Will Paris Wear Orange on "Larry King"?

6/26/2007 5:20 PM PDT
The ex-con/heiress won't wear orange, if her mother Kathy is to believed, since she was so ready to shed her jumpsuit. But the intrepid oddsmakers at Bodog have put wagers on a slew of things that might -- or might not -- happen during Paris' big interview on "Larry King Live."

For instance, the Bodog bettors are almost metaphysically certain (1-to-7 odds) that Paris will mention finding God in jail, while they're less sure that she's going to talk about mental health issues. Meanwhile, they think that she's, well, unlikely to get an invite to "The View" after Babwa said talking to Paris was "beneath her."

And what about donning orange? According to the odds, not a chance.