The Craziest Paris Hilton Fans Ever

1/26/2007 12:04 PM PST

The Craziest Paris Hilton Fans Ever

Some seriously bizarre things have taken place at Paris Hilton's pad, but a crazy encounter with a group of super-fans last night may have been the strangest yet.

Hilton came home at 2:30 AM and found three screaming high school girls in her driveway, begging for a photo-op with their hero. Paris, who was sporting some massive cleavage and a funky headband, obliged, telling the girls,"Really quick guys, I have to wake up in four hours for work." How responsible of her!

Bursting with excitement, the girls took off screaming into the driveway. One girl was so fired up, she actually fell to the ground.

The neighbors must have loved that.