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WWE to Canada: Take Off, Hosers

7/3/2007 2:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Chris Benoit double murder/suicide is still rocking the WWE, as they announced the cancellation of all Canadian events for the next month -- all because of the former "Canadian Crippler." While WWE sources claim that the "postponements" are to show sensitivity to the fans of Chris "Rabid Wolverine" Benoit, the WWE has a track record for bailing on the Great White North when troubles arise.
Chris Benoit and the Canadian flag
The death of Benoit's friend and teammate, Owen Hart, in 1999 kept the company away from parts of Canada for an entire year. After wrestler Bret Hart and WWE big cheese Vince McMahon's infamous "Montreal Screwjob" in 1997, they hid out until late '98. However, others say that the REAL reason for the cancellation is to avoid the ire and the loud, often profane chants of the live Canadian crowds. Chants of "You killed Owen!" and "You screwed Bret!" filled Canadian arenas for months after those scandals.

Perhaps the WWE isn't taking any chances on two live tapings of their RAW and SmackDown programs being filled with angry chants of "You killed Chris!"


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I was reading some place, not sure if it was here or not. but they thought CHRIS had dwarf syndrome? Well looking at him more closely, he does have a body that's a little off?

2646 days ago


costamesaboy - you obviously have no life. I bet you are a fat white chick living in the OC with no friends and just your big fat tub of ice cream you feed your face with everyday. Lonely? So lonely.

Oh and Chris, I am sure, is not R.I.P. anywhere I want to go. I hate hot weather. Well, I hate extremely hot weather...just sayin'. Burn in hell man if you did this to your son.

2646 days ago


Blame Canada ... amirite?

2646 days ago


I don't care about Chris, and I'm sure he had a teeny weeny itty bitty weeny. I am not fond of Canada either, a midget named Breezy lives there. LOL. Oh and I'm not found of weenies either.

2646 days ago


Being Canadian, I doubt we will be that sympathetic to a murderer. The whole situation is unfortunate.

2646 days ago



Was that necessary to say about CostamesaBoy, I mean if he has no life, because he's on here, what does that about you being on here?

just my two cents.

2646 days ago


Lemme see, where do you have free health care, no terrorists and free and strong lifestyle, OH, THAT WOULD BE CANADA! LOL, Happy 4th of July you stupid Americans. And oh, in case you wanted to know something about the world outside of your little glass bubble, Canada celebrated it's 140th birthday, July 1, along with Princess Di's birthday. And like good neighbours we celebrated with our Michigan neighbours.

2646 days ago



I'm sure you love Canada, I mean who wouldn't, with the Crime Rate 50 % Higher than U.S. (gotta love that)..
Moreover, The city research shows the figure for sexual assault in Canada per 100,000 people was more than double that of the United States: 74 as opposed to 32.1; and the assault rate in Canada was more than twice that of the United States: 746 to America’s 295. Also, in 2005, Toronto had 78 murders; that’s a 28 percent increase in homicides since 1995. (gotta love that as well)...

Oh and the increasing drug rate, LOVE IT.. Two snap..

And lets not forget about the HIDING spot that the terrorist feel so comfortable living at in and around in Canada! OH YEAH BABY!

YES YES YES, I see why you love Canada!!! Go Canada!

2646 days ago


IF Chris Benoit's son Daniel had dwarf syndrome or Fragile X syndrome as is alleged by the media and the WWE but denied by the Benoit family it would have been passed on through the father's gene, b/c if the mother is a carrier then the child would only be a carrier while if the father is either a carrier or afflicted with the disorder then each child has a 25% chance of being afflicted with that disorder and 25% have a chance of being a carrier with no symptoms.
just an fyi for all those asking, #3, i too always thought that chris was very small in stature and that his head was disproportionate to his body despite the excessive muscles.
finally, did any one see nancy grace live last night? they had the wrestler "Conan" on whom was a close friend and he freely admitted that HE and tons of wrestlers use steroids b/c the reality of keeping that body build with the rigors of travelling and performing 3 days is totally unrealistic.

2646 days ago


FREE HEALTH CARE AND VOTED BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, BEAT THAT! Quote all the stats you want, we are bigger and better.

2646 days ago


and the last time America attacked Canada, was in 1812 so you don't have to google and get a stat for that, lol. Canada won and we took Detroit. I don't think the USA could fight their way out of a wet paper bag. According to the stats, every war you've started has ended in disaster for your country. And you didn't start WW2, you only joined in after Perl Harbour was attacked.

2646 days ago


Who writes this crap for TMZ??? The WWE IS sensitive to the Canadian fan bases mixed emotions about Chris Benoit. Also, there are plenty of wrestlers on the roster who are from Canada, and they too are dealing with the pain of the situation, let alone the loss of a friend who committed a horrendous act. Your comments are out of line.

2646 days ago

quack quack    

Oh glad I live in Toronto....
Been all over the States & not a single lightbulb screwed on right....anywhere!!!

2646 days ago


#11Of course there is free HEALTH CARE Dummie, with the
crime rate as high as it is... of course Canada would have to compensate.

True, Canada the various levels of government pay for about 70% of
Canadians' health care costs, but contributes very little in areas
such as prescription drug cost. Which we all know can become very


2646 days ago


Daniel Benoit had to have inherited it from the mother because if a mother is a carrier of the gene mutation, the the male child would have Fragile X. If the father is the carrier, he will pass it down where his children would have daughters with Fragile X. If you want to know about it, log on to

2646 days ago
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