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Benoit and Son

6/28/2007 12:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is the adorable child Chris Benoit suffocated before killing himself. This picture of Benoit and son Daniel was taken at a 2004 event honoring Chris.

Daniel Benoit suffered from Fragile X Syndrome, a chromosomal defect that causes autism-like behaviors, language delays and other physical/sensory problems, afflicting 1 in 3600 males and 1 in 4-6 thousand females.


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My heart continues to break...

2672 days ago


The media needs to stop trying to find an excuse for what this monster did and making excuses for his behavior. This was a sick twisted man who performed in the ring. He was a character in the ring.

2672 days ago


What a loser to kill his own son.

2672 days ago


This poor little angel. What a monster to do that to his child, i hope Chris Benoit rots in h_ll.

2672 days ago

MFH suck for putting that little boy's picture on your website. You have absolutely no respect for this poor child who was murdered by his father. Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!

2672 days ago


This makes me sick. I'm glad he killed himself. Too bad he took two other innocent people with him.

2672 days ago


I'm so sick of hearing about this. I see this picture and it fills me not only with revulsion for what Benoit did, but for the fact that people won't just leave it alone. Let the friends and family grieve, for crying out loud. This being brought up over and over is torture and it needs to come to a close.

Please - when will it stop????

2672 days ago


He couldn't just off himself? Killing an innocent baby is horrendous.

2672 days ago


This is a story,,,that bothers alot of people/public...

Chris,, was in the Family Doctor's office,,,, just hours earlier,,,,I just dont understand how that doctor didnt notive something was wrong with this guy/chris...

Just hours later,,he then kills his family....Make's me wonder what kind of a IDIOT DOCTOR,,he was... if he didnt notice something was up- going on with Chris...That this guys was about ready to snap..

This is a real tradegy,,and bizzare case....

2672 days ago


its a sad outcome....but most of us make decisions that wont put us in a situation like that in the first place. Its not news to anyone with a head on their shoulders that steroids will alter you physically AND mentally. He knew that, he decided that vanity and greed were more important....its a terrible shame his family had to pay the ultimate price for this guys lack of integrity

2672 days ago


You should not have posted this childs pic!! I'm sure its hard enough on the rest of his family, now they have to see pics of him on the internet. That's low!!

2672 days ago

Master Baker    

good work again tmz as always , as for finding excuses to see why he did it.. i think thats the only important thing left in this sad tale. Once recognized the people in power should do all they can to make sure it happens as rarely as possible

2672 days ago

Bob D    

Being a parent, I had to try to explain this to my 9 year old son how it is someone he saw on television, who did cool things in a wrestling ring, and seemed to have it "all" could be capable of such an act. The bottom line is Mr.Benoit crossed aline somewhere in his mind that found this act to be acceptable. The reporting of this incident is like many others dating back to the Jeffrey Dahmer case in which America wasn't interested in how many people Mr. Dahmer killed but if he actually ate them or not. I feel that we need to keep in mind that Mr. Benoit was sick and probably had been for sometime.

2672 days ago


I think it's disgusting to even post this photo and article. Let this child rest in peace and don't use photos of him for your own gain. I'm extremely disappointed in TMZ for stooping this low and even more disappointed in myself for frequenting a site that chooses to exploit the tragic murder of an innocent child.

2672 days ago

reversely served    

RIP? i hope they mean tor the two he took with him. for him it should' ve been BIH.. burn in hell!

2672 days ago
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