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Interview with the Vamps

7/12/2007 6:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Movie and a party! In NYC, east coast celebs gathered for a private screening of "Interview" -- and of course, the after party held at The SoHo Grand Hotel. Ain't no party like an after party!

"Interview" beauty Sienna Miller showed up to the party, making a bee line from her SUV into the hotel. Mrs. Soprano, Edie Falco, casually strolled up the sidewalk, shoes on concrete, and entered the hotel. Hilarious SNL star Rachel Dratch felt a tad casual but vowed she would dress up next time! The flick's writer/director/star, toothy Steve Buscemi, showed up with pal Stanley Tucci.

Elsewhere, at TenJune, sexpot Samantha Cole and vampire slayer Sarah Michelle Geller smiled for cameras and Kanye West pulled up with his entourage.

All this and oh so much more in today's oh Soho Grand New Yawk Star Catcher!


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zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz boring! Who care's the only time she was interesting was when Law was caught with the nanny! What a low blow .... the hired help.

2603 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

OK, this question is going to cause some people major indigestion. I don't mean it to be racially divisive, so please put it in the context that I'm asking it in.

In this post, it says that various actors & actresses have their pictures taken or hang out at these parties one at a time, or 2 at a time; then " Kanye West pulled up with his entourage". My question is, why do people (for example, rappers, rock stars, etc.) have "entourages"? Is this a status thing, to show up dragging along 10-30 other people? If you have an "entourage", does this mean you're a "star", that you've "made it", that you're a "rampaging egomaniac", what? Again, this is not meant to be racially divisive; I just don't understand why having to look out for and/or be responsible for a bunch of friends/employees/hangers on & others is such a good thing...

2603 days ago


A very good question!

2603 days ago


This girl is nothing. Why does she get any attention? Her movies are duds, too. BORRRRRRR-ing.

2603 days ago


Kanye West is another Ahole.

2603 days ago


Sienna Miller who? Why does this dumb c#nt get press?

2603 days ago


Thanks for your question, Honest Question. The reason they do that is because they think they are sooooo important that someone may jump out of a crowd and shoot them. Their egos are out of control and they think they are all that. They aren't.

As for Sienna Miller, I fail to see the attraction. I think she looks like anyone else on the street. As for her acting, she can't.

2603 days ago

Wish Belkin    

Towing your entourage along, everywhere you go, is just a sign of insecurity. A lot of "stars" do it. They can't help themselves. In the long term it doesn't make up for a lack of talent, but short term, it sure is comfortable.

2603 days ago

brian scott miller    

Yeah, she's pretty and all... so why do I hate her so much?

2603 days ago


I just don't get the Sienna Miller thing. She's attractive, but not "star" quality beautiful by any means--more like your run-of the-mill Midwestern homecoming queen. She's a marginal talent--at least her movie roles have not been stand out performances. I've never seen her in a live theater production, so maybe she's really fantastic live? She dresses like a psych ward escapee most of the time. She's publicly embarrassed herself by being an arrogant little snot on numerous occasions. What exactly is her appeal?

2602 days ago

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