Celebrity Ass-trology -- Lily Allen

6/30/2007 12:43 PM PDT
Bullish British songstress Lily Allen is a true Taurus. As per her star sign, Allen is mostly calm, but can easily become enraged, self-indulgent, resentful and inflexible. Thankfully, Lily's learned to buck up and "Smile," even when times are tough -- like this week. On Thursday, Allen turned herself in to London's finest, in relation to a March 13 altercation with a photographer. Here's what her Astrology.com horoscope had to say about it!

On June 23, Allen's horoscope tells her to "talk about what's really bothering you, rather than secretly feeling cranky and upset," and that she does in this week's New York magazine, laying it all out about Madonna ("the most overrated person in pop history"), and her beehived British soul counterpart Amy Winehouse ("I think she has a cool voice. I don't think it's her real voice, though. I'd like to hear her real voice.").

On the 27, the day before she turned herself into the coppers, her horoscope told that "It seems like you have fewer opportunities available right now, but this is really a great chance to zero in on what's best for you. The stars simply wanted to accelerate things for you by eliminating a few options" -- like where she can travel, and possibly, whether or not she'll be wearing stripes behind bars!