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The Next Paris Hilton?

7/10/2007 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prepare to be creeped out -- Paris Hilton's biggest fan is a tiny 4-year-old girl.

Showing off posing skills eerily similar to those of her ex-con/socialite hero, a precocious little gal from Florida waited outside Hilton's home last night for the chance to meet the star of "One Night in Paris" and "Bottoms Up." Don't these kids have bedtimes anymore?!

When Paris emerged, the heiress worked it for the cameras with the little one right by her side -- though it's clear the younger of the two has a lot to learn about handling flashbulbs!


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disgusting & disgraceful

2663 days ago


I think this is plain out wrong! What mother wants her 4 yr old kid to be like Paris. That's almost saying here is some booze, u wanna be like paris. its the mothers fault for letting her kid even seeing paris at that age. it's just wrong. plus paris is a that says what kind of morals this childs parents have!

2663 days ago


HO HO HO !!!!!!!!!!!

2663 days ago


where does paris live? it seems like a lot of people wait to meet her and actually do.

2663 days ago

Redneck Messiah    

what kind of mother lets their four year old daughter idolize a drunken, lying, law breaking ex convict/porn star? this child should be taken away from this obviously unfit excuse for motherhood. amd the whole "watch your language" post is laughable, get a life. plz don't report me for saying what's ONLY THE TRUTH. who and whatever you're sad.

2663 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

Looks to me like the child is crying!

2663 days ago


Wow, future whores of America. YAY!

2663 days ago


I find this video absolutly disgusting! I have a 4 year old daughter and she has no idea who Paris Hilton is. paris hasn't done ANYHTING in her life that is apprpriate for a child to see, let alone idiolize. GROSS! If the little girl is a girly girl there are plenty of other people she an get into. Disney Princess, Hanna Montanna, Zoey, more age appropriate girls that actually have morals! AHHHHHHHH

2663 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Hope the kid has had her shots!

2663 days ago

Redneck Messiah    

only old, disgusting over weight women use the term "my dear". aren't your soap operas coming on soon? don't you have bag of potato chips to devour? buy a clue bitch. (bitch - a female dog.)

2663 days ago


Encouraging one's daughter to hold Paris Hilton as a role model is one of the biggest mistakes a mother can make.

2663 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Deena, are you Lindsays mom?

2663 days ago

Redneck Messiah    

You young whipper snappers! Why i oughta!!!!! BaM! To the moon Alice, to the moon.

2663 days ago


Yeah, Paris, you are such a great role model for kids, YOU HERPES-INFECTED PORN SLUT !! This little kid should be taken awsy from her unfit mother today before Paris shows this kid the Paris sex tapes for show and tell. Who would even want Herpes Hilton touching their kid, let alone holding her. WAY disgusting!

2663 days ago

Redneck Messiah    

and now look at you, upsetting old fat women. shame shame shame. you kids and your new fangled telleephones...why in my day!!!....we had to walk a mile to a phone booth BOTH WAYS and pay a dime to talk...AND WE LIKED IT!!!!

=o( we made some old couch potato cry. /e pauses for effect.


2663 days ago
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