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Isaiah - McDreamy McStarted the Fateful Fight

7/3/2007 8:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Isaiah Washington keeps on talking ... and talking ... and talking ... and last night on "Larry King Live," the loose cannon said that it was co-star Patrick Dempsey's lateness that eventually pushed him over the edge and made him use the F-word that ended up getting him fired from "Grey's Anatomy." Riiiight.

Isaiah says that when he confronted McDreamy about his lateness, his co-star became "unhinged, sprayed spittle in my face ... He just becomes irate." Then, well, Isaiah "said several bad words," something along the lines of, "There's no way you're going treat me like the B-word, the P-word, or the F-word." Ever-unrepentant Washington still tried to cover his tracks, saying that "fa**ot" wasn't meant to be a slur, but just "somebody who is being weak." Way to clear that up, Isaiah.

Loose-lipped Lily – LiLo's Going to Jail

Also in the Department of Verbal Diarrhea-ists this morning we find Lily Allen, the Brit popster who got popped last week for allegedly socking a lensman in the schnozz. She tells New York magazine that Paris's fate will soon befall Lindsay Lohan, and herself to boot. "I could be Paris Hilton soon enough," said Lily, shortly before returning to England to be arrested on assault charges. "Oh, my God, her life is so f**king insane ... I can't wait until Lindsay Lohan goes to jail ... Does that mean [she'll] stop showing me [her] p***y now?"

Party Favors: Nicky Glazed Over at Frittelli's ... Wrestling Legend DiBiase Defends Benoit ... Alyssa Milano's Wants You to TOUCH 'Em All ... Man Pleads Guilty to Posting 4 Hours of 24

While Paris was getting lei'd in Hawaii this weekend, lil' sis Nicky was spotted with a guy pal at the Governator's fave Beverly Hills donut shop, Frittelli's, having an iced latte and a glazed donut. Sweet! ... Ted DiBiase, wrestling's legendary "Million Dollar Man," tells the Post Chronicle that fellow grappler Chris Benoit was an "unselfish, soft-spoken" type who made considerable sacrifices to be with his family, which he is suspected of murdering before committing suicide last week. ... Ever the big sports fan, Alyssa Milano is teaming up with Major League Baseball to create a line of "fan-fashion" jewelry for her TOUCH line, just so you look perfectly glam while sucking down brats and beer at the ballpark. ... A Chicago man pleaded guilty yesterday to a felony charge for posting the first four episodes of this season's "24" on the Internet before they appeared on TV.


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55. I found Isaiah's reference to the Newsweek article interesting, too. He kinda brushed it off like they made the comments up. Actually, they quoted him and he danced around the issue of whether he intends to sue for race discrimination claiming that his attorneys were looking into some things, but he was too busy to think about that. However, he also mentioned that the NAACP and Jesse Jackson had called him.

Also, the reference to Sandra Oh's e-mail wasn't necessary. He could have just said that some former co-workers had sent kind words. But nooooo, he had to put her out there.
What if that e-mail becomes evidence in a case at some point?

2670 days ago


I knew T.R Knight was full of crap! That little conniving opportunist! The poor little Gay boy made it all up! I'm so glad Sandra Oh Emailed Isaiah and said goodbye. I cannot believe the Network (ABC) wouldn't let Isaiah resign. They just wanted to Fire him because they have the power to do so. They even made up the "Rehab Crap for Homophobia." Isaiah Washington you deserve better. Move on from this buddy. You'll survive this. T.R Knight will never be a Lead Actor on "Greys." He just doesn't have the charisma or talent. He makes me sick!

2670 days ago


Washington is freaking joke. He never had much talent to begin with and his non stop verbal dirrhea just shows that he is stupid as well having no talent. He is trying to milk some last minutes in the limelight before he fades away to a trivial pursuit question. Washington no one will miss you - and the fact the no one from the Grey's cast has reached out to should tell you that even your recent co-workers think you are a no talent joke.

2670 days ago

married with children    

--People say they don't care what Isaiah has to say, but I care. His career should not suffer because of his remarks. He says he did not say the f.........word in reference to his fellow worker. He was intimidated by he network to do certain things for public relations, instead he could have used the opportunity back then to defend himself, and now he is and people say, who cares.........America needs to lighten up.

2670 days ago


Well, first of all -- where was TR when Isaiah said the "F" word -- I mean, was he even around? Wasn't Isaiah talking to Dempsey? From what I can understand about the story, Isaiah didn't call TR the "F" word. He just told Dempsey that Dempsey wasn't going to treat him (Isaiah) like a "B", a "P" or a "F". So, why is TR involved in this matter at all? I mean where are all the "B's" at -- why are they not screaming that they are being harrassed?

Honestly, I used to like TR but now I could care less if he's on the show at all. I think he needs to go to rehab for being a backstabbing piece of s**t. Do they have rehab for that? They need to -- what he has done with this whole story to BOOST his career and COME OUT OF THE CLOSET has cost someone else their reputation. To me, he's a cut-throat that I don't even care to watch anymore. Can we say "backfire"????

Isaiah is a great actor and was a major major part of Grey's Anatomy. I don't know if the show will be the same without him. And, for the record, why doesn't TR scream (in his most girly voice) that Shondra is a homophobe? I mean, all of the relationships on the show are between men and women -- except for the lowly bartender. I guess that should show what she thinks about gays. If she thinks gays are so great, why doesn't she have at least one doctor on the show as a gay man in a gay relationship with another gay doctor? I'll tell you why -- because as a straight person it makes me want to barf to see 2 gay men kiss on TV -- that's why! It turns my stomach to see that and, that is the biggest reason why Brothers & Sisters is something that I can't watch. Just as gays have their rights to believe and live as they want, I (as a straight person) do too and I don't believe that a homosexual life style is right and you can't cram it down my throat and make me like it. It honestly makes me gag to see that on TV.

2670 days ago


So are you saying that no one can be a "homophobic" bastard? Well, they can if they want to be. It's their right. Just as it is TR's right to be a gay man. You can't tell one person that it's alright to be gay and then tell another person that they can't be homophobic.

2670 days ago


Ricky, #8, if he'd just said it off camera and apologized, left it at that, not addressed it anymore and moved on, he probably wouldn't have been fired.. But he got on an awards show and said sometihng along the lines of "no i didn't call TR a (fill in the blank)". And he keeps going on about it... And everyone is to blame but him. If he'd just say "you know, I was wrong, I'm making an effort to be a better person for myself and my loved ones, and I'd rather focus on the future instead of my mistakes in the past." I think it would have been fine. But he won't even drop it... He's getting interviewed by magazines and tv shows and its everyone's fault but his. This is one of those situations where any press isn't good press.

Folks are right, if the situation were reversed and someone else had used the N word (neither of which I'd ever use or approve of, btw), the person would have been fired before the award show. (I'd probably agree with that decision too. And Startup, no I've never used that word, and I won't. Its sad to see so many people who have no problem with one slur and would probably be up in arms over another.. None of them are okay.

2670 days ago


It's funny...seem like you folks don't want Washington to take up for or explain himself. He called Dempsey a f...ot not T.R. Knight, that's been reported several times. Poor, poor T.R....c'mon man, this is so ridiculous. Ok, so he's off the show...whatever but he certainly has a right to explain his side of the story since poor ole T.R. has certainly made the TV rounds explaining how this word has devasted him. Give me a break! He never had to come out of the closet over this, but it was obviously a play to do just what he did, convene a nationwide pity party and get more air time on the show.

Now all of a sudden he's a real man's man on the show sleepin with everyone...what a laugh. And for the fool on here that said Washington was a nobody before they show, check out the guys credits, just because you never heard of him doesn't mean he didn't exist.

And one last thing, I will bet you anything that Washington has done more for the community at large, here and abroad, and in the gay and straight communities than T.R. Knight has ever done...period.
I applaud him telling his story...and he apologized numerous times. WTF do some of you people want?

2670 days ago


67. TR is in it because he overheard Isaiah say, in closing, "because I'm not TR."

2670 days ago


Isaiah needs to be quiet. If he would just be quiet and let all this mess die down, he could get another job in Hollywood but because he just keeps on running his mouth about the whole thing, who is going to want to work with him?

And I liked him on Grey's and am sorry to see him go.

2670 days ago


I love how a black man can open his mouth and insert foot and then play the race card. Why can't he just SHUT UP AND GO AWAY!! I really won't miss him at all. Never really cared for his pompus azz anyways.

2670 days ago


Isaih Washington has been pictured before Grey's in public brawls. When his Grey's contract wasn't renewed (not the same thing as fired) he said "I'm mad as hell & I'm not going to take it!" Then, he got more conciliatory. He is a wonderful actor...and a hothead. I think he is doing more damage to his career by talking than by keeping a low profile for a while & then making a splashy "comeback." Ensemble acting is a touchy thing. Chemistry is all. Frankly, were I the casting director, I wouldn't hire him based on what I've observed of his anger issues.

2670 days ago

double standards    

Dee and Lex Steele - you both clearly live in a fantasy world. Many "unknowns" have become known in a series as Grey's. Please you give
due where it is not merited. IW may be an excellent actor -there is
no dispute - Grey's will make it without him, however he simply needs to own up to what he has said, just as others should and have and have paid the consequences for it. I don't see you make a hundred excuses, real or imagined for Imus. Don't be a hyprocrite - if they can do it to one - they should do it to all -
pay the consequences for one's actions. One may not agree with the life
styles of others but one element must remain -RESPECT. Clearly Mr.
Washington lacks this BIG TIME. Cry on this website all you want -
really no one is hearing you and especially is no one taking the
excuses of IW as sound reasoning or justification on his part to do
what he did and is now doing. What a crybaby IW is and all those that
support his ludicrous thinking, cry babies!!

2670 days ago


It's clear IW hates a lot of people, gays obviously (the other f-word), women, (his b-word and p-word are female slurs), and most of all himself. He has to hate himself to be this self destructive. IW can kiss his career goodbye. Most of America had never heard of IW until Grey's, and he knows that most of America has already forgotten about him, which is why he just can't stop talking. It's hard to accept that the 15 minutes are up.

2670 days ago


Not on your you are speaking for most of America? Wow what power you have. why dont you say, YOU never heard of him. I certainly had and why dont you take a look at the guys credits and you'll see he's been around for quite some time. My guess is that you dont know the names of very many blk actors for you to make that idiotic statement. So talk about what you know instead of speaking from ignorance. You dont know who he hates, I would just bet you've leveled a few racial, sexist or gay slurs. If you say you havent then you're either a saint or a bold faced liar....I'd bet the latter.

2670 days ago
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