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Benoit Had Steroids in His System

7/17/2007 3:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says steroids were found in the body of pro wrestler Chris Benoit, who killed his wife and young son last month before hanging himself.

Benoit's wife Nancy had "therapeutic levels" of Xanax and hydrocodone -- a generic Vicodin -- in her system when she died.

Investigators said they did find extremely elevated levels of testosterone in his bloodstream -- enough to say that Benoit was using the hormone when he died. They claim this is evidence that the wrestler was injecting himself with the steroid.


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Ok then his ba was zero hers possibly from decomposing
either way she or someone besides chris drank all the booze
could the drugs she took combined with alchohol have serious effects??
Is it possible that she resorted to giving the child drugs to keep him at bay
Per reports she had serious issues with chris being gone all the time and having to care for daniel alone
which is strange as they had enough money to hire help for her any time she wanted
we all know how hyper a child can be maybe she couldnt handle it alone

2621 days ago


Everybody on this site is a doctor, pathologist, coroner, scientist., or forensic expert. Do any of you morons know what the hell you are talking about? I think that you all are watching too much CSI.

2621 days ago


Uh.....testosterone is the natural version of the hormone.
The term "anabolic steroid" just means a synthetic version of....testosterone. There are various "versions" of testosterone designed to keep down some side effects while enhancing others but they are all basically testosterone. SO .....he was taking the medically prescribable version of it. Combine that with some uppers(vicodin) and some downers(xanax) and COME ON....over time, it's just a nightmare waiting to happen.

As for people who say that SHE had alcohol in her system and he didn't. Um..hello. SHE was killed two days before he killed himself. HIS alcohol had time to wear off.

It's very sad and could have been avoided. What's most sickening is how the WWE takes no responsibility for it and people will continue to watch this crap in the name of entertainment. As long as people do that, there will continue to be multiple tragedies like this. You can guarantee that.

2621 days ago


Just a couple of sorry druggies. Good riddance!
One is innocent here: the boy. May he rest in peace.

2621 days ago


alchohol ingested in those amounts takes 72 hours to clear the system
so then he would have had to have drank all that thurs morning
in order for it to have worn off by the time he died which is reported to be sun morning
lets face it they both took drugs and combined with alchohol who knows what may have occured in their home
there is no excuse for what we assume he did
but who knows she could have been the initial attacker between them and things escalated into this tragedy

2621 days ago


Every drug found in their bodies were prescription drugs. Where are the stories blaming the pharmaceutical industry? Oh wait a minute, they're major advertisers at most news sources aren't they.

2621 days ago


Not only the Benoit Case, but the Daniel Wayne Smith-Anna Nicole Smith cases need to be OPENED and FULLY INVESTIGATED!

It is absolutely inconceivable how a REAL MAN could drug his child let alone kill the child and its mother. With a very rare exception, all of the pro wrestlers have a loose screw and it has always been unimaginable how people can sit and be entertained by their stupid behavior in and out of the ring.

Find it very interesting that ANS-HKS were spectators of this sport.....

2621 days ago



Leave it to a man to let this animal off the hook by suggesting the mother killed her son and took her own life!


2621 days ago


It's no surprise given the way the mainstream media has covered the Benoit Family Tragedy from the very beginning, but the toxicology results announced today are being spun in the media the wrong way. The results found that Benoit had testosterone cypionate, hydrocodone, and xanax in his system. The results were announced by Dr. Kris Sperry in a press conference in Atlanta.

No anabolic steroids were found in his system.

Dr. Phil Astin had previously stated that he was prescribing testosterone to Benoit, and the levels found in his system were consistent with theraputic treatment for a testicular insufficiency (likely from prior steroid usage).

The media headlines read "Benoit was taking steroid"; "Steroids Found"; "Wrestler Benoit had Steroids in Body".

An argument can be made that the testosterone he was taking was entirely appropriate for someone who had STOPPED taking anabolic steroids and was dealing with the problems caused by long term use.

The talking head idiots on cable news programs tonight will likely have a field day with the news that a steroid was found in his body, and will totally miss the point that it wasn't the type of anabolic steroid that is the subject of controversy.

Credit Bob Ryder @

2621 days ago


WWE understands that the toxicology reports for Chris Benoit indicate that he tested positive for testosterone and negative for anabolic steroids

Now the truth-----The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says steroids were found in the body of pro wrestler Chris Benoit, who killed his wife and young son last month before hanging himself

Vince and the WWE board lied the whole time they knew Chris was on steroids

2621 days ago


If you listen to the video the guy says 'HE DIDN'T HAVE ANY ILLEGAL DRUGS IN HIS SYSTEM. NO ILLEGAL Steroids.....

2621 days ago


They weren't anabolic steroids you idiots, it was testosterone which doesn't cause "roid rage" and there wasn't any proof that he was actually out of his head because of them. Nancy had enough alcohol in her system to look like the one who initiated the altercation leading to her death. There is no excuse for Daniel.

2621 days ago


"Testosterone was, of course, the first anabolic steroid ever created, and remains the basis for all other derivations we have currently being used in medicine today." Quoted from Face the fact - Benoit was taking an anabolic steroid. He may have been prescribed an anabolic steroid for the low levels of testosterone in his system. But from the sheer muscle mass on his frame, he was clearly using his prescription for the physical advantages too. So, the muscleheads' argument is misplaced here. Benoit was taking an anabolic steroid, but there's no proof it caused him to snap and murder his family. So let's all be honest here. The real concern for those having heartburn over the anabolic steroid - testosterone wordplay is the media's anabolic steroid - murderous rage connection.

2621 days ago


Of course there were STEROIDS! Now will the WWE shut up!!!

2621 days ago


Didn't anyone listen to the GBI man as Carolyn stated he said "There were NO illeagal drugs in his system" In fact the DA stated now there are more questions than answers. Too bad when it came to Anna Nicole they didn't have a State investigator like Ga did instead of relying on only Perper and a real sloppy police investigation!!

2621 days ago
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