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Heidi Fleiss

Fluff 'n Fold

7/2/2007 8:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0702_fleiss-1Former Hollywood madam/ex-con Heidi Fleiss is finally cleaning up her act -- by opening a coin-operated laundromat! Spare some change? Need a date?

Located in the cosmopolitan mecca of Pahrump, Nev., the 24-hour facility will feature 13 washers and 14 dryers. Fleiss is calling the venue Dirty Laundry. Perhaps Charlie Sheen has a load or two?

In 2005, Fleiss announced that she was launching a legal all-male bordello called Heidi's Stud Farm, 20 miles north of the laundry. (You can take the girl out of the brothel...) If it ever opens, for $250 women (and only women) will be allowed 60 fun-filled minutes with the man-whore of their choice. Talk about hard work!


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what a skank!!!

2608 days ago


I have to wonder how anyone who looks like this could be a successful prostitute, unless she only serves the blind.

2608 days ago

lee mitch    

To tell you the truth, Hiedi usually looks pretty, but here she just looks tore up from the floor up. LOL. (For some reason, I'd love to hear Harvey Levin repeat this on Inside Edition)

2608 days ago

"Perhaps Charlie Sheen has a load or two?" Really, you guys are pulling out a joke from 10 years ago...stellar reporting guys.

2608 days ago


My mistake, it's Michael Jackson with a new nose..........

2608 days ago

Hell Yeah    


2608 days ago


she isnt offerin herself out people..she is offerin women and sad to say its legal in NV

2608 days ago


COSMOPOLITAN MECCA? This" cosmopolitan mecca" is a few miles outside of Las Vegas where all the misfits and trailer trash live. It's a dirty, hot, miserable place that is almost ghetto like. However, it fits Fleiss. P.S. I live in Las Vegas

2608 days ago

Happy To Be Me    

Most of these people don't know what they are talking
about,that is true. Most don't know what a Madam is, or the difference between the two.
I know about Marc Miller (my father), you, and Bernie and Grayhall.

I know what the true problem is, and have a basic understanding of what
has happened to you. I wrote to you once before, while you were in prison,
but you ignored my letter. I do understand why, as it was an ugly time between my father and I at that time, so I can't hardly blame you, really.

I want to inform you that Marc (Mark) passed away last year. I think we need to write a book, is what I think. I see you've hit the news again, and I guess in this case, it's like any publicity is better than none at all.

You've had it rough, I know because I know what Marc and Bernie were all about, I know how it was.. But, I am not like that anymore, and I got away from all of that long ago. And, although I understand a girls need to make a living, I hope that all you need to do is make a living, you don't have to get rich.

Quite frankly, you must have been drunk or stoned in this picture, cause you look like hell. I say I like the laundramat is a great idea, and it is an honest living. Please abandon the whorehouse. Money will never make you complete, look what it did for Bernie and Victoria. Me, I am grateful for every butterfly that I see. I'm not rich, by any means, yet I'm happier than most people who shop on Rodeo Drive.

Commune with the earth, your environment, and please stay off the drugs, it's starting to take its toll on you. Put your faith in God, and honor him when you can, and just know that it'll all turn out alright for you. Yet, your success will depend on your motives, and how you earn a living. Don't seek money, that is the wrong move to make. Seek instead, the soul (the little girl) that lies within yourself.

If you care to communicate with me, we can communicate on here for a bit. If you call yourself, HF and write a short blog here, I will keep an eye out and will recognize you. We can take it from there, if you like. Otherwise, you can ignote this letter, just like you did way back when. Whatever happens, I wish you peace within. - Marcia

2608 days ago


#27, she used to whore herself out before she became a madam. I'm wondering how she managed it.

Silly me, I thought that to be a good whore one had to be at least slightly attractive.

2608 days ago

juego de casino    

she better work on her face!

2608 days ago


I's Pahrump, NV not Pahrump, Nev.,

Shows you how educated TMZ writers are.

2608 days ago


how sad.

2608 days ago


You're a moron posting #33 when your living here on line to check abbreviations for Nevada... get a life of your own. THIS IS ABOUT HEIDI .. like DUH!

HEIDI FLEISS IS JUST PLAIN UGLY AND THE FUTURE ISN'T LOOKING GOOD FOR HER LOOKS GETTING ANY BETTER. Heidi is going to put this whore house together so she can get laid. Look at her and know there aren't enough bags for a guy to take cover. She's a mess and from here where does she go with that face?? HEIDI'S SCARY !!!!!

2607 days ago


She actually looks like what Cher's and Ronald McDonalds love child would look like......drunk and skanky.

2607 days ago
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