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Michael Vick

Busted for Illegal Dogfighting

7/17/2007 7:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0717_michael_vick_bn_getty-1It's dog days for Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick and others, after being indicted today on federal charges related to illegal dogfighting.

Vick was charged with illegal competitive dogfighting, which involves training pit bulls to fight against other dogs. When authorities searched Vick's property this month, they found 54 pit bulls and a host of brutal items including a "rape stand," used to hold dogs in place for mating; an electric treadmill modified for dogs and a bloodied piece of carpeting.

Graves of seven pit bulls were found inside "Bad Newz Kennels," a Virginia property owned by Vick. The dogs were allegedly killed after testing whether they would be good fighters. According to documents, dogfights would end when one dog died or backed down, and dogs were sometimes put to death by drowning, strangulation, hanging, gunshot, electrocution or some other method.

The indictment alleges that Vick and his co-defendants began sponsoring dogfights in early 2001, the former Virginia Tech star's rookie year with the Falcons.


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Vick, you sick bastard....What goes around comes around....

2656 days ago


let the punishment fit the crime.... He's always been a punk. He deserves punishment from the feds AND the NFL. How pathetic is he to torture innocent animals for entertainment?????

2656 days ago


I am sickened.. my stomach just literally turned a few times over. What a pile of crap!! An eye for an eye.

He should get all the things done to him--that he did to those poor, defenseless animals.

It was hard to even read those things.. I can't imagine doing them. What type of sicko conducts Dog Fights..much less watches them?

he is a sick, sick man.

2656 days ago


14. The NFL needs to kick his ass out!!! How can someone murder animals like this? Oh, that's right, he's black. He will get away with a slap on the wrist because he is black AND famous. Vick - I hope you burn in hell!
Posted at 7:17PM on Jul 17th 2007 by Mindy
Rest assured he will get more than just a slap on the wrist. There are a disproportionate number (based on census figures) of black men in prison.

Do you think he should receive punishment based on the offense, OR, based on his race? Do you have a problem with blacks? What' exactly is the dealio here?

People such as yourself perpetuate racism and racial hatred in the United States. Shame on you.

2656 days ago


He needs to get FIRED for this........

If the Falcons keep this torturous, murdering, vile piece of s**t - they are whacked!

2656 days ago


This guy is going to get it, I do not think its about black or white, I could careless about dogs(pets), but having pitbulls fight eachother and then killing the loser is barbaric,
If all the allegations are true, then he should definitely answer to those allegations.

2656 days ago


THIS IS SICK!!!! I have 2 red nose pits and yes they are for protection. But they were raised with my 2 kids and my kids would not know what to do with out them and visa versa. I have seen what dog fighting does to these poor animals and Pitts are usually the breed they use. It breaks my heart because all these dogs want is love and when you give it to them god help any one who tries to hurt you or your family. I work for vet and have put down more of this breed than any other due to the fact that people like him make these poor dogs so violent that they come to hate all humans and other animals. I HOPE YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE YOU ARE A VERY SICK MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and this has nothing to do with the color of his skin!!!!!!!

2656 days ago


I'm am sick of people always saying" oh it's because he's black". That is sooo old. Get over it! You make your bed hard you lie in it no matter what freakin color you are. Besides that, you are what you do. In his case, he's been screwing up for the longest just like his brother.What makes me sick is that you haev all these guys outbhere making millions of dollars, and screw it all up for nothing. I'm mean come on mind as well take your .... back to the ghetto and not get paid! Start appreciating what you got and do it wisely.

2656 days ago


Sicko!! You are a vile and disgusting piece of crap.

2656 days ago


Everyone, please e-mail the Atlanta Falcons and tell them to get rid of Michael Vick:

2656 days ago


This douchebag better hope I never see his ass. I would love to torture someone like this. For days on end.. crazy style. He deserves to be tortured, raped, and killed. I hope he dies a horrible death.

2656 days ago


Idiots - the race baiter is a troll - ignore him.

2656 days ago


I have a pitbull, and I am an advocate for the protection and PROPER TRAINING of this breed. Dogfighting is not a sport!!!! How anyone could do this to an innocent, loyal being, such as a dog, is completely passed me, and I hope he gets his.

2656 days ago


I agree with Jenny. Write to the Atlanta Falcons and tell them what you think.

The owner of the Falcons is also the CEO of Home Depot. So I will not be shopping there anymore.

2656 days ago


What a sick bastard, torturing innocent dogs for some sick perverted satisfaction. This guy should rot in jail forever.

2656 days ago
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