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WWE in Soma Coma?

7/12/2007 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WWE in SOMA ComaTMZ has uncovered the next possible drug scandal that could lay the smackdown on the wrestling world, known as "Soma Coma" -- the abuse of the powerful muscle relaxer.

In an exclusive interview, former WWE Diva Terri Runnels tells TMZ, "The boys eat Somas like candy." While the Chris Benoit tragedy has everyone (including the Feds) buzzing about steroids, Runnels says wrestlers have been getting high on Soma for years. "I've personally seen a WWE Superstar nearly die right in front of me after taking 13 Somas ... while still behind the wheel of his car!"

Runnels was previously married to bizarro WWE wrestler Golddust, and says that "if the wrestlers' addictions and mental health issues continue to be ignored, I'm afraid that I'll have more friends turning up dead -- all because no one cares."

UPDATE: In an exclusive statement to TMZ, the WWE vigorously defended their drug testing policies, claiming the organization does everything in its power to ensure that their wrestlers are clean:
WWE finds the abuse of drugs and steroids to be unacceptable, and such behavior is actively discouraged. For 20 years the WWE has been doing something to address the issue of steroid and drug use. We instituted our first drug testing program in 1987. In February 2006, we instituted our latest and most comprehensive drug testing program ever as part of our new Talent Wellness Program as a deterrent to steroid and drug abuse . We cannot account for the poor personal decisions a small minority may make outside the workplace to undermine these efforts.

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todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

2 in my humble opinion its called "webonics"get over it if u dint understand u couldnt sux if u want 2 know sumthing u can just google it.and thgey should legalize drugs then people would no how much 2 take and not overdose

2662 days ago


Someone needs to call Adam Birch aka Joey Mercury, a former WWE wrestler who was released this year for failing drug tests. After his first failure, WWE put him in rehab for four months and foot the bill! They brought him back and continued to help him until it was proven that he didn't want help. He admits that WWE did al lthey could for him but he just liked getting high.

Blaming WWE isn't going to help. These are grown men who made a conscious choice to take drugs. Not every WWE superstar is big, some are small. One of the most celebrated WWE wrestlers in history only weighs 220 lbs and is by no means a big guy. All these former wreslters with an axe to grind should find something else to do, and the media should be talking to people who actually work in the inidustry right now.

2662 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Soma will lead to a coma

2662 days ago

annoyed In south florida    

I agree with the majority on this one. The only people who are commenting on this situation are just trying to cash in and get their name in the spotlight for the first time since the 90s. (some of them 80s) It just plain pathetic. No one listened to them when they were wrestlers , why would do they think any one will now? Terri Runnels says all her "friends" are dying, Im willing to bet no one has even thought about her since the day she was booted from the WWE. I wish the big mouth has beens would show some respect and maybe a little class and just let it be what it is, an extremely tragic and screwed up situation. Any one who knew anything about Chris Benoit would agree that no one could have predicted what was going to happen , maybe not even Chris himself. Who Knows? No one does .

2662 days ago


who cares if it's fake or not.....not th e point. steroids - blame who u want, but like someone said they r grown men resp 4 their own things...dont take them and this won't happen!

2662 days ago

jeff z.    

comment number 2 is absolutely retarded. how the hell does a steroid discussion turn to sexual abuse allegations. saying most wrestlers are gay is absolutely stupid because at least 80% of the wrestlers in the wwe are married and have children. sounds like the writer of comment 2 is just doing some wishful fantasizing.

2662 days ago


how do you know most of the guys are gay? do you know them personally? what a stupid comment to make. u have no clue to what you are taking about.

2662 days ago


Com'on you people, the only two things that are real in the WWE is that McMahon is an unadulterated idiot and everything else is fake. The entertainers (no... I won't call them wrestlers because that would imply that they're actually athletes which they are a far cry from) will use whatever is necessary to enhance they're stock in the business. I say let them all roid themselves to death. Then maybe the WWE will become extinct as it should have a long time ago.

2662 days ago

scott meigel    

Sounds like Brave New World to me.

2662 days ago


Drug abuse is every where, no matter what the sport or lack of sport such as wrestling. It's a shame that everybody wants to throw rocks at the WWE for something that they had no power over, a.k. the Chris Beniot murder/sucide. What Chris did, he did on his own and without the help of anybody else. Chris is an idiot for what he did and took the reasoning to the grave with him.

2662 days ago


Here 's the Anna Nicole Smith list.The list is scary and potentially very harmful. It includes: four bottles of 2 mg Dilaudid; 2 milliliter bottles of Lorazepam (Ativan); two bottles of 350 mg Soma, a total of 180 tablets; one bottle each of 30 mg Dalmane and 400 mg Prexige, the latter a British drug; and one bottle of methadone, 300 5mg tablets. All of them are classified as different types of painkillers.

2662 days ago


Terri Runnels sounds like she's speaking out of fear for the lives of her former co-workers. TMZ doesn't pay for stories. She's not promoting anything, and isn't trying to draw attention to anything with this revelation except the addiction and suffering of wrestlers - past and present. BRAVO TERRI... LET'S HEAR MORE!

2662 days ago


Soma is very much like the old qualude high except its hight is much shorter.
Soma can be very strong if mixed with drugs like Norco

2662 days ago


Its pretty sad that Vince thinks everybody (even wwe fans) is so stupid and don't believe drugs are in the wwe we all know it and so does he..90% of the wrestlers does it if not all of them.btw they have people inside the wwe that works for wwe to test the wrestlers so they can fix the test do you really think that if a big name wrestler gets caught that they would fire them or anything else NO!!!

2662 days ago


I have never been a fan of the WWE or any other so-called 'sport' that is so fake it's unbelievable. To all of the people who said something about grown men- kudos to you. These are definitely grown men who know right from wrong. Whether they do the right thing or not is completely up to them. Personally, I really don't care that Benoit killed himself. The fact that he took his wife and son with him DOES bother me. They were the innocent pawns in the game Benoit has been playing for years.

2662 days ago
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