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Britney Spears -- Terrierist

7/17/2007 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears sucks, at least according to the Humane Society.

H.S. honchos are pissed off after reading that Spears went to a pet store in fancy Bel Air, Calif., and dropped three grand on a Yorkshire Terrier. The Humane Society has been dogging pet stores, claiming many of the pups come from puppy mills.

H.S. is also really upset that Spears spent only 30 minutes before sealing the deal -- "Choosing a dog is a major lifestyle decision that should not be taken lightly." Apparently, the Humane Society thinks Brit might pull a Paris -- as in getting bored (after all, she does have ADD) and jettisoning one pooch for another.


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dont you "get" how lucky this little dog is? It has a home now...geez!!!!!!!!!!!

2607 days ago


just look at the pack of cigarettes in the picture to know she is unfit. think of those tiny little lungs having to breathe that!

2606 days ago


britney is a mistake who has money, that´s sad
this girl is the most awful and stupid thing i ever seen
go to hell after all

2591 days ago


she bought a dog who cares

2624 days ago


How many people abuse dogs in god awful ways and your worried about Britney? Gimme an effin break. Great pub for them though. Losers.

2624 days ago


So she can't have a dog now? Geez..poor girl. No wonder she's a train wreck.

2624 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

I feel sorry for the dog.

2624 days ago


i dont give a crap about spears, i really can't stand her. i feel bad for the dog though. she's not fit to be taking care of anyone or anything ever. she can barely raise her kids herself and on top of that is trying to prevent her mother from helping out. she's an idiot. buying a dog is an important decision and people like her turn it into a joke. and its true; why buy a dog when you can adopt one? i have one cat and one kitten that i rescued and i couldn't be happier. maybe they are not fancy expensive cats (or dogs), but at least i'm giving an animal in need a home. proof ONCE AGAIN, that brittney can't do ANYTHING right...but i expect no less from someone who can't even dress herself

2624 days ago


I have 4 yorkies and first I will say they should NEVER cost $3,000 each. I haven't paid that much for all 4 of mine together, including my championship bloodline female. Second I will say that a yorkie is NOT a good idea for small children and she has two small children she claims she wants to badly. Third, a yorkie has a LOT of special needs. They demand a lot of attention, they do not like to be ignored and someone like Britney cannot handle them.

2624 days ago


I don't care if Britney gets lung cancer, but just don't smoke around your dog or your kids--child abuser!

2624 days ago


She isn't fit to take care of a dog, a child, or herself. The girl needs major help. Hey Brit, call 911 and get some help.

2624 days ago


Man, people will jump on these young girls for any reason. Example, TMZ's first story today. Terra needs help with her waist!

Lynndsay Lohand went to a gathering for her birthday??? Paris cried when she had to go to jail. How dare them!

It's no wonder these gals are having such a hard time! Everything they do has to be perfect or else people will tare them apart. People want to place them in a position to be adored then tare them apart when they make mistakes. These gals are just like our children. So what, if Britttney wanted a puppy and didn't buy it from the place that you think she should. Iy would be wonderful if these starts bought the animals from the HS. But it is just as wrong to bully and shame someone in to doing what you want them to..

2624 days ago


You are right Mommy ( # 7) but TMZ is all about bullying and shaming.

2624 days ago

big fat, bald white guy who loves everyone except Paris    

She is an unfit dog owner...

2624 days ago


I would say that the best thing for this girl's mental health would be to go home and hunker down for a few months, out of site. She should practice singing and dancing at the same time, this will help her image more than TMZ or X17. I must say, I'm getting sick of seeing her comings and goings. Can we vote her off these sights ,please???

2624 days ago
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