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Paris' Post-Prison Runway Walk

6/26/2007 8:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonMove over Martha Stewart's poncho, there's a new post-pokey fashion trend on the rise! Park Avenue Princess Prison chic!

TMZ has learned that Paris Hilton emerged from her 23-day stay at the Lynwood Hilton on Tuesday, sporting a $448 Olive green short-sleeved polyester/linen blend jacket by Petro Zillia. StyleChic's Aly Scott tells TMZ that Paris paired the summer jacket with new jeans from her own Paris Hilton denim line and a pair of $300 white Marcello Toshi heels. Imagine walking in her size 11 shoes!

We're told Paris picked up the items at Petro Zillia on L.A.'s trendy West Third street, and also bought the matching shorts to go with the jacket. That's hot!


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If Paris is going to change, she should begin by wearing clothes that are not ridiculously priced!!

2640 days ago


why should tmz stop covering paris hilton when assholes like us continue to check out the site and comment on every single friggin paris article? obviously this harvey levin guy has some sort of connection with the hiltons. i read lots of other blogs and NONE of them comment on her ad nauseum they way he does. but if WE stopped paying attention and commenting on every paris post, perhaps he would have no choice but to stop.

2640 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

It is OVER. The girl learned her lesson- do not party, drink, club hop, and drive-GET A CHAUFFER!!!
She paid her sentence. Done. Probationisnext for how long 12 months t o42 months perhaps.
She'll pass that by not driving herself!
She WILL continue to live like a multimillionairess, in several mansions,shop fopr pricey things, get paid for her brand-image-name for opening clubs for the rich and or famous, etc. She has a right to do so. If you do not want to suport Paris Hilton, please do not cehckinto Hilton and Hitlon related hotels , go to clubs lie Pure, Hyde, etc. of buy anything Paris featuring Paris, or buy her clothes line, accessories, or perfum or anything she endorses.
People will cont. tobuy her fragrance at Dillards Macys, etc.

People, let it go. WTF you want ,the girl to get on death row. Shop at Walamrt . Take a job at McDonalds. Give up all her money
GET REAL!!!!!!!

2640 days ago

just sayin    

I personally think she is a spoiled little show off who needed a good spanking while growing up.

lilarose (post #41) a 400 dollar shirt to a Hilton is the same as a 10 dollar walmart shirt to an average person. Spoiled or not why should she wear walmart duds if she is accustomed to other things ?? I sure wouldnt wear walmart duds if you paid me and I am no Hilton. Its a matter of preference and style. Why begrudge her for that? Instead how about blaming her for acting like an out of control brat -- that she CAN control.

2640 days ago

Enough Already!    

258. FARRAH-FALLON......

HUH? Bush is responsible for all the illegal immigrants. And Paris probably voted for him. She is THAT dumb. And the troops can take care of themselves. THEY choose to enlist in the military and go to war.

Posted at 11:32AM on Jun 27th 2007 by .... ?

the illegal immigrants in which you speak of are not because of Bush. They have been here in the US for years. He is just kissing butt for some strange reason to let them stay here legally. Theres some agenda I am sure. As far as this moron Paris voting...........nah...........she made an advertisement telling all of us to vote or die and then it came out she isnt even registered to vote herself.

2640 days ago


The lady does have class when it comes to fashion and lets all hope she has that class and helps others. YOU GO PARIS. YOU WERE DEALT A ROTTEN DEAL. When is the DA who put you in jail going to put his wife ( with a 9 year outstanding warrant for her arrest ) in a maximum security prison?

2640 days ago


What a SKANK....
And Paris what HUGE feet you have.

~Enough already HARVEY!!!!!

2640 days ago


Paris....found religion.....her life has changed after only uh...21 days.....oh..she's so sweet......she is still in denial because she only had one drink and blew .08...(liar) impossible unless the drink had 4 shots....

too bad you didn't study your lines well enough for the post jailhouse Larry King.....interview when he asked you what your favorite bible passage was............Paris replied " I love them all "...........LMAO

BUSTED Bible Banger

2640 days ago


yoh melinda or whatever the hell your name is, we all know your jelous of paris's tight ass, we know you want to tap it but you can't. so just let your jelousy go, paris is hot GET OVER IT HUN;)

2603 days ago


Paris definately has class! I've never seen an inmate look so good coming out of prison! I'd definately wear this except I wouldn't wanna be in Paris's shoes though!

2631 days ago

L. Rush    

Paris looks great. She always does. She has style and she also has something that most of you don't - it's called couth. My second thought here is that people who don't know her as a person go out on a limb to accuse her of some very serious behavior that can't be proven. Isn't that stupid!
Paris is awesome.

2625 days ago


give me a breack, Paris Hilton does not have a butt, she is flat in the back, GO AWAY PARIS HILTON!!!!!!!

2625 days ago



2625 days ago
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