bag, it looks exactly the same but has the words 'I'm not a smug twat' on it. Says it all really!

2649 days ago


" 'I'm not a smug twat' "

That is too funny!

I'm a big hippie, and have been using canvas bags that are recycled and/or organic cotton. And I nearly fell off my chair when I heard this story on the news. My husband looked at me and laughed..."suckers..."

I cannot believe this is a marketable product. How incredibly arrogant and snooty they least to me...

2649 days ago


I stood in line since 6am! I was the 23rd person in line and it was worth it cuz ppl tried to cut and offer money to get a bag

2649 days ago


#9 California loopy??? Nah.....

Twisted values, wayward priorities, militaristic police, generous pro drinking, drug and porn just don't understand do you? As I type this, my pants are off. There!

2649 days ago

just me    

Another reason they hate us! How shallow and sad.

2649 days ago


#11. "Another reason they hate us! How shallow and sad."

Who's they? and do "they" hate us because of a canvas bag!
omg now who is shallow & sad? lmao

Next time "they" need money remind me how much "they" hate us.

2649 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

"Another reason they hate us?" What kind of liberal crap is that? People who hate us are simply envious of our wealth, resources, creativity, inventiveness, capitalistic economy, and opportunities for personal advancement.

The Cuban immigrant wife of a columnist, viewing Moore's Sicko film, said, don't people notice how many people are dying to get into this country (USA)? If things are so great in Cuba, why are they leaving any chance they get?

Now, on the other hand, I have no fondness for idiots who would spend a lot of money on a silly canvas bag. And I want to see them line the cat litter box with it, since they apparently will have no plastic bags around.

Let's see the investigation of what it takes to produce a canvas bag. I'm betting there is some environmental waste and hazard going on in the production of said bag. These liberals never look into the whole picture.

Cameron Diaz and her communist bag, flaunting it in the face of people who have suffered and died by communist hands. She and Drew Barrymore have definitely smoked too much marijuana. Why haven't they been arrested?

This is why no one should listen to this liberal garbage. Many of them are simply stupid, uneducated, and spouting some line someone fed to them.

Give situations some reasonable, deep thought and study before you go jumping on the band wagon.

And watch out... The next ice age is rapidly approaching, according to scientists.

2649 days ago
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