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Kelly Clarkson

Opens for Paris?!

7/12/2007 10:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton is a paparazzi magnet ... Kelly Clarkson, not so much.

TMZ spotted Hilton and Clarkson at Koi last night, and while ex-con Paris worked the crowd of paps into a wild frenzy, Kelly walked out to noticeably less photog fanfare.

Moments after Miss Independent left the WeHo eatery, getting a small group of about 10 paps excited, Paris came out and set off a photog snapstorm, engulfing both the heiress and her sister Nicky's SUV outside of the Japanese restaurant. Sure, Clarkson may sell a helluva lot more records, but there's just no beating Paris when it comes to paparazzi attention.


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i think i might be the only person who likes both kelly and paris hahah....... i guess they're not usually in the same category haha whatever

2659 days ago

Cindy K    

57. Cindy K - You prove my theory. And do you mind me asking if you take Aricept? It can cause paranoia in some who are sensitive to it. Or do you just take Alli (the new fat drug)? I tend to find that people who decide to question the intelligence of others are usually projecting. When I need your help I'll kill myself instead.

Oh....I get it now! You have a lesbian crush on Kelly, don't you? Now get back on the treadmill and work off those Pringles and Mountain Dew (those are proper names, and should be capitalized - you ARE as dumb as everyone on this board thinks you are, aren't you?).

Have a great day! Too bad you don't have my life; for that I'm truly sorry.

No I'm not. You blow!

Posted at 1:41PM on Jul 12th 2007 by WWJD to Idiots Who Love Kelly Clarkson

Oh my someone is sensitive it seems I have touched upon the truth to get such a response from you ... I guess it did take you this long to respond since you have to come up with some new material :) I normally find people who have to resort to telling someone about their typos or capitals on blogs usually means they have nothing of intelligence to add to the conversation. But if you think that was a great "burn" on your part you just keeping thinking that way honey ... we don't want to upset someone like you. It also appears from all your posts you do ALOT of projecting yourself hun ... with all your lame highschool insults. It's too bad that you actually can't respond to people without resorting to name calling but then again we know you do have special needs. Don't feel sorry for me ... I got myself a life just like yours when I was at WalMart yesterday and it was on clearance :)

2659 days ago


That's nuts....I would MUCH rather see Kelly. MUCH.

2659 days ago

chillout music girl    

So using basic celebrity math we can see that bad album + cancelled tour + sacked manager = some sort of monumental Kelly Clarkson head-shaving wibbling meltdown in the next couple of months or so. But don't worry if that happens, because these talent show singers are ten a penny. And there's always the one who just won American Idol a couple of weeks ago to get behind instead. LOL

The luckiest one is Chris:
HOLLYWOOD - American Idol rocker Chris Daughtry has scored the biggest-selling record in America of 2007 after sailing past the three million sales mark with his debut, Daughtry.
The success also gives Daughtry the fastest-selling rock debut in the 16-year history of the Billboard album chart's sales tracking system.
The album has also been certified triple platinum and is the fifth best-selling digital release of all time.

2659 days ago


So you now measure success by how many paparazzi you can attract. Maybe I should just make a porno movies and post it on the internet and then I'll be famous too. Talent must not count for anything lately.

2659 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Cindy K - Yes, you do bother me, since you are a stuck up know-it-all who only knows how to parrot back other people's replies and doesn't have an once of original thought. Yes, I do notice capitalization errors because I went farther in school than you did, apparently.

Now go pleasure yourself to Kelly Clarkson and get out of this board - many who post here hate you.

2659 days ago

Cindy K    

WWJD - I don't recall asking if I bothered you ... perhaps you are upset because you wrote something on a blog, someone (me) told you to take your own wonderful, intelligent advice and then you and your alter egos come out posting the same things over or are you upset because I knew it was you pretending behind all those names. No need for you to get so upset hun. I hate to break it to you but when you are counting the "many" people on here who hate me you can only count yourself once regardless of how many names you hide behind. As I said before come out the Paris closet and you will feel soooo much better and then perhaps you won't be so cranky sweetie :)

2659 days ago

chillout music girl    

Poor kelly, her album got so many bad reviews.
Even, the radio programmers aren't playing it...
The record executives told her she needs to work on her image.
It is not working obviously.
Her songwriting sucked on her new album.... snores..

I have nothing against her.. I know the poor girl battled bulemia - she says.
Not everyone is going to sell albums like mariah or celene

2659 days ago


What a Fry!!! Does it really matter who is better? They both have their own agenda and get paid for it. Now, how about harnessing all our energies into discussing a solution to end global warming. If we put all comments together, I bet we could come up with an awesome plan.


2659 days ago


"Paris has class,Kelly needs Lipo"
You sound ignorant,Kelly is perfect the way she is.People like you make people have eating disorders,Kelly is a perfect size, she is no where near fat.

You people all are all haterz every post about some celeb there is always people hating on them.Give it up,obviously just becuase your life is pathetic,and you feel the need to hate on people who are higher in life then you are and so you must hate them.
There is no need to hate on them, or call them names etc etc.
Paris and Kelly are both cool.I seem to like them both I have been a big fan of both.
They both have class, you people dont know them you have no Idea how they are,and as far as I see it they are both very nice,and kind to there fans,people make mistakes,things happen, like it or not they are idols to girls like me.
Also we have freedom of speach but keep those ignorant thought's in your head,no one wants to hear them.

2659 days ago



2659 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Add me to the long list of people that hate Cindy K!!!!!

2659 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

why can't you like both Paris and Kelly are they rivals or something? God Cindy K sounds like she has mental problems...

2659 days ago

the truth    

THE ONLY thing that's ignorant is YOU PARISGURL who can't spell simple words or make a simple sentence!!!! I've seen alot of ignorant bloggers writing on this board, and YOU mam/sir/whatever you are, are no intelligent life form. It's a shame that such a small brain like yours is allowed to even write anything without having a chaparone around to spell check you work!!! Do yourself a favor, GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND LEARN HOW TO SPEAK AND WRITE ENGLISH!!!! unlike your hero, the millionair-headess paris

2659 days ago

Chris Burkmenn    

Why would Kelly want that much press..Its annoying to see paris on magazines all the time, and I would not want that for kelly. She is the most talented singer out there right now, and the paps are not gonna change that.

2659 days ago
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