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Criss Angel's Magic -- Appearing with Hot Celebrities

7/17/2007 8:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Magician Criss "Mindfreak" Angel has managed to levitate himself into the VIP booths of several of the hottest young hollywood starlets who've ventured to Las Vegas to party. That's not a rabbit up my sleeve, ladies!

No sooner had Paris Hilton appeared at JET nightclub in the Mirage, dancing the night away on the club's stripper pole ... when
Paris Hilton, Criss Angel
Abracadabra! Up pops Criss Angel, attempting to pole dance with the heiress! That's not for amateurs!

Cameron Diaz hit up the VH1 Rock Honors backstage greenroom party, mingling with celebs like Billy Bob Thorton and Ozzy Osbourne ... when
Criss Angel, Cameron Diaz
Mindfreak Criss suddenly appears -- and guess who he's chatting up in the greenroom? Miss Diaz, of course!

Lindsay Lohan decided to spend her first night out of Promises rehab by celebrating her 21st birthday at Pure nighclub, chilling with friends on their VIP stage... and then
Lindsay Lohan, Criss Angel
Criss Angel materializes and is snapped by cameras ... in Lindsay's booth!

The myth, the magic, the man -- where there's a pretty starlet, there he is!


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45 million people have herpes? dont know where you get your info, i know many people who dont have herpes, i dont my husband dont... but then we not rich kids who run around showing our crotch at every photo opportunity, running in clubs stripping, or making porno films.... was not like the poor lil rich bitch caught them from a toilet seat, she is a hoe plain and simple, dont want herpes, dont screw everyone!

2661 days ago


anywhere there is a pretty starlet *THAT'S HALF HIS AGE* there criss is! i know personally what a mindfreaking creep this guy is!!! i wish he would do his biggest career move yet, and just make himself disapear for good!!! i think most of the population would be waaayy more impressed with that than seeing him float again.

2660 days ago


this is the biggest piece of crap I have ever seen! It is totally obvious that Criss was blacked out of all the pictures not to mention Criss lives in Vegas so he is gonna be at the hottest clubs. Have you ever stoped to think that the girls he talks to want to be seen with him? I mean they have free will and mouths that work if they didn't want to be seen with Criss then they could ask him to leave or have security remove him. So don't try to play it off like Criss is just trying to piggy back on "hot" celebrity girls fame. It is the furthest thing from the truth! Next time get a real story or try not to make it so obvious you edited the pictures

2659 days ago


and the whole thing about Joann is lies! What "loving caring wife" leaves her husband in the middle of a dangerous stunt to go shopping and get her hair done because "more cameras" where coming and on then come back and eat ice cream infront of him when he had not eaten in over three days for the stunt! If you love someone you don't do that! Criss treated Joann like gold even after the divorce and started and if she wasn't lying why has she not made any comments in response to Criss calling her out for the lying slut she is! Because she is lying! INNOCENT people defend themselves not go into hiding. Think about it

2659 days ago


dude people lisen to me i love criss angel ok and i know everything about him! when he was with paris hiltton in that pix it was a long time ago,2 about paris there both over 18 so who gives a dang 3 you know how i know thats a old pix because his hair and resherch!

now camerza ok who cairs about that he went out on 4 dates with here in may then they broke up so and there just trying to make him look bad

lat but not leet i hate linsy im not going to lie! but like they said and i said there over 18 they can do what ever they want wats wrong with that there just trying to make him look bad so dont listen to this b.s bull beep ok

2655 days ago


guaaaaaa que buena la foto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kiero aprender una magic

2655 days ago

Jason Wahler    

I got out of going to Jail not like Linday
Watch The Hills YA YA

2654 days ago


I see no problem with that he has the right to hang out with as many blond actreses and do what ever he wants with them kk I thing people should leave his persnal life persnal

2651 days ago
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