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"Hello 1960? It's Me, Bluetooth!"

7/14/2007 4:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bluetooth HeadsetRaise your hand if you're sick of those blinking, futuristic Bluetooth headsets everyone seems to have crammed in their ears these days ... now while your hand is up, grab hold of this cool retro handset!

Leave that "Star Trek" look to the nerds and dazzle instead with this "Dragnet" looking Bluetooth enabled retro handset! Compatible with all Bluetooth phones, it has a 30-foot range and can both make and receive calls, and it's far more comfortable than having a small chunk of plastic and metal sticking out of your head.

Now if you could just replace that electronic keyboard with a typewriter.


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How stupid would you Look with that thing to your ear in the car, walking a mall etc..........can you say car wreck waiting to happen?

2624 days ago


The idea of a blue tooth is so that you do not have to hold a phone. Besides you would draw more attention to yourself carrying that thing around. People would think you lost your mind and are fake talking.

2624 days ago


I thought that was why everyone wanted those new gadgets to be noticed. When the first cell phones came out everyone rushed to get them. They would also make sure everyone saw they had one. It was like everything else the must have to be in thing. Now, they have went large to so small and just the way styles go they turn full circle. What once was out is in again. There is so many ways you can change the look of a phone. I personally hate things inside my ear. I know all those who are using these things will one day mute. What a shame. People are living longer but having to live in silence because they insited I must have my I-pod or my head set on or I just can't function. When the hearings gone and you must wear a clonky earbud to hear how hip will you look then?

2624 days ago

thrown out    

I have a cell phone, and its in case of emergencies. Please tell me why most of public can't go in the mall or Wal-mart with out talking on their phone? There is nothing more irritating than to try to get around with a buggy and someone is standing in the middle of the asile talking on the phone about a soap opera, and that thing stuck in their ear-that is fine while driving but if you would please take a look in the mirror you might not wear it in public places. Whats so important that can not wait to discuss when your at home in private. I wanted to run this guy over as he was walking and talking and stopped in the middle of the street, thats the next thing instead of road rage phone rage.........

2624 days ago


I use my for business as do a lot of people, not sure what jerk water hillbilly town you are from, but here up in the "big city" it is a necessity.

2624 days ago


Bluetooth futuristic or new?? They have been used in Europe for over five years already. Most drivers there prefer hands free driving which is mandatory in most countries. American drivers look ridiculous and are not safe drivers with one hand on the steering wheel and the other holding their mobile phones. Car insurance rates are also much lower in Europe because of less accidents and more savvy drivers. I don't know why Americans always think they have the latest gadgets...Europe is far more sophisticated and the Americans need to play catch up!

2624 days ago

you are entitled to my opinion    

the only people is see here in manhattan using bluetooths are middle-age and older white men. it seems they think it makes them look important and cool. i never see anyone i would classify as actually being cool with one -- nor anyone under 35.

2624 days ago


Yep! The "good ol days" and 1960 being the year I graduated from high school.

Life WAS good then, being a '50's teenager was the best era ever! Not only did we have that black phone, we had a 10-party (household) phone line. When you wanted to call out and lifted the receiver, you actually heard your neighbor's phone conversations.

Back then we would never have "listened in" because we had class, a whole lot more than today's folk.

2624 days ago


I am one of the only people I know that don't own a cell phone. They rob you of enjoying life, smelling the roses, but are good in emergencies and I guess for work-a-holics.

PLUS THE CELL TOWERS ARE KILLING THE BEES!!! That can't be good :( I like bees...

Everything always comes back full-circle...It's very retro and I think it's cool...just like the old-school telephone ring-tones for your cell...I love it! I'd buy one if I used a cell....

2624 days ago

Kitty Meow Meow    

Garsh DD (#5) why so angry? Yes, it's irritating to have somebody oblivious to the world around them, inconveniencing people, by talking on their cells or their stupid looking bluetooths. It doesn't just happen in the hick towns, but all over. Maybe you're one of those middle-aged men who actually use the bluetooths. Ugh! It just looks so desperate and stupid. Just use a regular cellphone guys. Chicks don't dig bluetooth!

2624 days ago



2624 days ago


Yes the 60's and 70's were the best that when i grew up . My grandmother had an old phone like that they were called partylines those old women would get on the telephone and gab for hrs lol..I had a fun time growing up in the 60 and 70.

2624 days ago


I'm glad other people share my hatred for those things. Yeah, soccer mom, it looks really cool to be walking around the grocery store talking to yourself looking like some homeless pigeon lady. And yeah it's always about nothing important. "Oh I stopped at McDonalds and ate a burger and then I was driving and oh my god there were other cars and then i came home and put my purse on the counter. So what are you doing?" I've, on MANY occasions, looked at people sideways because it appears they are yelling at themselves. Unless it's in a business setting, use those extra 3 calories it takes to lift your phone to your ear. Thank you.

2624 days ago

Mysty Maples    

I'm glad to read I'm not the only one who hates Bluetooth and the people who wear them. I'd cut off my own ear before I'd wear one of those things. People who do look idiotic and pathetic. The only good thing I can say for them is if you're a person who does walk around and talk to yourself, people won't realize you're nuts.

2624 days ago

CL rocks. :) These have been out for a quite a while. Their site has the most awesome gadgets! :D

Proud to be a geek girl!

2624 days ago
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