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Britney -- I Ain't Got No Mama No More

7/5/2007 9:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Britney Spears delivered those legal papers to her mom Lynne last week, as TMZ first reported, she also delivered a stinging message along with them -- in verse form.

In the poem, according to Star (via MSNBC), Spears says that she "didn't have a mom anymore" and that she "couldn't imagine a mother doing what she did to her child." Brit was reportedly livid that Lynne kept in contact with her ex Kevin Federline after their divorce. Star reports that a private investigator recorded conversations between K-Fed and Grandma Spears, including one in which Lynne arranges to meet Fed-Ex and the kids behind Brit's back.

Paris Is Just "Looking Out" for All of Us

Paris Hilton took to her MySpace page yesterday to wish her fans a happy 4th of July, and to give them a little advice – "Remember to be responsible and have a designated driver!"

The heiress, just returned from her post-jail trip to Hawaii, thanked fans for their support, and said she's trying real, real hard to get back to everyone who wrote her. "I am doing my best to respond to each and everyone (sic) with the letter I wrote," she says. (Which letter is that? Like this one?)

Hilton might not have been taking her own advice about being responsible, as she was spotted yesterday at a party at famous frenemy Lindsay Lohan's beach house in Malibu.

Diddy's Baby Mama Moves Out -- Again

We all know how this movie ends, don't we? P. Diddy's longtime girlfriend and mother of three of his kids -- model Kim Porter -- has had enough, reports Page Six, and she's moving to Beverly Hills with the kids. There were reports of a rift earlier this year when Diddy was spotted hanging with Sienna Miller until all hours in NYC and in London, but Porter stood by him. With new evidence of another Diddy-Sienna hookup last week, Porter's apparently had enough. A source says that P and Porter "can't be together right now," suggesting some wiggle room for yet another reconciliation.

Party Favors: No More Free Ride from Fitty ... Jacko Moving to Maryland? ... Chestnutt Smokes Kobayashi at Nathan's

50 Cent has been shelling out for just about everyone and their mother (and second cousin) at his label G-Unit Records, but that's all about to end, he tells XXL magazine (via Rush & Molloy). He spent over $8 million of his own green just to take care of everyone's entourage on his last tour, but no more. Especially because none of his people are even wearing G-Unit gear! ... Michael Jackson is decamping from Las Vegas and heading to ever-glamorous ... Maryland? His reps confirm that he's leaving Vegas and looking for properties on the Eastern Shore. ... Joey Chestnutt took the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest in convincing fashion yesterday, downing 66 hot-dogs-and-buns in 12 minutes, whereas longtime champ Takeru Kobayashi inhaled just 63.


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It wasn't legal papers it was a piece of paper torn from a notebook as could be seen in X17's video of her delivering said paper.

2630 days ago

You People Sicken Me !    

Oh well !

2630 days ago


Brit GROW UP!!! You owe your mom for getting you to where you are today! God forbid if something happened to your mom tomorrow.

2630 days ago


If that's true what Brits mom did, then I don't blame her for being angry. And as for Hilton, forget it. She lied on King, there is no redeeming herself at this point.

2630 days ago


Please somebody please make Diddy go away!
He's unattractive and talentless.

2630 days ago


And the IDIOTS are awake.

2630 days ago


the public knows what you are trying to do
act like your mom is the one that has the issues so that it looks like all the days you were drinking , drugging and walking around half naked we are all supposed to believe that you were normal yeah ok
your a very sad girl that should be embarressed of the fact that you are not publicly trying to humiliate your mom SHAME ON YOU!!
problem here is you have 2 kids that need a normal life and you have proved that you are not the parent to give this to them regardless of how much money you have
you stink as a parent , and if your mom felt that keeping in touch with kevin and staying on good terms would allow her to make sure your babies are ok than what is wrong with that
shame on you grow up go back to rehab and get yourself together
you cant sing and no one is interested in yoru dancing anymore
there are too many talented people out there that deserve the publics support
you are not one of them
get yourself together and leave your mom alone

2630 days ago


#3 Paris Hilton needs to get out of Hollywood

Spell check is your friend.

2630 days ago


What did Brit's mom do so bad?

Stay in touch with ex-hubby to have a relationship with grandbabies? Kuddo's to K-Fed for keeping grandma in the childrens lives. He's turned out to be the adult in this mess.

2630 days ago


It's too early for annoying brats,BRITNEYSHOULDLEAVEHOLLYWOODTOO. If TMZ wants traffic on here, then the should do a better job monitering this posting. I'm out.

2630 days ago

in the know    

According to MSNBC Brintey has tapes of Kevin and her Mom discussing how well he was going to do in the divorce case. Lynn and K-fed were both in in for the money. Her daughter is falling apart and she is conspiring with K-fed who cheated on her daughter. She was even seen with K-fed Shar and the kids. I would be furious. Now I know why she is still acting crazy. She feels alone and used. I pray to God she does not have another break down and her mother and k-fed get the kids. The money Britney worked for all her life would be slowing flowing to them. Lynn is a loser and needs to get a job. I would not speak to my mother again. Blood is thicker than water. She is becoming like Anna Nicole's mother. Her book should be coming out soon.

2630 days ago



If anyone needs to use their brain it is you. Your post looks like it was written by a second grader!

2630 days ago


Heres a hint BRITNEY SHOULD LEAVE...........If you want people to read your posts, don't do what your doing. I skip over long, capitalized rants, as I'm sure alot of others do, too. Not a good way to get tyour message across. Why don't you use the more appropriate name CLUELESS?

2630 days ago


Kim Porter deserves better. She knew Diddy would never change his roving ways, but embarrassing the whole family in public is selfish and cruel. I hope she leaves for good and finds a man who will appreciate her beauty and loyalty.

2630 days ago


What's this horse crappola about Paris being irresponsible by showing up at Lohan's party? Even if she got drunk, that's not being irresponsible. It's the DUI part that's irresponsible. It would be an improvement if TMZ writers would elevate themselves above the trashy supermarket tabloids.

I don't blame Britney one bit for being pi$$ed off at her mother. Brit is a good mom and is doing her best to get her life in order. But her mom is an obstacle, lining herself up with that slime ball Kfed.

2630 days ago
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