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Nikki Links Alleged Kid Killers Cutts, Benoit

6/27/2007 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bobby Cutts, Jr. and Chris Benoit, the alleged child murderers whose cases are all over the news, have an unlikely lady link -- former NFL cheerleader/model Nikki Giavasis.

Giavasis has been everywhere -- "Today," "Good Morning America," CNN, MSNBC -- portraying Cutts, her former boyfriend and baby daddy, as "aggressive" and "threatening" -- and testifying to his potential to be a murderer. Cutts is the father of Nikki's nine-year-old daughter, and he has two other kids. In 1998, Giavasis was at home with former NBA star Shawn Kemp, when Cutts allegedly tried to break in.

Here's the crazy link: Giavasis was also featured in Wrestlemania XX, the WWE showcase that was won by none other than Benoit. Nikki was part of the WWE "Hot Team."

Giavasis' other credits include a starring role in the instructional video, "Becoming a Pro Cheer Leader" [sic] and appearances on reality series "The Casino" and ProActiv spots. She also claims in her bio that she has a genius-level IQ.


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she must not be too damn smart.. she went and got her boobs done and kept that hooked ass nose.

2613 days ago


What the hell is this? What relevance does this have? Are you just trying to take up space? This is like pulling something out of your butt, just for attention!!!

2613 days ago


Another Ho who's trying to cash in on her 15 minutes of fame - and with these two losers of all things. I'd be embarassed to tell anyone I was associated with either of them. Crawl back into your hole bitch

2613 days ago


Why the hell is this on here? Just plain garbage. Well, at least Vince is alive again. Too bad it took something like this, huh? Way to go WWE!!

2613 days ago


Must be something in the water over there................bunch of fricken idiots!!!!

2613 days ago

Buck Ramone    

Which Hilton is she?

2613 days ago

Teacher Kel    

The headline for this article is all wrong. I read it over a few times before I could even understand what it meant. Instead of 'Nikki Links Alleged Kid Killers Cutts, Benoit' may it could have been shorter like 'Alleged connection between Nikki, Cutts and Benoit'. I really think the headline should have been a little easier to read and comprehend.
just my opinion.

2613 days ago


OHHHHH you paint a pretty picture!! NOT!
I saw her interviews.That would be a BIG NADA to the Genius IQ.

2613 days ago


thats what i want to read ,someone who needs attention and feeds off of others grief. she does the memory of 2 dead women and their babies no justice. excuse me i have to puke now

2613 days ago


Her link to Benoit is that she was a WWE skank on some Wrestlemania that he won? Crrrr-aaaaazyyyy!

2613 days ago


she came on the scene as a witness to cutt's violent past, could've done it differently, but there she is, with her dumb-ass lawyer, going on tv...i feel sorry for her kid, and all the other kids that have to live with this kind of insanity...daddys with harems, daddies on steriods, daddies killing their moms, daddies killing me....

2613 days ago

Terminator X    

Sad part is this girl actually used to be pretty when she was younger. Her plastic surgeon is a hack. This girl's lips look like they might explode and her nose looks like a hand me down from Michael Jackson.

2613 days ago


what would benoit have looked like if he never used steroids, i wonder...
why was it so important for him to 'build' himself up, physically, to the piont of becoming a freak, to feel better about himself, to feel more 'manly'...
give a guy, especially one with 'small man' snydrome, some steroids ( or a little alcohol ) and this is what you get, an angry, aggressive, irrational psycopath...
he probably would've had a decent life without steroids, i know Daniel and his mother would have...

2613 days ago


A genius AND hard nipples. The daily double! I just don't know why these hot white babes don't do their homework before hooking up with these ghetto time-bombs. The sex can't be THAT good.

2613 days ago


She's a tasteless skank who is trying to gain publicity at the expense of Jessie Davis's murder.. The media should stop advertising her.. They dont seem to have a problem NOT showing his current wife.

2613 days ago
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