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Lindsay Parties -- Legally!

7/2/2007 9:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan took a break from rehab to party on her 21st birthday. Can I see some ID?

Family members, including mommie dearest Dina and lil' sis Ali, showed up to a Malibu beach house this afternoon, bearing gifts for the birthday gal. Other guests were spotted carrying presents in Hermes and Louis Vuitton shopping bags, and a special delivery from Versace was seen arriving to the home as well. The sober starlet sure does love her high fashion!

TMZ caught Lindsay running into the party after exiting a white Mercedes. Lilo left the shindig just an hour later, only to return after 30 minutes -- this time in a Range Rover. Luckily for Malibu residents, at no time was Linds driving.

Feliz cumpleaños
, La Lohan!


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I'm sorry but I thought she was supposed to be in rehab, not at a day camp for addicts! WTF? I have never seen a rehab that allowed it's residents to leave for the day to go shopping with old friends, party, and play on the beach. What kind of support can that type of rehab facility provide? I feel bad that she has had such problems in her life and thought that drugs and alcohol was the answer. I hate to admit it, because I despise the attitude of young Hollywood these days, but LiLo is a decent actress. She has so much potential, I hope she straightens out.

2637 days ago


I'm sorry but just because this whore went into rehab doesn't mean she should just be let off of her car accident AND the coke found in her car.
When are the lazy ass good for nothing cops over there going to get up off their butts and do something.
Stop letting stars get away with freaking murder.

2637 days ago


I love how she left after an hour and came back 30 min. later. Wonder what she was up to???

2637 days ago


Lisa @ 12:50 AM: It is not up to the cops whether she is charged with anything. It up to the district attorney. She has a court date of August 16th regarding her crash.

2637 days ago


# 36...skank was on a mission of very HIGH priority obviously

2637 days ago


Jailbait no more, jail junkie instead. Bet she can't wait for her cavity search...

2636 days ago



2636 days ago

stop the madness    

Lohan is a hasbeen already lol@post 6

2636 days ago


Don't blame the rehab for her coming and goings. She is over 18 so as long as she is not a harm to herself or others she can sign herself in and out like a hotel. It is called discharging her AMA (against medical advice).

Until she wants to change she is never going ot get any better no matter how many rehabs she goes through.

I would tap it though. Not eat it but tap it.

2636 days ago

chillout music girl    

Happy Birthday Lilo...

You need to find some new friends...
Stop hanging around ugly ass skanks like-----------> vanessa minillo...
She is already bringing Nick Lachey down. Don't let VD VANESSA bring you down 2.
You have talent and we want to see you make it in hollywood....
Skanks like vanessa...........make you look as nasty as she does.

2636 days ago

George William Gockel    

Happy 21st birthday Lindsay.

2636 days ago


#48: Flight attendants?!?!? Anyway, I never have and never will pay to see (or hear) anything that Blohan is attached to. I refuse to add fuel her party/shopping funds. Lindsay Lohan is not only spoiled, she has no sense of shame, dignity, humility or class. Why is Hollywood letting her (and others like her) run rampant throughout their domain? And why must she be forced down the throats of the public??? She's a laughing stock, pathetic as that may be. The girl is just a mess, and I personally think she's borderline mentally retarded.

2636 days ago

Conservative Avenger    

Ummmm, the whole point of Rehab is to learn how to have fun without drugs or alcohol. I know both her parents are blithering imbeciles, but even they could understand that, no? I hope this party was alcohol free. Otherwise these two would have to go down as the two biggest moron parents that ever lived, only being topped by Paris Hilton's idiot parents.

2636 days ago

give the dog a bone    

....who brought the eight-ball, the keg and the demolition derby cars???

2636 days ago

Conservative Avenger    

Her Rehab is voluntary. She did that so she wouldn't get stuck in a court instructed Rehab where she couldn't leave. This Rehab center is a complete joke. It's in Malibu Beach and has about a 65% failure rate. It's a vacation for the rich to get sober.

2636 days ago
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